Only 10% of Americans Have an IQ Over 110. What's Yours?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Hey there brainiac - or are you? An IQ may not be the only measure of how smart you are, but it's useful to measure one kind of intelligence. What's your IQ range?

Are you great at math?

How fast do you read?

Do you instinctively know what angle to place a ladder against a wall?

What is a good anagram of CARTHORSE?

To how many places do you know Pi without Googling it?

What does Pi actually mean?

What is the Fibonacci sequence?

If you roll a dice 100 times, how many heads will you get?

Cut a brand new deck of cards perfectly in half. How many cards are in each half?

Be honest: how good are you at parallel parking?

How are your social skills?

Do you find some people just painfully stupid?

What type of TV do you like most?

What newspaper would you read to hear from right and left?

How young did you become a good speller?

Did you ever get bored in school because it was too easy?

Why are there tides?

What makes the moon shine?

Why is the sky blue?

How many sides does a dodecahedron have?

Which is correct: the yolk of an egg are white, or the yolk of an egg is white?

Do you like solving puzzles?

How often do you read a book cover to cover?

If you were driving your car and it started feeling like it wanted to drift slightly left, what is the simplest explanation?

How do you snap a breadstick into three parts with only one motion?

If a person is frugal, what does that tell you?

Onyx is to black as malachite is to what?

How's your attention span?

Are you good at hiding your intelligence when you have to?

How good are you at Tetris?

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