Only 1 In 50 People Will Be Able To Identify All Of These Characters From the Iconic Space Comedy Spaceballs! Can You?

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Mel Brooks is known for his spoof comedy films, and 1987's Spaceballs is certainly one of his best. It is filled with many memorable characters, slapstick comedy and great one-liners. But will you be able to identify 50 characters from the movie? Let's blast off and give it a try!

Played by Mel Brooks, Skroob is the ultimate bad guy in Spaceballs and the boss of Dark Helmet. Skroob is looking for a new planet to harvest air from and decides on Druidia, home of Princess Vespa. He is *roughly* based on Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

Served by the Dinks, Yoghurt is the Spaceball equivalent of Yoda from Star Wars. He is knowledgeable in The Schwartz and ends up showing Lone Starr how to use it. Yoghurt is played by Mel Brooks.

Played by Rick Moranis, Dark Helmet is clearly based on Darth Vader from Star Wars. He just isn't nearly as scary ... and has a far bigger helmet. Luckily, he is not related to Lone Starr. He is only his, and I quote "I am your father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's, former roommate."

The hero of the movie, Lone Starr has a little bit of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars in him. He must learn the ways of The Schwartz to have any chance of beating Dark Helmet and President Skroob. Interestingly, the producer wanted either Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise to play Lone Starr. Bill Pullman ended up getting the part. Lone Starr is eventually married to Princess Vespa

Played by Daphne Zuniga, Vespa is the heroine in the story. She is the daughter of King Roland and a little spoiled ... just a little. She eventually marries Lone Starr.

Colonel Sandurz is the second in command of Dark Helmet's forces, after Helmet himself. His name is clearly a parody of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame while his Star Wars equivalent character is no doubt Grand Moff Tarkin. He is played by George Wyner.

King Roland is the ruler of Planet Druidia. He is also the father of Princess Vespa, whom he spoils far too much. King Roland is portrayed by Dick van %0DPatten.

Played by the incredible Michael Winslow, the Radar Technician pretends to be watching a radar screen while making all the sounds a radar might make, and we use the word might very loosely here! At one point, he tells Dark Helmet that the radar has stopped working, including "the bleeps, the %0D sweeps, and the creeps."

A robot that is the Droid of Honor at Prince Vespa's marriage to Prince Valium, Dot Matrix is clearly a parody on C3P0 of Star Wars fame. She was originally voiced by Lorene Yarnell but Joan Rivers was brought in to overdub her lines.

In one scene in the movie, John Hurt has an alien burst out of his stomach, similar to what happened to his character in Alien. Of course, as Spaceballs is a Mel Brooks movie, this alien throws in a few dance moves for our entertainment.

Although only given the name radio operator in the credits, this character is called Sergeant Rico by Colonel Sandurz. A minor role, all he does is report that Planet Druidia is in sight. This character was played by Sal Viscuso.

After their defeat, Dark Helmet and President Skroob land on an unknown planet where they are observed by two apes on horseback. Obviously, they have landed on the Planet of the Apes. "What are those things coming out of her nose (the spaceship)." says one ape. "They're Spaceballs ... Oh, shit, there goes the planet," answers the other.

The Minister of the First Intergalactic Temple (Reformed) of the Druids performs all the weddings on Druidia. Interestingly this part went to Ronny Graham, who was actually one of the main writers on the movie.

Early in the movie, Princess Vespa is meant to be betrothed to Prince Valium (played by Jim J. Bullock). She, however, gets cold feet and flies away in her spaceship. Of course, the valium in his name means that the prince is always yawning. He later almost gets married to Vespa again, but when she finds out Lone Starr is in fact a prince, she marries him instead.

As we find out during the movie, Zircon is often "beamed up" by Snotty. She is a pain in the neck for President Skroob, as she always seems to contact him at the most inopportune moment. Zircon is played by Leslie Bevis.

Major Asshole is a commander on Dark Helmet's ship. The only problem is that he seems to have recruited his whole cross-eyed family to serve on the ship, a problem when one of them is a gunner who can't shoot down Princess Vespa's ship. Of course, this leads to some epic dialogue for Dark Helmet including, "I'm surrounded by assholes" and "Keep firing, assholes!"

The laser gunner in question is one of the cross-eyed Asshole clan. He makes Dark Helmet angry when he can't shoot straight while attempting to stop Princess Vespa's ship.

Dr. Schlotkin, played by Sandy Helberg, has a small role in the movie. After making out with his nurse when someone switches off the power (leading to a black screen with dialogue), Schlotkin is told he is no longer needed with Dark Helmet telling him to go back to the golf course.

With just a minor role, the Captain of the Guard only manages to capture the stunt doubles of the hero's instead of Lone Starr and the gang. For some reason, the captain speaks with a feminine voice. This role was played by Sandy Helberg.

The preferred person to "beam up" Comanderette Zircon, Snotty is in control of beaming all comers on Planet Spaceball. He just isn't very good at it and at one point beams President Skroob so that his head is on backward. Snotty is played by Jeff MacGregor.

Twin sister to Marlene. Both the sisters are in bed with President Skroob when Comanderette Zircon makes one of her ill-timed calls. Charlene is played by Dian Gallup.

There are two waitresses at the Galaxy Grill, a floating diner in space. One serving behind the counter has a really big crush on Lone Starr. The waitresses are played by Gayle Barle and Dey Young respectively

The woman in the diner has a very brief role where she interacts with the floor waitress to order Luna fish. She is played by Rhonda Shear.

While on the Moon of Vega, Dark Helmet sends out teams of Spaceballs to search for Lone Starr and Princess Vespa. The Sand Cruiser Driver transports them to their search area in his vehicle.

A minor role in Spaceballs, this part is played Jack Riley who up until that point in his career had appeared in a number of walk-on sitcom roles. He breaks the news that Pizza the Hut is dead after locking himself in his car and eating himself to death ... literally.

A henchman of Pizza the Hutt, Vinnie is a robot sent by Pizza to try and retrieve the 1 million spacebucks owed to him by Lone Starr and Barf. Vinnie is loosely based on '80s icon Max Headroom.

When Lone Starr and Barf arrive at the Spaceball prison, two guards try to arrest them for illegal parking. Needless to say, all they end up doing is giving our heroes their Spaceball suits as disguises.

The part of the Head Usher is played by Ken Olfsen, who had minor roles in a number of well-known sitcoms and other TV shows in the early '80s.

Played by Robert Prescott, the Trucker in a Cap is in the diner telling a very weak joke about Pluto (well it is Spaceballs, after all). This is also the scene that has a reference to Alien.

This character works at the Galaxy Grill, a floating diner in space. He is played by Ira Miller.

The brief role of the video operator is played by Mitchell Bock, who had appeared in 1985's Back to the Future. Bock went onto a life spent behind the camera with first and second assistant director credits for Baywatch and Walker, Texas Ranger among others.

A number of troopers are sent to comb the desert, something they do literally with massive, oversized combs. One of the Troopers is played by Tim Russ, who gets the best line in the movie. When asked what they have found, he replies "We ain't found shit!"

The Dinks are a small race of people who live on the Moon of Vega. They are obvious rip-offs of the Jawa from Star Wars. They work for Yoghurt and all they can say is the word "dink," hence their name.

The Bearded Lady steals Dark Helmet's escape pod from home when all the Spaceballs are trying to abandon their ship after a self-destruct sequence is initiated. This part was played by Dee Booher.

An intergalactic mafioso, Lone Starr and Barf owe Pizza the Hut 1,000,000 space-bucks which he is determined to get from them. By agreeing to rescue Princess Vespa, they find a way to pay him back the money.

The Nurse is a favorite of Dr. Schlotkin, who makes out with her when someone switches off the power (leading to a black screen with dialogue). It's a cliched scene, but funny.

Twin sister to Charlene. Both the sisters are in bed with President Skroob when Comanderette Zircon makes one of her ill-timed calls. Marlene is played by Denise Gallup.

The voice of intergalactic mafioso Pizza the Hut is provided by the legendary Dom DeLuise. He was a popular comic actor in the '70s and '80s.

The role of the drum beater was actually played by production manager, Terence Marsh. When Dark Helmet transforms his ship into Megamaid he requires that it be done with pomp, ceremony ... and drums.

The self-destruct voice is heard when Dark Helmet's ship enters self-destruct mode. Unfortunately, it has a real problem counting leading to much stress for President Skroob. It ends the self-destruct sequence with "Have A Nice Day!"

After Lone Starr fails in his attempt to apply a Vulcan neck pinch to a guard, the guard tells him he has applied it to high and shows him where to do it. Of course, it works and the guard slumps to the ground.

After their defeat, Dark Helmet and President Skroob land on an unknown planet where they are observed by two apes on horseback. Obviously, they have landed on the Planet of the Apes.

Barf, full name Barfolomew, is Lone Starr's trusty side-kick. Played by John Candy, Barf is half-man, half-dog and in his own words, his own best friend. He is an obvious play on Chewbacca from Star Wars fame.

While on the Moon of Vega, Dark Helmet sends out teams of Spaceballs to search for Lone Starr and Princess Vespa. Here, they literally comb the %0Ddesert with massive hair combs, probably not what President Skroob had in mind when he ordered the search.

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