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Music videos are meant to help make songs a lot more popular; whether or not they do what they're intended is another story. Sometimes music videos tell the story of the song, and other times they have nothing to do with the lyrics. While understanding the vision of the video is nice, it's not always necessary if the song is catchy. 

In the start, music videos weren't called as they are now, mainly because they were very different from what we know today. There were talkies, visual jukeboxes, music clips and musical movies.  Musical television didn't really begin until the mid '70s, and it really took off since then. Today, music videos are a big part of the entertainment world. Not only are they on TV, but they're also on websites like YouTube, which records the number of times each video has been watched - which could make or break the song. 

While watching music videos isn't exactly a hobby, it is fun to do. So if you think you've watched enough MTV, VH1, BET and YouTube in your lifetime, and you think you've got what it takes to pass our quiz and prove your music video prowess, let's get started. 

"Anaconda" follows Nicki Minaj through a jungle scene where she and her dancers work out, dance and prepare food. This video also features Nicki crawling towards Drake and dancing for him.

This 14-minute long horror-inspired music video was released in December of 1983. "Thriller" was MTV'S first world premiere video and was named the most successful music video in 2006 by Guinness World Records.

"...Baby One More Time" was the debut single that Britney Spears released in 1998. The video follows a daydreaming Catholic school girl who sings about her feelings after a break-up.

This video starts off with a close up of Cyrus' face; she sings about her love while she cries. She then has a sledgehammer and walks from a room that is immediately bulldozed. Miley then rides the bulldozer naked, and the bulldozer destroys the scene.

Axl Rose gets married and has an epic concert while Slash plays a solo in front of a desert church; the beautiful wedding reception is ruined by rain, and the cake is destroyed. The wife dies, and the church service is now a funeral. It rains once more, and the bride throws her bouquet into her own grave, and it turns red.

In a call center filled with women, Drake is seen in a color-changing box dancing and singing by himself, with girls dancing around. Drake gets a one-on-one with one of the dancers, then dances with all the ladies.

Two scenarios are played out in this video - one, of a mother losing her son to drug-related violence and the other about the risks of unprotected sex.

From the album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge," the single "Helena" was released in 2005. The video's plot includes mourners at Helena's. Towards the end of the video, the dead body of Helena rises and walks into the afterlife.

This split screen video showcased two versions of Lauryn; one with her natural hair, singing at a 90's style party called 33 block party, the other, a Lauryn who had a perm, whose party was set in the late 1960s.

This single gained major success in 1991 and propelled Nirvana and alternative rock into the mainstream music. "Smells like Teen Spirit" was the band's biggest hit and has been praised as one of rock history's greatest songs.

This is the lead single from Beyoncé's sixth studio album titled "Lemonade"; she performed "Formation" at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, one day after the song premiered.

Smooth dancing and vocals play throughout this video while Wyclef and Shakira join in on the carnival antics that parade through the streets.

Written by Freddie Mercury, "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a 6-minute song for Queen's 1975 album, "A Night at the Opera." The video that accompanied the song has been hailed as launching the age of MTV.

Drake and Rihanna walk into The Real Jerk dancehall; they spend the night dancing and singing in the crowded club. The second half of the video starts with the pair in a room with pink light, where Rihanna is wearing a see-through crop top while she sings and dances.

The video for "Everybody" is a parody of a horror film; it was financed by the members of the band themselves because the label did not believe in the concept. Backstreet Boys won a Moonman for the Best Group Video in 1998.

From his self-titled debut studio album, Harry Styles' first solo single features him in a meadow, walking on water and soaring through the sky.

This protest song was written in by Irish rock band The Cranberries, in memory of two young victims of the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington. A gold-painted Dolores O'Riordan delivers the chilling song while standing beneath a giant gold cross.

This video, which stars Adele and Tristan Wilds received 27.7 million views within the span of 24 hours. "Hello" received seven nominations for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year.

Released in 2005, this was Sean Paul's third worldwide single. It follows Sean Paul as he sings and dances through the seasons. Autumn, Winter, Spring, then Summer are highlighted in this vibrant video filled with exciting dancing.

This video features Jaime King who acts as Lana Del Rey's girlfriend. "Summertime Sadness" portrays the suicide of both women.

This video was directed by Spike Jonze and stars comedian and actor Aziz Ansari, as well as Jay Z and Kanye West. The concept of the video is centered around Jay Z and Kanye destroying then customizing a Maybach 57.

This video begins with Bedingfield entering an elevator; she is dressed as a geisha. While seated in front a mirror she removes her makeup, revealing that she was hiding a massive amount of sadness and pain.

Released in 1992, the video for this single from Jackson's eighth studio album, "Dangerous," features Michael as a hooded wizard who attempts to entertain the Pharaoh's Queen by singing to her and asking if she remembers the time they were together.

Masked men destroy a barber shop while Pusha T gets his hair braided. They then perform a break dance sequence, destroying everything in their path. Pusha T removes his face and turns into Dennis Rodman, who sets one of the dancers on fire.

This video was shot in Malibu, and Christina Aguilera performs choreography with her male dancers, with scenes of the surrounding beach, a campfire and a wooden beach house.

In this edgy video, Gaga gets kidnapped by supermodels that drug and sell her to the Russian mafia. Men bid for Gaga as she performs a lap dance, and towards the end she is lying next to a charred skeleton while smoking a cigarette with a pyrotechnic bra.

This video highlights Marilyn Manson performing in an old asylum while wearing weird costumes. The song is a Eurythmics cover.

The video for Brave was directed by "Parks and Recreation" actress Rashida Jones, and it features Sara Bareilles singing with various clips of people dancing in public places. The video was released in 2013 and gained over 72 million views by 2017.

Played out in a reverse video style, Chris Martin had to sing the lyrics to "The Scientist" backward; this effort took him months. The narrative of the video reveals that a female passenger removed her seat belt to put on her jacket right before a car accident, causing her death.

The members of *NSYNC are being controlled by a nefarious female puppet handler in this video. She cuts the guys loose at various points in the video, and they all escape in different ways.

Filmed at the David Sukonick Concert Hall in Los Angeles, this music video shows an intense slow-motion bar fight while Fun. performs on stage.

Speeding along Mission Road in Los Angles, Jay Z comes upon Beyoncé standing in the middle of the road; she performs various dance sequences by herself and with her dancers. Jay Z ignites a line of gas which ignites a car and performs in front of the burning vehicle with Beyoncé dancing by his side.

Highlights of this video include Mars along with his friends partying in Las Vegas, intertwining with shots of Bruno riding in a Cadillac Allanté.

Set in the fictional middle-class town of Nellyville, this video features Kelly and her daughter. They are moving into a new house and get assistance from Nelly and his friends. Kelly has a boyfriend and this is what makes the situation a dilemma.

This video for "Titanium" follows a young man who is destroying things with his superpowers. The young man has telekinetic abilities and uses it to defend himself against a SWAT team trying to capture him.

Starting off in a black room with dancers, the video shows Missy Elliott buried in sand and emerging slowly, with her head being digitally edited onto various dancing bodies. "Lose Control" was the most played video on BET and MTV2 in 2005.

Shot in Kingston, Jamaica, this video featured Jamaican dancehall singer Movado as a leader of a gang and Maliah Michel as the love interest of Drake and Movado. In the end, Maliah shoots Drake with no regrets.

This Evanescence video is shot in snowy scenes with the lead singer playing the piano; the band rocks out in the snow.

Featuring 11-year old dancer Maddie Ziegler, this video highlights the Sia's range in interpretive dance as she goes through a dirty apartment while wearing a blonde wig.

Directed by Benny Boom, this video was shot in an Atlanta skating rink and on the streets. Ciara is seen dancing in the streets, and she teaches a group of girls the dance for one-two-step.

This video premiered on Kat's Myspace page; it opens with Kat DeLuna singing when she is interrupted by her own song. She then performs and dances to her song.

Debuted on Goulding's YouTube page, this video shows her in a car with her boyfriend watching waves crashing on a beach. She then floats around with a cloud above her, and it is revealed that they were in an accident. She then observes her boyfriend covered in blood and her body floats away from the crash.

Filmed in a vacant art gallery, this music video highlighted Usher's dance moves as he is being tempted by two women.

This video is centered around a female drifter who is on an adventure to save her puppet friends from a sinister underground puppet fighting ring.

Directed by Little X, this video starts off with Rihanna and her friends at a boring disco, due to the low volume of the music. Rihanna aims to turn up the vibes at the club by getting the DJ to turn up the music.

Utilizing remade scenes from the movie "Clueless," this video was shot at Grant High School in Los Angles and released in 2014.

Premiering on "Making the Video" in 2001, this Destiny's Child video is centered around three survivors who got shipwrecked and now live on an uninhabited island.

Centered around electrifying dance covers, this video features Chris Brown, along with his backup dancers, impressing patrons at a costume party.

Shot in 1998 at the Minneapolis Armory, this video features scenes from the film "Armageddon," interlaced with the band performing the song.

After a starship is summoned by local tribesmen, it turns into a green haired, pink bikini- wearing Nicki Minaj. She is carried away by the locals as a goddess and performs her song throughout different scenes on the island.

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