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Since the band was formed in 2010, One Direction has taken the world by storm. Take the ultimate 1D fan quiz and test your knowledge!

What member of the band is from Ireland?

Niall is from Ireland. He was born in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland on September 13, 1993. He has one brother named Greg.


Which member was on the 2008 season of The X Factor?

Liam was on The X Factor in 2008. He made it to Simon's house and was eliminated. That didn't stop him from coming back in 2010 for another try!


What song did Louis audition with?

Louis auditioned on The X Factor with "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's. All four judges said yes and Louis started his journey into stardom.


What famous singer suggested that the boys should come together to form a band?

Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls had the idea of putting Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn together into a band. They officially became a band on July 23, 2010.


What is the name of the band's first album?

The band's first album was titled "Up All Night." It was released on November 18, 2011 with tracks like "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful."


What place did One Direction come in on The X Factor?

One Direction placed third on The X Factor in 2010. Matt Cardle was the winner, and Rebecca Ferguson was the runner-up. When they were eliminated, Zayn said "This isn't the last of One Direction."


Where was 1D Day broadcasted from?

1D Day was broadcasted from Los Angeles on November 23, 2013. It was a live stream to give back to the fans and promote the Midnight Memories album.


What was the name of Harry's band in school?

The name of Harry's band was White Eskimo. Harry was the frontman of the band and he was replaced by his former bandmate Will Sweeny.


What year did Zayn leave the band?

Zayn left the band on March 25, 2015. He left with a statement on the band's official Facebook page, telling the fans that Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis would continue on in the band.


Who is the youngest member of the band?

Harry is the youngest member of the band. He was born on February 1, 1994. The oldest member of the band is Louis who was born December 24, 1991.


Which two members have the same middle name?

Niall and Liam have the same middle name. Their middle name is James. Harry's middle name is Edward, Zayn's is Javadd, and Louis' is William.


What color did Niall dye his hair on 1D Day?

Niall dyed his hair lavender on 1D Day due to popular demand from the fans. The fans are notorious for making different edits of pictures of the boys and "Lavender Niall" was one of them.


One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) was recorded for what charity?

One Direction covered One Way Or Another by Blondie and Teenage Kicks by The Undertones for Comic Relief. The music video for the song was filmed in many different parts of the world.


What song was released as a free download for 24 hours?

Fireproof was released as a free download for 24 hours in 2014. It had 1.1 million downloads and became the most dowloaded song in 24 hours.


Which band member learned how to box?

Liam learned how to box because of being bullied when he was young. Liam said that he went to camp to learn how to box so that he could gain confidence and stand up to the people who were bullying him.


What role did Louis play in his school's production of Grease?

Louis played Danny Zuko in his school's production of Grease. There are a few videos on the internet that show his performance in the production along with his classmates.


What song by Wheatus has the band covered?

The band has covered Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. The cover was included in their concert film/documentary "One Direction: This Is Us." The band was portrayed as superheroes in this segment.


What brand did One Direction star in a commercial with Drew Brees for?

One Direction starred in a Pepsi commercial along with Drew Brees. The commercial featured the two sides, One Direction and Drew Brees trying to show each other up to get the Pepsi.


What One Direction product is called "Between Us?"

Between Us is a fragrance by One Direction. They have a few other fragrances as well such as You & I, That Moment and Our Moment.


Which band has One Direction opened for?

One Direction has opened for Big Time Rush on their "Better With U Tour." On this tour, Zayn had to travel back to the UK because one of his family members had passed away.


What Nickelodeon television show did One Direction guest star on?

One Direction guest starred on iCarly. On the episode, Harry got sick and Carly believed that he had "jungle worms" from drinking her water. At the end of the episode the band performed "What Makes You Beautiful."


What was "The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction?"

The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction was an animation created by Mark Parsons which he uploaded to YouTube. It became a hit with the One Direction fandom who wanted to see more.


Which member's audition was not originally aired?

Zayn's audition was not originally aired on The X Factor. It was later aired on The Xtra Factor. Zayn auditioned with the song "Let Me Love You."


Which member of the band bought a mattress to celebrate Up All Night going to Number 1?

Harry bought himself a mattress to celebrate the band's album Up All Night going to Number 1. He said that he needed a new one because the springs had gone out on his old one.


What band did Louis discover?

Louis discovered the band 5 Seconds of Summer when he found their YouTube channel. The band later opened for One Direction on tour!


What type of company did Niall open with Modest! Management?

Niall opened a golf management company with Modest! Management. Niall is known to love golf and he is good friends with player Rory McIlroy.


Who did Liam save the life of in 2013?

Liam saved the life of his best friend Andy Samuels in 2013. Andy caught on fire when trying to light a patio heater and he was left with 20 percent burns all over his body.


What tour was the band on when Zayn's departure was announced?

The band was on the On The Road Again Tour in Asia when Zayn's departure was announced. The band had a show in Jakarta, Indonesia that day.


What music video features memories since the beginning​ of One Direction?

History features many memories since the beginning of One Direction up until their hiatus. The video reminisces on the many great memories the band and fans have had making for a heartfelt "see you soon" video.


Who did Zayn get engaged to?

Zayn got engaged to Perrie Edwards of the band Little Mix in 2013. They later called off the engagement two years later in 2015 and Zayn is now dating Gigi Hadid.


What is the name of Niall's nephew?

Niall's nephew is named Theo. He is the son of Niall's brother Greg and his wife Denise. Theo recently wished his uncle a happy birthday through a video posted online.


What is the large tattoo on Harry's stomach of?

Harry has a large tattoo of a butterfly on his stomach. He also has many other tattoos like two swallows and an anchor that have a lot of meaning to him personally.


What character did Liam play in the "Best Song Ever" video?

Liam played Leeroy in the "Best Song Ever" video. Leeroy was a choreographer for One Direction in the video. He recites "Stay with me cause I'm quite quick, 5, 6, 7, 8!"


What is Louis' favorite football team?

Louis' favorite football team is Manchester United. He is a huge football fan and was also signed with the Doncaster Rovers. He used to work there before he became famous with One Direction.


What show did One Direction play their last performance before their hiatus?

One Direction played their last performance before their hiatus on The X Factor. They performed "History" for the audience and the fans which was quite emotional.


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