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A divorced mother raising two teenage daughters, is no easy task. Remember how it gave you some hope when the characters would take it one day at a time and somehow succeed?

Ann Romano portrayed the divorced mother, what was the actresses real name?

Franklin is well known for her leading role in One Day at a Time. Franklin debuted on Broadway in 1970 in the musical Applause, earning a Tony Award nomination. Her recording of "Applause", the show's title track, was the most successful Broadway song of the season, vocally upstaging the star of the show, Lauren Bacall.


Mackenzie Phillips portrayed the older sister, what was that character’s name?

The name of the older sister is Julie Cooper who was portrayed by Mackenzie Phillips. She was not in all the episodes because of her drug and alcohol abuse. Phillips began arriving late and was even incoherent for rehearsals. The producers ordered her to take a six-week break to overcome her addiction but were ultimately forced to fire her in 1980. She came back as a recurring character for the seventh, eighth, and ninth season.


What was the name of Valerie Bertinelli’s character?

Besides being known for her role as Barbara Cooper Royer on the sitcom One Day at a Time, Valerie Bertinelli is also known for playing Gloria on the drama series Touched by an Angel (2001–03) and Melanie Moretti on the sitcom Hot in Cleveland (2010–15).


What is the name of the building’s superintendent?

Dwayne Schneider, the building's quirky superintendent provides usually-unwanted advice to the tenants. Dwayne Schneider is portrayed by Pat Harrington, Jr. a voice, stage, and television actor. Harrington became famous in the 1950s as a member of Steve Allen's television comedy troupe, the "Men on the Street" (which also included Don Knotts, Tom Poston and Louis Nye). He made many appearances as the comedic Italian immigrant "Guido Panzini" on The Jack Paar Show in the mid-1950s.


Richard Masur portrays Ann’s divorce lawyer, what is the character’s name?

Richard Masur portrays Ann’s divorce lawyer who takes a romantic interest in her. David Kane, takes a job in Los Angeles and is effectively written out of the series except for a guest appearance in season six. Richard Masur has guest-starred on numerous television series and film, you may know him best from his role of a character modeled after Jewish-American spy Jonathan Pollard in the film Les Patriotes (The Patriots) (1994), by French director Éric Rochant.


Michael Lembeck portrayed Julie Cooper’s husband, what is the name of this character?

Although his first breakthrough role was as Julie Cooper’s husband, Max Horvath, has guest-starred in numerous TV shows. Lembeck now works as a full-time film and TV director. He won an Emmy for his work as a director on the Friends episode "The One After the Superbowl", and directed 20 other episodes of the series.


Ann’s love interest in the sixth season with portrayed by Ron Rifkin, what was the name of the character?

In 2001, Ron Rifkin played a ruthless intelligence agent Arvin Sloane in Alias, opposite Jennifer Garner. Until 2011, he played second-in-command businessman Saul Holden on Brothers & Sisters, opposite Sally Field. He also played Bonnie Franklin's second boyfriend on One Day at a Time. He currently portrays Defense Attorney Marvin Stan Exely on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as a recurring character. He also starred in Limitless as Brian Finch's father Dennis Finch and appears in Gotham as Father Creel.


Glen Scarpelli played the son of Nick Handris, Ann’s boyfriend. What was the name of the son?

Alex Handis was portrayed by Glenn Scarpelli. He left One Day at a Time to appear in the NBC sitcom Jennifer Slept Here. Other television appearances include 3-2-1 Contact, Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, MacGyver, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island. He was also a co-host in summer 1983 of the NBC game show/human interest show Fantasy.


Why does Alex move into the Ann’s home?

Following Nick's death in a car accident with a drunk driver, Alex runs away from his new home in Chicago by hopping on a bus to Indianapolis with a plan to talk Ann and Barbara into letting him move in with them. It works and he continues living there through season six, seven and eight.


Later in the series, Julie gives birth to a daughter what did Julie name her?

Julie’s character was unusual during this time in television where most teenagers were modeled on Gidget, with no real problems to worry about. In One Day at a Time, Julie runs away for several days, and although she marries and names her daughter after her mother, she later abandons her new family.


Norman Lear wrote and produced All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Good Times, and Maude. Yet, One Day at a Time was one of the most successful series of the 1970s and 1980s, outlasting many of Lear's other, more highly praised series. Why?

Realism with comic relief was one of the keys to the One Day at a Time success. For instance, even Ann Romano’s backstory was realistic. Married at 17, Ann Romano was now divorced, raising two teenagers more or less on her own, and entering the job market for the first time since her marriage. Romano struggled with money, fighting for every penny of the child support that was supposed to come from her frequently deadbeat husband. She struggled with finding a job. And she struggled to be both father and mother to her two children, Julie and Barbara.


Who is talking to Barbara urging her not to lose her virginity in this quote? “Always remember, and please never forget: A man is like a bow-and-arrow, and a woman is like a target. Bow-and-arrow needs practice. Target doesn't.”

Schneider provided much needed comic relief when the topic became too heavy. Pat Harrington, who portrays Schneider temporarily left the show after being denied a pay raise. One month later, producers realized Schneider's importance, agreed to give Harrington a raise, and brought him back.


Who said this? “I'm the only girl who has to go to Confession and make up sins.”

Two siblings with opposite personalities, a familiar feature in many families. Mackenzie Phillips (Julie) and Valerie Bertinelli (Barbara) were actually the same age. Phillips was taller and wiry, while Bertinelli was round-faced and looked like the younger of the two, so Phillips was cast as the older sister.


What character said this? [after hearing Ann Romano had a heart attack]” Women don't get heart attacks. They give 'em.”

Once again, Schneider provides comic relief during a very emotional situation. Originally there were plans to spin Schneider off onto his own show after the series went off the air, but those plans never came to fruition.


Who is Ann talking about in this quote? “That Was BVD.” Ed Cooper: BVD?” Ann: Before Vicky, Darling.

Ann has a bad relationship with Vicky, her ex’s new wife, which eventually warms as the series continued. Bonnie Franklin who portrays Ann nearly quit after 15 episodes, because she was not pleased with the show's direction. She agreed to stay after being allowed more creative input into the series.


Who is Ann pretending to be picked up by? “Do you wanna go to your place or mine?” Ann: “Both.”

Schneider, the building’s superintendent is propositioning Ann. She answers “both” since they live in the same building. Although they have a great chemistry throughout the series, after season nine, the network wanted to renew the series for two more years, but Bonnie Franklin decided that nine seasons was enough.


Which character said this? “Schneider, you're the only person I know whose pet rock is his own head.”

David Kane, Ann's divorce lawyer and neighbor, takes a romantic interest in Ann and didn’t particularly like Schneider. After David takes a job in Los Angeles, she doesn’t see him again except for a guest-star appearance in the sixth season. She doesn’t even take a business trip to see him. Though generally a strict and attentive parent, Ann frequently leaves her girls alone overnight when she goes away on business trips, which would become illegal in the '90s.


What city did "One Day at a Time" take place?

The show took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. This sitcom placed the family in a more Midwestern and realistic setting. Indianapolis is not far from Chicago. It's where in the episode "Barbara's Rebellion," Barbara runs away to, although she intended to be gone for only one night.


What was name of the public relations firm that Ann worked for?

Ann worked at Connors and Davenport. If McMann & Tate sound familiar, it’s because that’s the name of the fictional adverting agency that Darrin worked for in Bewitched. One Day at a Time was actually written as a star vehicle for Whitney Blake and her daughter Meredith Baxter (Birney), about Blake's own real life experiences raising her daughter.


Who had a guest starring role on the show as Schneider's nephew, just months before one of the biggest movies ever was released and made him a star?

Mark Hamill guest starred on the show as Schneider's nephew, just six months before "Star Wars" was released. There were other famous guest stars on the show including Jay Leno, Suzanne Somers, Lee Grant, Dick Van Patten and Eve Plumb, to name a few.


What actor played Sam, Ann’s husband in the last season?

Hesseman is probably best known for his role as anti-disco disc jockey John "Dr. Johnny Fever" Caravella on the television sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati from 1978 to 1982, a role Hesseman prepared for by working as a DJ in San Francisco at KMPX-FM for several months. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1980 and 1981 for his portrayal of Fever.


What is the title of the poem that Julie writes but Barbara presents as her own in class?

In the episode "The Ghost Writer," Julie lets Barbara claim credit in an English class for some poetry Julie actually wrote. Most of the poems were written when Julie was fighting with her mother. The poem, The Fascist in Pantyhose, particularly worried the school counselor. While the counselor was concerned, Ann was actually amused by the title, and can't repeat it without laughing a little.


Nanette Fabray played Ann’s mother. What was the name of the character?

Fabray appeared as the mother of the main character on television series such as One Day at a Time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Coach, where she played mother to real-life niece Shelley Fabares. A well-known actress, dancer and singer, Nanette Fabray has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Julie got involved in a Christian group in "Julie and JC." What did the group call itself?

In this two-part episode, Julie brought home a drunk as her project, and tried to reform him, utterly failing, causing her to become disillusioned with the Lambs of God group. At the time, the Baby Boom generation, which had turned away from religion in the sixties was seeing its children turn back to religion, and student-led Christian groups on high school campuses were on the rise for the first time.


Boyd Gaines portrayed the husband of Barbara Cooper. What was the character’s name?

Boyd Gaines, played Barbara's dentist husband from 1981-1984. Boyd is also an accomplished Broadway actor winning numerous Tony Awards. He was also featured in the movies "Porky's" (1982) and "Heartbreak Ridge" (1986).


Why was it awkward when Ann and Sam were together in bed when Barbara walked in on them?

Ann and Sam met when Sam came into town after Barbara’s and Mark’s wedding and they all went to dinner. Apparently, they hit it off very well. Barbara walked in on them the next morning.


Do you remember the words to the theme song? Which of these are NOT part of the song?

Those are the lyrics, and here is the rest of the song: So, while you're here, enjoy the view; / keep on doing what you do. / Hold on tight; we'll muddle through, / one day at a time, one day at a time! / So, up on your feet; up on your feet; / somewhere there's music playing. / Don't you worry none, / just take it like it comes, / one day at a time, one day at a time.


When did the series air?

The program aired between December 16, 1975 and May 28, 1984, a full nine seasons. In the original pilot, Ann (Bonnie Franklin) had only one daughter (Mackenzie Phillips). After executives frowned, a new pilot was shot with Valerie Bertinelli added as the second daughter.


How did the show do ratings-wise?

The highest the show ever got in the Nielsen ratings was No. 8 during the 1976–77 season, when it tied with the ABC Sunday Night Movie and Baretta. It was best known in the 1980s as a staple of the CBS Sunday-night lineup, one of the most successful in TV history, along with Archie Bunker's Place, Alice, and The Jeffersons. The series consistently ranked among the top twenty (if not the top ten) programs in the ratings.


What types of controversial issues were addressed in One Day at a Time?

In April 2011, Franklin and other cast members from One Day at a Time accepted the "Innovators Award" from the TV Land cable channel. The Innovator given to a television series that carved out new territory, tackled important issues of its day and helped re-defined its genre. The series One Day at a Time was a hybrid drama/comedy, addressed such taboo topics as pre-marital sex, suicide, sexual harassment and more, breaking barriers and paving the way for future shows to tackle these issues as well.


How did the series end?

The series ended with Ann, now remarried, moving to London with her new husband to take an exciting new job. By doing that she leaves her children to raise their own families.


Why did the series end?

By the end of the 1982–83 season, viewership was beginning to slip and the series ended season eight ranking at number 16. At this time, Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Bertinelli were anxious to move on, but agreed to do a ninth (and final) season. One could understand how Bertinelli felt, as the show made her take acting lessons in the hiatus between season one and two.


Which actress must have felt redeemed after winning the Golden Globe Award TWICE for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film?

In 1981 and 1982, Valerie Bertinelli received Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film. According to Mackenzie Phillips' autobiography " High on Arrival" one of the directors asked Valerie to "raise her hand when she's acting. She took a lot of crap", Mackenzie said.


Who received the 1982 Golden Globe award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series?

In 1982 Alan Rafkin received a Golden Globe for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series. Although Norman Lear, Norman Campbell and Noam Pitlik also directed the show, they did not receive awards. You may know Norman Campbell best for co-writing Anne of Green Gables - The Musical. Noam Pitlik won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for his work on the ABC-TV sitcom Barney Miller. Norman Lear was the producer of One Day at a Time as well as the top TV shows of the time.


Pat Harrington, who portrayed building Superintendent Schneider was also a very popular character. How many Primetime Emmy Awards did he win?

In 1984 Pat Harrington won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In 1980 he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series in One Day at a Time. His character was one of a kind!


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