On a Scale of 1–10, How Much of a “Good Boy or Girl” Is Your Dog?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Carol Yepes / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

All dogs are good, in the sense that all dogs have innate goodness to them, but not all dogs are good in the sense of earning the words "good boy/girl" on a regular basis. Some dogs are, in fact, extremely bad. They chew up the furniture, they bark all the time, they don't come when they're called, they terrorize the neighborhood, they get into fights with other dogs and they leave messes all over the place. Do we still love them? Sure. Do we wish they would behave differently? Well, yes.

Dogs are family members, but just as humans live together most comfortably when they have good boundaries and clear expectations, dogs love it when they know what's expected of them. As nearly all dog owners eventually figure out - if they didn't know before they brought their pooch home for the first time - clear rules that are firmly and kindly enforced are necessary for dogs. It's not just a question of safety, though of course you need to know your dog won't run into the road or eat something you know is dangerous. It's also a matter of happiness. Our dogs want to please and protect us, and showing them how is one of the great gifts we can give them. Still, it's an easier gift to give some dogs than others!

Has your dog mastered the art of doing good, instead of just being good? Let's find out!

Does your dog come when called?

How many things has your dog chewed up this year that are not theirs to chew?

Has your dog ever gotten you a call from a neighbor?

Does your dog run off during walks?

Does your dog ever escape your garden?

What party trick does your dog do?

How many commands can your dog remember?

Does your dog pull at the leash?

Did your dog attend puppy classes?

When your dog realizes you've arrived at the scary vet where they had their shots, what do you have to do to get them through the door?

How do you convey to your dog that it is time to get in the car?

Does your dog make a fuss when it is bath time?

When you get home, how does your dog greet you?

Your dog ate something they know they should not. You didn't see it. How will you find out?

While you have dinner, what is your dog doing?

When you reach a fork in the path during an off-leash walk, how does your dog know which way to go?

Does your dog walk to heel without a leash?

When you take off the leash for a walk in the off-leash park or the mountains, what happens first?

If your dog is afraid, what does it do first?

Does your dog howl at the full moon?

Does your dog bark at people who come to the house?

Does your dog chase sheep or cattle?

If your dog started eating a gross dead bird it found during a walk, how would you get it to stop?

If you leave a snack on the kitchen counter, will your dog eat it?

Has your dog ever scared a cat up a tree?

Has your dog bitten another dog, not as a game?

Has your dog ever threatened a human?

Has your dog ever actually bitten anyone?

What is the longest you've ever not known where your dog was?

Has your dog ever been picked up by animal control?

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