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Any good series of myths and legends needs to include elements of the world around it. One god throws lightning bolts; another causes earthquakes. The winds were caused by this spirit, and the trees are filled with the spirits of these creatures. Around the world, from culture to culture, the building blocks are all essentially the same. And it makes sense, since so many of these stories, myths and legends were devised to help explain the world we live in and why it works the way it does in a time long before science. You picked out things and gave them powers to explain natural phenomena. They even did it with animals.

Norse mythology is no different than many others when it comes to nature. The Norse people saw the animals they shared the world with and created amazing stories about them. Some were friends; others were enemies. Some had small parts, and some could change the world. Maybe even end it. They gave animals a lot of power and responsibility. Many of those myths are forgotten now, but they're not lost completely. If you're curious about where you might fit in with the incredible creatures from the Norse myths, then answer some questions, and we'll match you to the Norse beast that resides within your heart and soul!

You've got the whole day to yourself and nothing at all planned. How are you going to spend your time?

What activity are you most likely to do if you need to get some exercise?

How do you think you'd respond to someone making fun of you?

Would you ever plan a practical joke on a family member just to make a YouTube video?

Out of all the villains in superhero movies, who do you think was the best one?

If you're building a dream house somewhere, what kind of landscape are you looking for?

Aside from Norse mythology, what culture do you think has the best stories and legends?

If you were going to have one sidekick from a Disney movie, who would you want it to be?

Some people get some pretty exotic pets living in their houses. What weird pet would you go for if you could?

If you saw some kids bullying another kid on the street, would you get involved?

You know that feeling you get on a rollercoaster when your stomach drops? Are you a fan or not?

Which of these jobs did you think was the coolest when you were a kid?

Do you make your bed every single morning after you wake up?

You need a new air freshener in your car. What fragrance are you going to go for?

What do you think is the absolute tastiest cut of meat you could possibly eat?

Do you spend much time with your extended family, like cousins, aunts and uncles?

If you're at a build-your-own frozen yogurt place, what topping do you need to have on yours?

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star?

If your best friend got into a fight out at a club, are you backing them up?

Which of these universes are you more of a fan of than the others?

You're at a massive summer party at a friend's house. Are you mingling and being noticed or taking it easy in the background?

Is it easy for you to tell a loved one a hard truth or not?

If someone wrongs you somehow, are you going to hold a grudge and get revenge?

Say you're walking down the street behind a small group of people and you suddenly see $100 on the ground. What do you do?

Do you do your best work early in the morning or later in the day?

If you're on a road trip and your GPS craps out on you, are you OK with asking for directions?

If your friend called you in the middle of the night and needed a ride to the hospital, would you help?

People are pretty addicted to their technology these days. How long could you honestly go without your phone, TV or internet?

Your best friend is dating someone new but they seem like a rude and all around awful person. Your friend is oblivious. Now what?

What is it that you're hoping to get out of the path you're on in life?

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