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Art, science, history and more! A knowledgeable person is seasoned in a variety of subjects. Whether you're asked if you know the current monarch of England or where to find the Louvre, you've got all the answers. If this sounds like you, you'll probably ace this quiz!

Are you a living dictionary who knows the meanings of words like "cygnet?" Could you name the highest-selling musical artist of all time? Can you name some of the most famous mascots in the world? That might sound easy, but do you think you can identify an amphibian out of a list of animals? There's no limit to what can be asked on this quiz!

If you're a pop culture junkie, can you name the car that was used in "The Dukes of Hazzard?" Historians, do you know which important historical figure found the four moons of Jupiter? If geography is your favorite subject, can you name the capital of South Africa? There is so much to learn and know about the world, and this quiz has it all.

If you're the encyclopedia of your friend group or the go-to person when it comes to knowledge, what are you waiting for? Jump into this quiz to see how much you really know!

What country has a red circle on its flag?

The flag of Japan has a red circle on a white background on it. The flag has been around since the 1500s, but only adopted in 1870 and it is called the Nisshōki.


Which king was known as the Lionheart?

Richard I was known as the Lionheart and one of England's most highly respected kings. He was known for his alliances through marriage and his skills in the realms of the military.


Where would you find the mythical Loch Ness Monster?

The mythical creature is said to be found in Scotland. There have been reports about the creature since 500 A.D. and the sightings continue today.


What is the farthest planet from the Sun?

The farthest planet from the Sun is Neptune, although before it was Pluto. It is a deep blue color and it's one of the giant planets along with Saturn and Jupiter.


Which pet is the most owned in the entire world?

Dogs are the most owned pet in the entire world. Did you know that India has a rapidly growing population of dogs? After dogs, comes the next global favorite, cats.


Which dog breed is known for its spots?

The Dalmatian is known for its spots and they're also well-known for often being used as dogs at firehouses. Dalmatians are a great pet that is part of the non-sporting group.


Where is Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is located in London, England and serves as not only a place of work and events, but also a residence for the Queen. The palace has been the place to be for monarchs since the 1800s.


How many times can a paper be folded in half?

A piece of paper can only be folded in half seven times. This is because we don't have the strength to fold the paper which has been made stronger an eighth time.


Who is the best selling musical artist of all time?

The Beatles are the best selling musical artists of all time. The band has sold 178 million units over their career and continue to sell up to this day.


Which word means "nonsense?"

"Poppycock" is a word that is used to mean nonsense. The word is said to have originated in Dutch and only became very used in the mid-1900s.


Where would you find the Mojave Desert?

The Mojave Desert is located in the states of Nevada and California. It is a large, dry desert that is also located near the Mojave River.


Which of these animals is an amphibian?

A frog is an amphibian. Amphibians have gills, but they can survive both on land and water. Turtles and iguanas are reptiles while rats are mammals.


What is a "cygnet?"

A cygnet is the word for a young swan. The word was more commonly used during the 1800s, but is still used to refer swans that fit the description today.


What is the set of chemicals and elements called?

The Periodic Table of Elements is the chart that shows all of the chemicals and elements. The table gives information on the elements as well such as their atomic numbers.


In what subject would you learn about exponents?

Exponents would be something that you would learn in math class. Exponents are numbers that indicate that a number must be multiplied.


Who discovered Jupiter's four moons?

Galileo Galilei discovered the four moons of Jupiter as he was also the first to observe them. The moons are named Callisto, Io, Ganymede and Europa.


What makes a rainbow?

Water drops are part of the cause of a rainbow. When the light reflects off the water drops, it creates the vibrant array of colors that we get to witness in the skies.


Which car was used in "The Dukes of Hazzard?"

The famous car in the show, "The Dukes of Hazzard" is a Dodge Charger called the General Lee. The car was orange and had the numbers "01" painted across the side.


Who was the first president of the United States of America?

George Washington was the first president of the United States, taking office in 1789 for eight years. He was a commander in the army and one of the Founding Fathers.


Which of the following places is in the Caribbean?

The Netherlands Antilles is located in the Caribbean, although it is a country that is territory of the Netherlands. Dutch is one of its official languages.


What is the best-selling video game of all time?

Tetris is the best selling video game of all time, selling almost 500 million copies. The game has been around since 1984 and it involves strategically placing blocks to make room for more.


Where in the world would you find a hotel built from ice?

You would find the ice hotel in Sweden in the city of Jukkasjärvi. The hotel is rebuilt every year since its first year in 1989, but now it is permanent.


What word means "the mixture of two languages?"

"Macronic" is the word used to mean the "mixture of two languages." An example of the word macronic would be combining English and French words together in a sentence.


Where did french fries originate from?

French fries originated in Belgium around the time of the 1600s. After their invention, they quickly made their way around the world becoming a global favorite.


What is manga?

Manga is a type of Japanese cartoon that originated in the 1600s. The genre is often found in books and magazines which can be either black and white or color.


What is the most expensive painting in the world?

"Salvator Mundi" by Leonardo da Vinci was sold for a large $450 million in 2017. The painting was also under criticism of not being authentic, but it was later proved to be real.


Which bird had the most expensive feather?

The huia bird has the most expensive feather in the world due to the bird now being extinct. One feather sold for over six thousand dollars.


What is the capital of South Africa?

All of the cities listed are the capitals of South Africa. The reason for having three capital cities is due to the fact that there is an executive, judicial and legislative capital.


Is it true or false that the Easter Island statues have bodies?

This is true. Underneath the visible heads of the statues, there are even larger bodies. The statues all look alike and stand tall and mighty on the mysterious island.


Which dinosaur was the largest during its time on Earth?

The Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur on Earth during the time of these fascinating creatures. They are known to have a long neck and a few have been recreated in museums using bones that were found.


How long is a billion seconds?

A billion seconds equates to 31 years which is over 11 thousand days. In contrast, a trillion seconds is over 31 thousand years, something no one will ever see in their lifetime.


Which social media platform has the most users?

Facebook is the social media platform with the most users in the world. The website has over 2 billion users, with YouTube next in line with 1.5 billion users.


Where were the oldest remains of a human found?

The oldest human remains ever found were in Ethiopia. The remains are called "Ardi" and they existed over 4 million years ago. Ardi was very close to another famous human, Lucy.


What is the mascot for Froot Loops?

The Froot Loops mascot is a toucan named Toucan Sam. He is known for his colorful beak and he has been the company's mascot since the 1960s.


What is the largest museum in the world?

The Smithsonian in Washington is the largest museum in the world. Inside you'll find lots of iconic historical artifacts such as Abraham Lincoln's hat.


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