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Are you good at solving mysteries? Then you’ll do great on this trivia quiz.

What was the name of the character portrayed by Angela Lansbury?

Jessica Fletcher played the famed mystery writer and amateur detective.

What is the name of the town where Jessica Fletcher lives?

Although Jessica had to travel to unravel many of her mysteries, just as many happened in her home town, Cabot Cove.

So far, so good, but do you recall her address in Cabot Cove?

She lived at 698 Candelwood, a tree-lined street.

You're still doing well. Which state would you find Cabot Cove?

Cabot Cove was situated in the beautiful state of Maine.

This one is a bit harder. Beside murder-mystery writer and amateur detective, what other occupation did Jessica have?

Jessica Fletcher was a former English teacher.

What’s the backstory on Jessica Fletcher who lives in Cabot Cove, Maine?

The correct answer is all of the above.

Here is a real test of your trivia knowledge: Who else was offered the part of Jessica Fletcher?

Aren’t we glad the others turned down the offer? There could be no other Jessica, than Angela Lansbury.

Where did the title, "Murder, She Wrote" come from?

The title comes from Murder, She Said, which was the title of a 1961 film adaptation of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novel.

Often times, how does the show begin?

The show mostly starts with a preview of the episode's events, with Jessica stating: "Tonight On Murder, She Wrote..."

Who else did Angela Lansbury play in Murder, She Wrote?

Angela Lansbury also played Jessica’s look-alike cousin Emma, who was a performer on the London stage.

What was the name of Jessica’s late husband?

Jessica’s late husband was named Frank, he was a bomber pilot in Korea.

One of the lovely quirks about Jessica is she never does what?

Jessica never drove a car. She either walked, biked or asked for a ride.

Jessica invariably proves more perceptive than the official investigators, who are almost always willing to arrest the most likely suspect. How does this elderly lady do this?

The correct answer is A and B.

Jessica's relationship with law enforcement officials varies. How so?

All of the above.

What is the name of the character who played the local doctor of Cabot Cove and one of Jessica's best friends and supporters?

The correct answer is Dr. Seth Hazlitt, portrayed by actor William Windom.

What actor played Sheriff Amos Tupper?

Tim Bosley played the affable Sheriff of Cabot Cove.

Ron Masak played a Sheriff as well who was a former NYPD officer who takes Tupper’s place as Sheriff, what was the character’s name?

Sheriff Mort Metzger took Tupper's place as Sheriff in the mistaken belief that he would be living in a more peaceful place.

Let’s not forget there was a deputy, too. What was the character’s name?

Louis Herthum portrayed Deputy Andy Broom.

Jerry Orbach plays an old-school private investigator who becomes friends with Jessica; what was the character’s name?

Jerry Orbach who played Harry McGraw, was popular enough to garner his own, short-lived spinoff series in 1987, The Law & Harry McGraw.

Dennis Stanton, is an insurance claims investigator, who always solves his cases using unusual methods, and often sends a copy of the story to Jessica afterwards. What unusual occupation did he have before he was an insurance claims investigator?

The character, Dennis Stanton, portrayed by Keith Michell, was a suave jewel thief before becoming an insurance claims investigator.

What about the women characters? Who had reoccurring roles on the series?

The correct answer is A and B. Both women were known for their love of gossip.

Favorite episode time! What happened in “Unfinished Business” ?

The episode “Unfinished Business” is about a retired policeman who decides to re-examine an old case he never solved and returns to the lakeside cabins where the murder occurred, gathering all the old suspects together. It isn't long before there's another murder.

What happened in the episode “For Whom the Bell Tolls”?

Jessica agrees to help preserve a historic brownstone where Ernest Hemingway once rented a small suite to write. But she winds up trying to clear her editor of the murder of an opposing developer.

What happens in the episode, “A Story to Die For”

The correct answer is Jessica puts her sleuthing skills to work at a writers' conference after a Russian author is found murdered.

Which of these things happened in the episode, “Angel of Death”?

All of the above.

What happened in the popular episode, “Ever After”?

All of the above.

What was the plot for “Birds of a Feather”?

The correct answer is “C”.

Famous quotes! Who said, “There are three things you can never have enough of in life, Lieutenant: chocolate, friends and the theatre."?

The correct answer is Jessica Fletcher.

Who is Jessica talking to?“ What am I going to do about the fact that Irene Rutledge has no legal claim to Tommy?” Jessica: “If I were you, I would develop amnesia.”“ Save a lot of paperwork, too."

The correct answer is Sheriff Amos Tupper.

In which episode was the following quote said? Jessica Fletcher: Didn't even notice that the thorns were real? Damien Bolo: I was so nervous, I could've been handling a porcupine and not known it.

Jessica unravels the death of a ballerina after she dances a ballet that has killed everyone who has tried it. The ballet that was performed was the legendary Diabolical Dance.

In which episode was the following quote said?Horatio Baldwin: Don't you go to the movies? Jessica Fletcher: When Cary Grant bowed out, so did I.

In We’re Off to Kill the Wizard, Jessica gets mixed up with a nasty scheme involving a theme park creator whilst visiting relatives.

How many seasons did Murder, She Wrote air?

Murder, She Wrote aired for 12 seasons.

How many times did Angela Lansbury receive an Emmy nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series?

Angela Lansbury received an Emmy nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series for the each of the show's twelve seasons. However, she did not win for any of the nominations.

How many years was Murder, She Wrote in the Top 20 in ratings?

The correct answer is Murder She Wrote remained in the Top 20 for 11 out of the 12 years it aired.

Angela Lansbury and the show itself was very successful. How successful was it?

The series was good. REALLY good.

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