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How well do you remember the hilarious antics of Mr.Bean?

In an episode at the beach, Mr. Bean attempts to put his swimsuit on without the man next to him noticing him. Why was that not necessary?

In the end, Mr. Bean actually ends up putting his swimsuit without removing his pants. Too bad the blind man couldn’t see, or he’d get a good laugh!

For his test, Mr. Bean studied most for which subject?

Even after all the studying, Mr. Bean ends up cheating off another man’s test!

In the episode “The Return of Mr. Bean” what does he eat at the restaurant?

Mr. Bean ends up disliking the steak so much that he cuts it up and hides it in odd places, such as a flower vase and in a lady’s purse.

What does Mr. Bean not do when he is getting ready to meet royalty?

No one will remember that he didn’t comb his hair, because he ends up bowing to greet the royal lady and accidentally knocks her over onto the floor!

In “Do it Yourself Mr. Bean” what holiday does Mr. Bean celebrate?

Mr. Bean ends up having a party with only two other people (his co-workers).

In the episode where Mr. Bean is celebrating New Year’s Eve what does he use to create his own improvised champagne for his guests?

Not only does he do this, but he also serves bird feeder food as a snack!

In the episode “Good Night, Mr. Bean” what does Mr. Bean go to the hospital for?

Some say he deserved it after his day of being rude (cuts in line and takes a chair from an old man with a cane)

Which car does Mr. Bean drive?

He has a bright yellow mini cooper and locks it with a padlock!

What childhood toy does Mr. Bean treat as a best friend?

He has a little brown bear with button eyes who he often pretends is alive!

Mr. Bean always has an ongoing feud with what color van?

It is a light blue Reliant Regal Supervan, and through the entire series the driver of the van is never revealed.

The theme song of Mr. Bean is sung in which language?

If Mr. Bean spoke, would he speak Latin? I guess we’ll never know!

What is the comic book Mr. Bean is interested in while at the dentist?

Batman and Robin, Bean and Teddy!

In which way did Mr. Bean turn out the light in “Goodnight, Mr. Bean”?

Talk about a violent Mr. Bean.

What does Mr. Bean purchase on New Year’s Day?

The recliner never really helped Bean relax.

What is the name of the actor who plays Mr. Bean?

Rowan Atkinson! And he doesn’t just act; he also earned his degree in Electrical Engineering.

What sport is Mr. Bean consistently determined in?

Mr. Bean plays this game which such intensity that he actually hits the golf ball out of the golfing grounds and ends up on a journey to find the ball.

What is the name of Mr. Bean’s girlfriend?

Irma and Bean! Too bad they didn’t stay together. After Mr. Bean didn’t propose on on Christmas Day, she leaves him.

What episode of Mr. Bean has the highest rating of all?

This episode is hilarious featuring the dentist scene, and Mr. Bean fixing a little boy’s remote control and it ends up controlling someone’s electric wheelchair. This episode is also the first to feature Mr. Bean’s teddy bear.

What embarrassing thing happened to Mr. Bean at the public swimming pool?

Not only does he lose his swim trunks, but a little girl also finds them while snorkeling!

What nickname does Mr. Bean give his credit card?

Flexible is one way to look at your credit card! Mr. Bean’s flexible friend is also used to spread butter on his bread!

Mr. Bean buys a new television for his home and when he gets home he discovers he cannot open his car door since the box is strapped to his car. How does he exit the car?

Oh the things we go through to watch television!

Mr. Bean has his polaroid camera stolen. How does he later identify the suspect in a police line-up at the station?

Earlier after his camera was stolen he throws a bin over the robber’s head and then pokes him with a pencil

When Mr. Bean is at a bus stop a man has a heart attack. What is one of the ways Mr. Bean tries to revive him?

Mr. Bean not only stomps on the man, but he also stuffs pills down his throat, tries mouth to mouth resuscitation with the man’s magazine, and zaps the man using jump leads from a lamppost.

When packing for his trip, how does Mr. Bean fit things in his tiny suitcase?

He cuts up his clothes, but he doesn’t have the heart to cut up Teddy.

On an airplane what does Mr. Bean use as earplugs?

This odd earplug replacement actually works for Bean!

In the episode “The Return of Mr. Bean” what occasion is Mr. Bean celebrating at the restaurant?

Poor Bean didn’t have a great birthday dinner as he ordered a steak that he didn’t like one bit!

A thief attempts to steal Mr. Bean’s car but isn’t able to for what reason?

Mr. Bean often takes the steering wheel of his car with him. Quite the good idea for theft protection!

What is the name of the drag queen who performs at the hotel in episode “Mr. Bean in Room 426”?

La Rue is French and means “the street” so, Danny the Street!

In the episode “The Baby Mr. Bean” what animal gets into Mr. Bean’s car?

A dog climbs into Mr. Beans car and he is more than enthused about it!

What does Mr. Bean switch the bully’s laundry soap with?

Although Mr. Bean is known to be a bit extreme, the bully definitely deserved this one.

In the episode “Hair by Mr. Bean” what city does he accidentally ship himself off to?

Moscow welcomes Mr. Bean after he loses his tickets and climbs into a mailbag.

What game is Mr. Bean playing during which he accidentally swallows a goldfish?

Mr. Bean can’t yell out “bingo” if he’s swallowing a goldfish!

Which contest does Mr. Bean enter Teddy in?

Well of course Mr. Bean would do that, and of course Teddy doesn’t qualify.

What does Teddy get for Christmas?

Eyes! Finally, the button eyes are replaced!

Mr. Bean has the days of the week on what clothes items?

Mr. Bean has hilarious days of the week underwear!

What movie was Mr. Bean watching that frightened him?

Mr. Bean was so scared he put his popcorn bag over his head.

What food did Mr. Bean eat at the hotel that made him very sick?

Mr. Bean gets very sick and throws up the oysters.

What is the color of the towel Mr. Bean bought?

Mr. Bean buys yellow towels that closely resemble the color of his infamous car.

What toy figure does Mr. Bean add to a nativity scene?

Not only does he add the scary dinosaur, but he also adds a helicopter (maybe for Mary and Jesus to escape with).

When Mr. Bean finds a lost infant, what does he do?

Some would call this kidnapping!

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