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Think you're a Matlock fan? Find out how much you know about this iconic TV show by taking this quiz!

Who plays Ben Matlock?

Andy did not like Matlock at all through the first few seasons. He found the character cheap and vain.

Matlock always wears a ____ suit.

You can forget about the “hero” color.

What is Matlock’s favorite food?

A German butcher opened the first hot dog stand in 1871.

What is Matlock’s standard fee?

The average salary of a criminal defense lawyer is $78,500. However, the salary can range from $45,000 to $130,000.

Charlene Matlock is Ben’s ____?

Matlock has two daughters whom both work with the law.

Matlock studied law where?

Harvard Law School was founded in 1817 and is the oldest continually-operating law school in the United States.

Whom does Matlock blame for giving him bad advice on investing in 8-track tapes?

Dr. Slone (Dick Van Dyke) is from the show Diagnosis Murder.

Who is Julie March?

Julie is on from season one to season seven.

Matlock has two daughters who work with him on different seasons of the show. What are their names?

Charlene and Leanne never appear on camera together.

Who is the actor that plays Matlock’s P.I. Conrad?

Clarence plays a Texas Ranger in “Walker, Texas Ranger”, opposite Chuck Norris.

What city does Matlock call home?

Atlanta was established in 1837 at the intersection of two railroad lines.

Who is the only female investigator helping Matlock?

Jerri shows up in the last season of Matlock.

Ben plays what instrument?

The banjo is a four, five, or six-stringed instrument.

Matlock aired from 1986 to _____?

Starbucks released the Frappuccino in 1995.

What type of real estate did Matlock call home?

Matlock’s farmhouse is located in Atlanta suburb neighborhood.

Who plays Assistant DA Julie March?

Julie Sommars is on Matlock from season three to season six.

Cassie Phillips is Matlock’s ______?

File clerks work with both paper documents and electronic files.

Matlock originally aired on networks ______ then ________?

Matlock originally aired from March 3, 1992, to May 8, 1992, on NBC, and from November 5, 1992, to May 7, 1995, on ABC.

Over the series, Matlock owns three generations of what automobile?

Each model is like Matlock’s suits – all-gray.

When Matlock moves from NBC to ABC, the taping venue moves from California to what state?

ABC moves the taping venue because its star, Andy Griffith, was reaching 70 and wanted to be close to his home in North Carolina.

Who plays Ben’s younger daughter Charlene?

Lori Lethin played Charlene for the pilot movie. Linda Purl took over the role for the TV series.

Rumor has it that the character of Ben Matlock is based on what interesting real-life person?

Bobby Lee Cook is known as the “dean of Georgia criminal defense attorneys.”

“Ace” Calhoun is Matlock’s ______?

Calhoun is played by Don Knotts, who is Andy Griffith’s old co-star as Deputy Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

When Michelle leaves after season six, who works for Ben?

Leanne is Ben’s older daughter.

Who plays Charlene Matlock in the pilot episode?

Lori retired from acting in 1999.

Daniel Roebuck plays what character in Season 1 Episode 24?

Daniel plays various roles on Matlock until season 7 when he becomes a regular by playing Cliff Lewis.

Who is Ben’s first P.I.?

Kene Holliday plays Tyler, but only stays through season three.

Michelle Thomas is an American lawyer living where when she meets Matlock?

Nancy Stafford plays Michelle.

Who did Nancy Strafford play in Matlock before she plays Michelle Thomas?

In “The Seduction” Nancy’s character is paid off for perjury.

What happens in the case of “The Psychic?”

Camilla More plays psychic Jennifer Holtz, has an identical twin sister named Carey.

What work did Conrad do before he works as a P.I. for Ben?

Andy Griffith made his home in North Carolina.

Why is Cliff’s father, Billy, significant to Ben?

He stood her up to study law. He felt that he couldn’t give his full attention to both.

While on NBC, Matlock is modeled after the “whodunit” format, and when it switches to ABC it also changes to what format to ______?

“howcatchem” is an inverted detective story with the crime shown or described in the beginning.

Matlock ends with a two-part episode called_______?

Andy Griffith is 69 years old when the last episodes air.

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