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Many companies have made numerous changes to their businesses over the years, some of which include changes to their logos. How many of these old logos can you identify?

This doll company which is a subset of the larger toy company, Mattel. Inc., was founded in 1959 and has sold over 1 billion dolls since its existence. Over the past 50 years, not only have the types of dolls that they made changed, but the logo has as well.

The first Apple logo was inspired by Issac Netwon’s discovery of gravity and featured a man sitting under an apple tree. After trying to appeal to younger people, the logo changed to a bitten apple with many different colors. It was further redesigned to the logo that we know today.

Starbucks was founded in 1971 and the logo consisted of a bare-chested siren with an intricate crown and tail. In 2011, the logo was redesigned by removing the outer circle of the logo, leaving the mermaid and changing the black to the trademark Starbucks green.

Walt Disney’s logo was a tiered version of Sleeping Beauty’s castle with the company’s name written in their classic stylized font, with a shooting star flying over it. Since many of its movies had different themes, the logo was changed to the style of the movie. Today, the same castle remains but in a more 4D version.

The first google logo was created by one of the company’s founders and it consisted of the same colors that it currently has but in a different font and with an exclamation mark to mimic Yahoo!’s logo. It was later revised to what we see today.

Throughout its history, Mozilla Firefox has stuck with the theme with animals as their logo. The original 2002 logo features a Phoenix because at the time, its name was Phoenix. After changing it to Firefox, the logo also changed.

The toy company was established in 1932 and the logo was designed simply as a logotype of “LEGO.” Over the years, the logo went through simple changes. However in 1973, “LEGO” received a yellow border outside the black outline.

While the Japanese camera company was founded in 1937, the logo was only introduced in 1934 as a text for the name of its first camera, Kwanon. After major success, they decided to create a more modern logo when the brand name changed to Canon and it was redesigned in 1956.

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, it was a simple bookstore. Today, it not only is a multi-billion-dollar company, it recently bought major grocery store chain, Whole Foods. The logo changed from its big A to the word amazon with an arrow from A to Z.

Nintendo has changed its logo more than 15 times, ranging from Japanese writing, to a spade with an N on it, to what we know today to be Nintendo -- Nintendo written in white, up against a red background.

The font that was used in Ford’s 1910 logo is the same font that the company is currently using. The more modern version has a blue oval encircling the name of the company.

Twitter’s classic blue bird hasn’t changed much throughout its existence, but in 2016, the company decided to make some changes. The bird slimmed down, lost the feathers on the top of its head, and it has a much better posture, in addition to going a few shades darker.

When Volkswagen was founded in 1937, it was one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles. Although the logo hasn’t changed significantly, it is marked in blue and grey contrasting the black and white logos of the company’s past.

The almost 150-year soft drink company’s logo wasn’t very complicated to begin with but it has changed from the color black to red along with its iconic font.

This American television channel has many shows that appeal to the younger generation and is extremely popular because of it. The logo has changed a few times but the outline has always remained the same.

Originally called Sander Court and Café, the company not only underwent a name change, but a logo change as well. Both of them feature the founder in a cartoon-like form, the latter including more colors and a larger face.

This hamburger fast food chain has stores on every major continent, but did you know that it’s original logo featured an actual “Burger King” sitting on top of a burger? More than 30 years later, and after three revisions, the logo is what we know today.

For almost 100 years, the company has elevated how many people see athletic clothing. Although the brand’s logo has changed quite a few times, they’ve kept the older ones, which they call Adidas Origins.

Shell is one of the largest oil companies in the world and in the beginning, the logo was a just a simple shell with the company name around it. In 1948, red and yellow were added to it. To this date those colors remain, but the name of the company has been removed.

The first Ikea logo was a red seal of approval with the name of the company written in white. Since then, it has changed into a rectangular box with an oval in contrasting colors inside. Every few years, the colors change, but since 1983, it has been blue and yellow.

Nestle is a Swiss transnational food and drink company and it is the largest of its kind in the world. Its first logo lasted less than 10 years and in 1875, was quickly changed to birds nesting on a branch. Since then, the picture has been updated with the addition of the company’s name beneath it.

When McDonald’s first came on the scene, they were called “McDonald’s Famous Barbecue” but changed their name 13 years later to McDonald’s famous Burger as well as introducing a mascot named Speedee. The golden arches logo came along in 1960 and in 2003, underwent its final revision.

When Pepsi was founded more than 100 years ago, it stayed a few years without a logo. That was until the company’s founder drew something out on a piece of paper, and that became the first one. It has undergone quite the transformation, becoming sleeker and more modernized each time.

When AT&T was founded in 1877, it started out as the Bell Telephone Company, which later became American Telephone & Telegraph after various mergers. After the dissolution of the Bell system, the bell logo was changed with an illustration of a layered globe, which later became the iconic 3D transparent globe.

FedEx was founded in 1973 and at the time, the logo was the company’s full name which is “Federal Express.” After later success, the logo was simplified to FedEx, with the addition of color and a font change in 1994..

GE Healthcare’s logo has not changed much over the 24 years that it has been in existence but some noticeable changes have been made. The same stylized font was kept, but now it is against a blue circle background.

The first Heineken label appeared in 1883 and it had the classic Heineken green and a five-pointed star with pilsener bier written in white across it. After being edited more than 10 times, many of the original aspects were kept but Heineken is written in white across it.

When this company started selling cars in the 1930’s, its first logo was just a simple stylized ‘Mazda.' Two years later, it changed into a triple M winged logo which would serve as inspiration for the 1997 version that we see today.

Throughout the years, Visa’s logo has always been the company’s name with its iconic blue and orange colors. It has evolved from the name between two lines, to just the name in blue with a hint of orange in the V in 2006.

Nissan is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that sells cars under Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti names. The logo has been changed more than 20 times, the latest being in 2013.

Lay’s potato chips has not only gone under an extensive change as a company but its logo has also changed significantly. It went from a simple white and red logo, to the 3D one with a yellow ball meant to symbolize a chip.

In the '80s, the major computer company’s logo changed from its more complex form to a sleeker logo that simply read Microsoft. It underwent another change in 2012, where they simplified the font and added four squares of color.

Samsung was founded in 1938, and it moved from a trading company of food and textiles to electronics in the early '90s. The company remained without a logo for the first 20 years, and in 1958, its logo was a circle with 3 stars and some wheat plants, which is much different from its current logo.

Although Audi was founded in 1909, the iconic interlaced rings didn’t come into existence until 1932 after Arno Dresscher designed it. In total, there have been six logos, the last of which was in 2009 to celebrate it’s 100-year anniversary.

Throughout its existence, the airline company has changed its logo three times, once every 10 years from 1980. The first was just the name of the company, the second with a half arrow added, and the third, a more elegant version.

The first Dell logo was created by Siegel+Gal in 1984 but was later changed to a different font, color, put into a circle, and the E was slanted. The rumor for the slanting of the E is that the company claimed that they were going to turn the world on its ear.

The popular social media app got a makeover in 2016 when it decided to ditch its retro camera for a minimalistic rainbow version of the company. They claimed that it was a part of a number of changes that the company was making.

Over its almost 180-year existence, the company has undergone quite a transition, not only from the sale of Pringles and Kellogg, but also its logo. Starting off with a simple cross in 1851, to a moon and stars, the company’s logo is now P&G.

IBM is a computer technology company and was earlier renamed from Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company and understandably, the logo had to change. After undergoing five revisions, the company made one more change in 1972 to the striped logo.

Walmart’s logo first appeared in 1962 and has undergone a series of changes, mostly to the color and the font. However, in 2008, the company added the slogan “Save money. Live better” and what appears to be a light bulb switch coming on.

The logo for this athletic brand was inspired by the name Nike, which is also the name of the Greek goddess of victory. It has since evolved from the name Nike and a swoosh, to just the swoosh.

The earlier versions of this company’s logo featured a big ‘X’ in the background with the company’s name in front of it. From 1961, they photography products company chose to go with just the name Xerox, and has since been altered to include a red ball with an X on it.

The BMW logo appears as a black circle encircling white and blue quadrants. The roundel didn’t change much over the years, however the most significant alteration happened in 2000, when the design was improved by adding a 3D effect.

Founded by two Kansas brothers, the first logo features the company’s mascot, Pete, holding the name of the company in his hands. In 1967, it changed to the classic red roof with ‘Pizza Hut’ written below it.

Mastercard, which was founded in 1966, is a technology company and payment industry leader right up there with Visa. After much revision, the logo was reformed in 1996 to its current 3D overlapping circles in red and yellow.

Nokia has been around since 1865, and it has been involved in many different industries, including power and rubber, throughout is 150-year history. Its first logo was that of a Nokianvirta Riva fish, which was later changed into the blue Nokia.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) was established in 1939 and is well-known today for its line of LaserJet and DeskJet printers, as well as computers. The company uses the rounded logotype of “h” and “p” to this day.

Target has evolved from a little store into one of the largest store and online retailers in the world. The logo is exactly what the company’s name means, a target, and it hasn’t changed much since then.

The company was established for 13 years before it had its first logo, which was inspired by the Greek God, Hermes. Throughout the years, it remained the same, only changing the font and colors of the logo.

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