Make an Order at Whataburger and We'll Guess Which Southern State You Grew Up In

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McDonald's might have the Golden Arches, but Whataburger has the A-frame. In a countrywide fast food debate that centers on coastal chains like Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger, it's easy for one of the game's biggest players to be left out of the competition. But anyone who lives in one of the 10 southern states that have a beloved Whataburger franchise will roll their eyes and "Bless your heart" for omitting the clear winner of the burger battles.

Before we ride through the drive-thru, it's time to take a little spin through the history of this famed establishment. Founded in Corpus Christi, TX in 1950, Whataburger hit the scene selling 25-cent burgers good enough to make you take a bite and exclaim: "What a burger!" Texans fell in love, and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. The iconic buildings sport A-frame roofs in striped orange and white. With most locations operating 24-hours a day, such a site can become a sanctuary for weary travelers or night-owl college students looking for a hearty Patty Melt after a long day. 

But although the Lone Star State is the home of the Whataburger, Whatachick'n and all the glorious variations to emerge, the chain has found its way to other states in the south, ranging from Arizona to Florida. So step up to the plate and state your order. Mayo or mustard? Texas toast or large bun? We can probably tell what Southern state you're from based on your response.

Whataway to start your day! How would you customize your Taquitos?

How often do you eat at Whataburger?

Maybe you're not in the mood for a taquito. What other breakfast item do you order?

You're feeling chicken today. What dipping sauce do you pair with your Whatachick'n Strips?

Chicken tendies not your style? What other chicken option would you grab?

When you just need a light lunch, which of these do you order?

You're going green. What's your salad order?

Clash of the Titans: Which classic core offering is your favorite?

Sometimes you're in the mood for the classics. But what if you're craving something special? Like, from the special menu. Which of these would it be?

If you could only choose one dipping sauce to grace your fries, which of these would it be?

What about onion rings, dipping sauce for those?

Which limited-time offer do you miss the most when it's not on the menu?

The malt is the classic accompaniment to a burger. What flavor do you choose?

A sip of this refreshing, cold soda will wash down your burger and fries. Which one would you choose?

What's your breakfast beverage?

You have a 30-minute lunch break. What's your quick and easy order?

You have time to kill and hunger to fill. What do you order?

You're hanging out with a vegetarian friend but are craving Whataburger. What do you suggest they order?

Whataburger has a kids' menu. What would you order for your child?

And for desert, what is your favorite?

Whatabout the one item at Whataburger that you cannot stand?

Let's move on to the main event: the Whataburger. What bun style do you abide by?

Would you like cheese with your Whataburger order?

Are there any additional toppings you get when you order a burger?

Every Whataburger comes with pickles, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and onions. Would you like to hold any of these from your order?

Which sauce is boss to add to your Whataburger?

Are you in the know? What's your secret menu order?

You can customize your burger any way you like, but which of these menu-item burgers do you order the most?

Nothing is as southern as a nice iced tea. What do you get?

If you HAD to live without Whataburger, what chain would be your next best choice?

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