Make an Order at Tim Hortons and We'll Guess Which Province You Grew Up In

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Tim Hortons has been around since the 1960s, serving up coffee that's mysteriously addictive to Canadians from coast to coast. In the years since they first showed up, they've expanded beyond just coffee and Tim Bits to everything from chicken strips, chili, turkey bacon club sandwiches and more breakfast sandwiches than you can shake a stick at.  They're a full-service restaurant and a Canadian institution. How many times have you seen whole tables of people just sitting in a Tim's chatting the day away? It's like a modern-day town square in a lot of Canadian cities. Some people couldn't even imagine a day without at least one Double Double and maybe a honey cruller or a maple dip.

The Canadian identity is so wrapped up in Tim Hortons we just kind of take it for granted that they're on every street corner across the country. And the Tim Hortons identity is, in a lot of ways, wrapped up in what it means to be Canadian. In light of all of that, we think we can figure out fairly accurately where you come from in our great country based on nothing more than how you handle a Tim Hortons order. Do us a favor and order your favorites and we'll tell you where you come from!

The one Tim Hortons question every single one of us gets asked more than anything else - "I'm heading to Tim's, what do you want?"

Tim's has been selling donuts forever. What's the best donut of all?

If you're feeling a little extra you may just want a filled donut. What's your pleasure?

Want to pick up some Timbits? How many do you need?

You're going to get a lot of Timbits when you order so you can try them all, but what kind do you want most?

Muffins are a good way to start your day by basically eating cake but in a way that looks healthy. Pick one!

Have you ever won anything on Roll Up the Rim to Win?

Ever had a London Fog from Tim's?

Tim's used to sell lasagna but not anymore. Did you ever try it back in the day?

How do you feel a Tim Horton's sandwich stacks up to a sandwich from other restaurants?

Now, if you were going to order a sandwich for lunch, what kind would you get?

If you need something hot to eat, there are a lot of options. What'll you have?

You need a side if you're ordering lunch. What sounds good?

So ... latte?

Lucky for the non-coffee drinkers out there, Tim's has a ton of tea. Which one do you want?

When you grab that first coffee of the day, what size are you ordering?

It's time to have a tasty bagel. What kind do you think is best?

How many times a day are you going to hit up Tim's just to grab a drink?

If you're just grabbing a quick bagel, you can't eat it plain because why would you? What do you want on it?

You could order a plain, black coffee but that hardly seems fun, does it? What do you need in yours?

It's breakfast! What'll you have?

If you time it right, there are always lots of seasonal drinks at Tim's. Which one sounds best?

Like any good restaurant, Tim's has a secret menu. Pick the best secret menu drink!

If you're hardcore, you can order a "Gretzky" at Tim's. It's named for number 99 himself and features 9 creams and 9 sugars. Are you in?

How many Timbits can you pack away in a single sitting?

There are a few menu hacks that most Canadians know about. Which one is the best one?

As much as you may love Tim's, we all know they have some failures. What's the worst thing on the Tim's menu?

If we're strictly talking donuts and nothing else, what's the worst kind?

Ever since Burger King bought Tim's they've really expanded their food menu. What do you think they should add?

What's the latest in the day you're willing to drink a coffee?

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