Make a Wedding Registry and We'll Give You A Place To Go For A Shopping Spree

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Let's get married! Every year, millions of people are signing up for a wedding registry to get ready for their lives after "I do." From small things like dishware to larger things like a kitchen table, make a wedding registry, and we'll tell you where to go on a shopping spree.

There are millions and millions of people who get married every year. While many people are focused on planning and getting ready for the wedding and reception, what about life after the wedding? After spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, couples are usually lacking funds to set up their lives together, but this is where the wedding registry comes in place!

When couples send invitations, they can also send links to their wedding registry. This gives guests the opportunity to shop and gift them with things they actually need once they begin their married life. What's on your wedding registry?

There are a few basics categories when it comes to wedding registries and they're usually dining, kitchen, bed and bath, and home and luggage. You might ask for a blender or a few frying pans. Do you need dinner plates or maybe a few wine glasses? Would you prefer a new bedspread or bath towels? Which of these purchases sounds like you and what store should you have a shopping spree at because of it?

Are your choices sensible like a Target shopper? Are they more refined for a spree at Bloomingdale's? Let's find out!

Make a wedding registry with this quiz and we'll tell you where to go on a shopping spree!

Here comes the bride (or groom)!

What type of coffeemaker would you add to your registry?

Which kitchen tool could you use most?

What do you think your friends and family will think of your registry?

Does your registry contain a lot of items over $500?

Would you consider adding a charity donation option?

How would you describe yourself when you go shopping?

Which room in your home will you use your registry to enhance?

Which home decor item is on your registry list?

What outdoor item would make your registry?

Are there any bathroom items on your list?

Will you send invitations for others to find your registry?

What kind of dishes are on your wedding registry?

Will you try to keep your list affordable?

Which word describes the registry you are creating?

Will you add a cash registry?

What item for your dinner table are you adding?

Do you think creating a wedding registry is stressful?

Is there anything to stock a bar on your list?

What kind of dinnerware might be on your registry list?

How will you thank your guests for your gifts?

How does creating a wedding registry make you feel?

Which store do you like most?

Which word describes the decorating style you would use your registry to create?

What home office item might you suggest on your registry?

What is the minimum thread count you think is acceptable to give as a gift?

Is your sweetheart helping you make the wedding registry?

Will you have any large pieces of furniture on your list?

Who do you think will purchase the most things on your registry?

Are you adequately stocked in the cutlery department?

Which gift card would you most like to receive?

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