Make a Grande Taco Bell Order and We’ll Tell You Which Ariana Grande Song You Are

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Ariana Grande's career in music has been pretty incredible. She's proven herself to be a considerate and graceful person in the face of much criticism and some incredible hardships. Her life has been thrust into the public eye again and again, but she tends to take it all in stride with dignity and poise, while at the same time shaking up her style and putting out some incredible hits. She really is an inspiration.

Now let's be honest, if there was one way to make Ariana Grande's music better, it would be to pair it with the perfect meal. You can double down on sensory overload to get the best sounds and the best tastes all at once. So naturally, you should be pairing her with some Taco Bell. It all makes plenty of sense, trust us. It seems almost too reasonable to assume that there's a perfect Ariana Grande song out there to describe you based solely on your Taco Bell preferences. So go grande with us and order a bunch of Taco Bell food to suit your tastes, and we'll cut to the heart of exactly which Ariana Grande song is meant for you. Take the quiz and see.

It's first thing in the morning, and you want to start your day the Taco Bell way. What are you ordering?

Are you a spud fan? What potato dish from Taco Bell will satisfy your cravings?

You know what fills you up and never lets you down? Rice! Pick a delicious rice-infused treat.

Half the deliciousness of any Taco Bell choice is the cheese, because cheese is wonderful. Choose a cheesy choice!

You can order cheese on anything, but what kind of cheese is clearly the best of all cheeses?

Has anyone ever just eaten one single taco? We don't even want to know. How many tacos can you take down in one sitting?

What's far and away the greatest item on the entire Taco Bell menu?

Which of these tacos clearly has the best shell of them all?

You're a health-conscious person, right? What kind of veggies do you like on your taco?

Those Taco Bell sauce packets are the best. What kind are you reaching for when you're saucing up your order?

If a sauce packet isn't doing it for you, Taco Bell can add some other sauces to your order. What sounds best?

Taco Bell and junk-food fusion is some of the best cuisine ever made. What junk-food hybrid sounds best?

Can't decide what to order? Numbers never lead you astray! Order some Taco Bell based on the numerical goodness!

You can mix and match ingredients all kinds of ways but what's the ultimate filling for a burrito?

If you're feeling peckish for some chicken, which chicken item will you try?

If steak is your meat of choice, what steaky item will you try?

Sometimes you need to fancy up an order beyond a plain old taco or burrito. Which specialty item is best?

What's the best way to wrap up any kind of taco?

How do you decide what time of day is the right time to hit up Taco Bell?

If you're not into eating with your hands for some reason, there are a few Taco Bell items that come in a bowl. Pick one!

You have to be getting thirsty after all that taco goodness. What kind of Freeze will hit the spot?

You could order just a few tacos, but why? Order a combo instead!

You could get bogged down with salt from all that cheese and meat. Maybe you need some sweetness to break it up. Pick a dessert!

A nacho chip is kind of boring on its own; you want to dip it in something. Pick your dip!

Maybe you need a bigger order of nachos than just chips and dip. Pick your nacho favorite!

Oh no, you forgot your wallet. You'll have to use the change in your car and order something from the Value Menu!

Technically, any proper meal needs a side dish. What's on the side of your tacos?

If one tortilla is good, then two must be great, right? Pick the double-tortilla treat that's best.

Taco Bell is all about pushing the envelope. Which crazy menu item sounds the best?

International Taco Bells have some interesting items you won't find in the U.S. What would you try?

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