Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess What Truck You Own

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When you think about it, dinner at Cracker Barrel and a good truck have a lot in common. Both make you feel pretty satisfied, both offer a ton of options before you settle on what you want and both really speak to the core of who you are and what you want out of life. Didn't see that last one coming? Well, it's true. Don't your choices at a restaurant like Cracker Barrel show you a lot more than just what you're hungry for? 

Sometimes your orders reflect your mood, your roots, your memories of delicious meals you ate as a child. Likewise, your truck says a lot about not just how you're going somewhere, but also where you're going and where you came from. Is it a big, powerful workhorse of a machine because you need it for your job? is it a little flashier with all the bells and whistles because you like to show off? Is it basic and simple because you just need something efficient and reliable? The things we choose, from a truck or a dinner, say so much.

If you're not sure you're on the same page as us just yet, don't worry. Order some Cracker Barrel goodies and you'll see what we mean when we guess what kind of truck you own. Take the quiz and see!

Cracker Barrel is serving up food all day. What meal do you plan on getting, anyway?

Let's dive into one of the biggest breakfasts on the menu – Uncle Herschel's Favorite. What's your meat of choice?

You could always go for a different breakfast option. What sounds best, based on the name alone?

The Double Meat Breakfast comes with eggs, grits and double meat! What are you looking forward to doubling up on?

If you're not looking for a few pounds of protein, there's always the Fresh Start Sampler for breakfast. What sounds best in there?

Maybe you're more of a pancake person. What kind of pancakes do you want?

Let's head back to some eggs for a second. How do you want yours prepared?

Cracker Barrel is all about the side dishes. What's your favorite breakfast side?

Maybe you're looking for a daily special for lunch. Which one of these is best?

On a cold day, hot soup makes for a good lunch. What'll you have?

Salad's always an option if you need lighter fare. Do you have a favorite?

You ordered a salad, but you need to dress it, right? Pick one.

All right, it's dinner time. If beef is what you crave, what beefy entree will you have?

No one has dinner without a side dish. Let's try something green to start.

You could always just go straight beans with your side. What bean is best?

No one says your side needs to be healthy. Which one of these would you like?

It's hard picking a side dish, isn't it? Maybe it's easier if you narrow it down to just a potato dish?

If you like chicken, you have plenty of choices at Cracker Barrel. What sounds good?

Are you a seafood fan? Reel in one of these meals, then!

Cracker Barrel busts out special menus now and then, like their summertime campfire menu. What sounds most tempting?

What would you order from the Cracker Barrel fall menu to keep you warm as the weather gets colder?

Cracker Barrel's busiest day of the year is Thanksgiving, and you can buy a whole dinner for 10 to take home. What are they making that you crave most?

They really drive home the country theme at Cracker Barrel. What country item sounds best?

For dinner, what kind of pork seems like the one for you?

You can always go with a sandwich at Cracker Barrel if you like. Pick one!

Sometimes Cracker Barrel has a few different options, depending on where you are. Can you pick a regional favorite?

It's time for a daily dinner special! What'll you have?

Need a latte on the side with your dinner? Let's order one!

If it's a hot day you'll want a cold drink, so why not order one?

You're ordering dessert, right?

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