Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess What Car You Drive

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Is any place more about downhome comfort than Cracker Barrel? It may be the only restaurant that will also sell you roast beef slathered in gravy alongside a knit blanket for your bedroom. They have the Southern charm cranked up to 11, and it's just kind of nice to be there, isn't it? It's warm and comfortable, and it can really just hit the spot sometimes. But did you have any idea that what you're drawn to at the Cracker Barrel says a lot about you as a person? And not just regular stuff, either. Really deep stuff. Super deep. Automobile deep.

There's a pretty good chance if you put together an in-depth Cracker Barrel order for us we can use that information to guess what kind of car you're driving to and from that very same Cracker Barrel right this minute. How does one relate to the other, you ask? More like how don't they relate to each other! Your likes, your dislikes, the things you crave and hunger for, that's all the same at the end of the day. If you don't believe us, pull up a rocking chair and a napkin and see for yourself. 

Let's start your day with an Old Timers Breakfast. What are you having alongside your eggs and grits?

Speaking of eggs, you need to get them done the right way. How do you like yours?

If you're super hungry in the morning, you may need to order Uncle Herschel's Favorite. What's your protein of choice with this breakfast feast?

Breakfast doesn't have to be just eggs and meat. Which of these pancakes would you order?

Cracker Barrel definitely wants you loaded down with calories at breakfast. Which filling side do you think you'd want most?

Don't worry if you don't feel like going into a food coma for breakfast. Which of these lighter breakfast options would you choose?

Tons of people can't start their day without some caffeine. What coffee-based drink is on your table?

You know when you get that big, beefy hunger and need some beef? Which beef-based item do you fancy?

There's a different dinner feature every day of the week. Which one is calling your name?

Can't make it for dinner? There are weekly lunch specials, too! What sounds tasty?

Are you a pork person? Which is the perfect pork portion?

Maybe chicken is more your speed. There's plenty of chicken to choose from. Which one do you want?

Not every Cracker Barrel has the same menu. You can get regional specialties. Which one sounds best?

If things seem a little fishy to you, you should order some fish. What'll you have?

It's hard to resist a good sandwich, so why bother? Just tell us which one you want.

There's a lot of fat and grease going on here so maybe now's a good time to order a salad, huh?

Cracker Barrel has more sides than you can shake a stick at. Let's start with some light sides. Which of these sounds best?

Now that you have the light stuff out of the way, what heartier side do you want?

You know what makes everything better and also far more unhealthy? Gravy! What kind is the best?

Is it cold outside? Better order one of these soups then! Which one sounds best?

Most restaurants are only serving up chicken but Cracker Barrel will give you a turkey fix. What do you want?

Sometimes a simple veggie side is all you need. If that's the case, which one of these do you think would hit the spot?

As everyone knows, the most delicious way to prepare food is to fry it. Which of these do you need Cracker Barrel to fry up for you?

Is it time for dessert already? May as well order something sweet, then. What's it going to be?

Are you a fan of apples? You can spice up your meal with apples a few ways. What sounds best?

It's pie time! Which of these pies sounds more delicious?

Everyone likes chocolate, probably. How do you want your fix?

Someone once said beans were the musical fruit. That aside, what kind of beans do you want most?

If you want a serious meal, you need a serious entree and nothing is more serious than steak. Which one is your favorite?

Is any food more versatile than a potato? How do you like yours prepared?

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