Make a Chipotle Order and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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Chipotle is a lot like Taco Bell would be if everyone cared a lot more about the food that was being made. There's a reason people consistently name Chipotle as their favorite Mexican restaurant, even if they make you pay for that extra guacamole. The food is just really tasty! And they have a pretty great variety to choose from when you're building that delicious Mexican feast for yourself. You can really customize your burrito into something uniquely you with all those toppings they make available. The real question is, just how unique can you make your order?

We all know food varies by region. The South is famous for its cuisine, New York-style pizza is vastly different than Chicago style and there are some places in America where ketchup on a hot dog will make people scowl at you. You may be surprised to learn that your Chipotle order can really express a lot about not just what you like to eat but where you're eating it. Different toppings and different combinations all paint a picture of who you are and where you're living. If you make a tasty Chipotle order for us right now, we'll wow you by guessing just what state you live in. Sound amazing? Take the quiz and see!

It's always good to start with an appetizer. How would you like your tortilla chips?

If you're hungry for a burrito, what's going to be filling it?

If you're in the market for something not too heavy, what might you order?

How do you like the rice on your burrito?

It's not really a burrito without beans. What do you want on yours?

Do you want some salsa on your burrito? Pick the best kind!

Maybe you need a little bit of dairy to cool that burrito down. What will you order?

Are you ordering any other toppings?

Not everyone wants a burrito. What else sounds like it could be a winner?

Chipotle is more than willing to pack on the extras. What do you need more of?

If you're in the mood for some crispy tacos, what's the order going to be?

What is it about Chipotle that you like the most?

What's better, a bowl or a burrito?

Here's the thing about a burrito: you don't technically need to have a single filling. What's the best combo?

If you feel like having a salad, then have a salad! Pick the best one.

What sounds like the best hack for ordering at Chipotle?

Chipotle has a pretty famous secret menu. What do you like the most?

If you're having a drink with your order, what are you going to get?

Is there something on the menu at Chipotle that you're not really a fan of?

Do you ever feel guilty asking for extra toppings at Chipotle?

Is there anything you shouldn't order too much of because it can ruin your burrito?

Does the fact that Chipotle no longer uses GMO ingredients make you want to eat there more?

Did you know that there's a Chipotle store? What would you buy?

What's the best time of day to hit up Chipotle?

You should always make use of fresh ingredients to add some vibrancy to your order. Pick the fresh option you like best.

With a name like Chipotle, you know they have to be using some peppers. Which pepper that you can find on the menu is tastiest?

Chipotle's recipes make use of a handful of spices. What flavor do you like the most?

How many tacos do you think you could pack away in one sitting?

If someone else is ordering your burrito for you, what's the one topping they must remember above all others?

If Chipotle isn't an option, where would you go to get some Mexican food?

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