Make a Chipotle Order and We'll Guess Which American State You Should Move To

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Every so often in life, you need to shake things up, even if it's difficult. And it is for a lot of us! Some people thrive on change and challenge. If every day is a new, exciting experience, then they're at their best. The rest of us work the exact opposite way. We like to establish a stable routine, and any change to that routine can cause a massive amount of stress and anxiety. We like to wake up at the same time every day, eat the same food, do the same work and sit in the same chair. We like our Chipotle order one way, and we know what state we're going to spend the rest of our lives in. Or so it seems. No one truly wants to get that stagnant and complacent. 

We need change. Even hard change. And sometimes the best way is to ease into a difficult one from an easy one. So with that in mind, let's start with some easy stuff. Make an order from Chipotle for us, and we'll use the info we gather about your choices to make a super big change for you by deciding which state you ought to move to. Look at it this way - new house and new lunch! Take the quiz and see.

So we just got to Chipotle and you're next in line. What do you want to order anyway?

Chipotle makes one heck of a burrito, but they're pretty massive. Think you could take down more than one?

Let's start building a burrito. What do you want in it?

Hold up a sec - you know you can double down on ingredients, right? What else goes in that burrito?

So once you have the basic ingredient of your burrito, you need to build on it. How do you like your beans?

Are you a fan of rice on your burrito?

Now you need it to get a little saucy, right? What'll you have?

Any extras getting slapped on that burrito before they wrap it up for you?

What about a side of chips? Sound like a plan?

That's a mostly healthy burrito. Keep it up by ordering some juice. Which would it be?

They say if you want more stuff, you should order it in a bowl instead of wrapped in a burrito; sound good?

If that massive burrito is more than you can commit to right now you could always order tacos. How many can you handle in one sitting?

The big choice you need to make when getting tacos is the taco shell. Soft or crunchy?

If you're a hardcore fan of the veggies, there are a few bowls you can order. Which one sounds the best?

There's a ton of stuff in your burrito but, aside from your protein, what's the "one" thing you need in there?

You can see literally every spice Chipotle uses right on their website. What's the most surprising one?

Of all the seasonings they use, which one adds the flavor you like the most?

Of course Chipotle uses all kinds of peppers - they're named after a pepper! What's your preferred pepper?

There's something about vibrant, fresh, green ingredients that can really make a meal pop. Which of these is your favorite green item?

Chipotle stopped using GMO ingredients a while ago. How do you feel about that?

We know what you want on a burrito but what do you absolutely not want on a burrito?

You know you want to hit up that Chipotle secret menu, right? What'll you have?

You can ask for more of literally any topping they have at Chipotle. The question is, do you feel OK asking for all that stuff?

So Chipotle used to have chorizo and now they don't, but sometimes it comes back! Do you want chorizo?

At the end of the day, a bowl and a burrito are exactly the same if you get a tortilla on the side of a bowl. Which do you prefer?

Let's go back to those tacos for a sec. If you order a three, how are you having them made?

If you're not lactose intolerant then you probably want some dairy products on there, right? What'll you have?

Chipotle is closed, oh no! Now, where will you get a burrito?

What do you wish they served at Chipotle that isn't actually on the menu?

So how come they don't sell dessert at Chipotle anyway?

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