Make a ’70s Rock Playlist and We'll Guess What Muscle Car You Are

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Let's get take a trip back in time together and make a '70s rock playlist that would carry you through any long road trip! From Black Sabbath to Bob Dylan, the '70s brought us rock like no other generation that came before or after. After we see how you put together a playlist that rocks the "Dark Side of the Moon," we'll let you know which muscle car you are at heart. 

While decades like the '60s and the '80s were musically inventive, the '70s had no shame about being as loud as possible. Bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones made their mark back then and their legacies are still the stuff of legend. No matter which iconic band you love the most, putting together a well-rounded playlist from the greatest rock decade will show us how your motor gets running and heads out on the highway in style. 

Whether you see yourself as more of a Chevelle or a GTO is something to keep in mind as you put your songs together in the order you see fit. When you've finished choosing your songs and artists, we'll compare your answers to the qualities of the finest muscle cars to hit the road! Will you end up being the one you think you are? 

Would you be a "simple kind of" human and add one of these Lynyrd Skynyrd songs?

Where would you place "Smoke on the Water" on your playlist?

Get on the "Magic Bus" and tell us which song by "The Who" you would add.

Would "Stairway to Heaven" get a slot on your playlist?

How many Aerosmith songs would your playlist have?

Do you know all the words to "The Boys are Back in Town"?

Led by Freddie Mercury's voice, which Queen song would get a special honor on your list?

Would you include "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas on your list?

Which song by The Doors lights your fire and goes on your list?

Pick a Pink Floyd song to go in the middle of your playlist.

Out of these '70s punk rock bands, which one makes your list?

Could you see yourself adding "My Sharona" by The Knack?

Which of these Elton John songs would turn you into a "Tiny Dancer"?

We have "more than a feeling" that you'll add a Boston song -- which one?

Would you add any Dire Straits songs and get your "money for nothing"?

Which Blondie song would you put near the end to "Rapture" your playlist?

Would you prefer to add "Brown Sugar" or "Beast of Burden"?

Which Mott the Hoople song gets placed in the middle of your playlist?

Choose a Steely Dan song to pick up the pace.

They were formed in 1967. Which Fleetwood Mac song gets played first?

Which of The Allman Brothers' songs makes your selection process?

Would you add more cowbell by including "Don't Fear the Reaper"?

Could you "take it easy," and add Foghat's "Slow Ride" on your list?

Which song by guitar god Eric Clapton gets put in a special place on your list?

Pick a song by The Eagles to go near the beginning.

Which Yes song would you go "Roundabout" to include?

Would you add any of these songs by Styx and let Dennis DeYoung's voice carry you away?

Which of these Black Sabbath songs would you choose just to hear Ozzy's voice?

Out of these Rod Stewart songs, which one is rock enough for your playlist?

Which prophetic Bob Dylan song would end your playlist?

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