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How much did you catch while watching this holiday classic? Test your holiday spirit (or lack thereof), with this quiz on the classic movie, Christmas With the Kranks!

What are the names of the two main characters?

Luther and Nora Krank are a married couple in the movie. Tim Allen plays Luther. He is also a start in the movie, Santa Clause and Santa Clause 2!


What is the name of the Kranks’ daughter?

Their daughter Blair leaves to Peru to serve a stint in the Peace Corps! This is the first Christmas she won’t be present.


Where does the movie take place?

The Krank's live in a suburb of Chicago. The weather starts to get really blustery as the film begins and shows Luther getting soaked with rain!


How does Luther first get the idea of skipping christmas?

Luther see’s an alluring poster in a travel agency window and pictures himself and Nora basking in the glow of the sun on a Caribbean cruise! Chicago weather currently being the complete opposite!


What is one of Luthers arguments in going on a cruise?

Luther calculates the couple spent $6,132 during the previous year's holiday season! He suggests they invest the money usually spent on decorations, gifts, and entertainment and treat themselves instead.


Where does their daughter, Blair leave to?

Blair leaves the sunday after thanksgiving for the jungle of Peru with the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps does not place any volunteers in the jungle regions of Peru, but rather just the coastal and highland areas!


Who is upset at Luther and Nora for skipping Christmas?

The neighborhood is known for elaborate Christmas decorations! It would be unfitting if one house was completely dark and dreary!


Vic Frohmeyer passes out a flier to neighbors. What is it for?

The flier is to advertise that this year the focus for the street will be on Frosty the snowman! This causes conflict when Luther refuses to give his Frosty up!


When Nora tries to leave the house, who grabs her car window?

When Nora is trying to leave her house and Vic grabs her window. She rolls it up to try to get rid of him. His fingers get stuck and Nora does not roll it back down. Vic ends up losing his gloves which are stuck in the window!


While Nora is tanning, something goes wrong and what ends up happening to her?

Nora bangs her head and gets a cut on her forehead. She asks the employee for a bandaid, and unfortunately runs into familiar faces!


In the beginning of the movie, what is Luther retrieving from the store for Nora?

Nora sends Luther out into the pouring rain to buy her some white chocolate! She snipes at her husband for not “asking the butcher where the white chocolate is?”, and her husband screams back that he is tired of getting wet.


What do the couple do to prepare for the Carribean Cruise?

The two go to a shopping mall to get a tan in some tanning bed booths. They run into a priest from Church they attend while half naked! Turns out, plenty of people were at the mall doing their christmas shopping.


What does the newspaper feature a picture of on the front page?

The newspaper gets into the act by publishing a front page story complete with a photograph of the unlit Krank house, Nora and Luther, and states that the Kranks' street has lost the prize and won sixth place because of how Luther and Nora refused to decorate their house! Ouch.


What procedure does Luther have done to his face?

Luther gets Botox injections and boy does it go wrong. He is left with a plastered grin that looks far from normal.


What do the neighbors bombard the Kranks about releasing?

The neighbors demand that the Kranks release their Frosty Statue since it is the theme that year for the Christmas decorations around the neighborhood!


Who is Enrique?

Blair announces she is in Miami with her Peruvian fiancé as a surprise for her parents! She's anxious to introduce Enrique to her family's holiday traditions, and when she asks if they're having their usual party that night, a panicked Nora says yes.


What event makes the Nora and Luther flip and change their plans on leaving?

They get a call from their daughter, Blair. Turns out she is making it home for Christmas! The two have less than 24 hours to prepare and get things in order!


What was the name of the cruise ship?

Luther Krank sees the advertisement of a Carnival Ship then books passage on what he refers as the luxury ship Jubilee. The Carnival Jubilee was one of Carnival's smaller "Holiday" class ships that first sailed in 1986!


Who does Blair bring home for Christmas?

Blair brings her boyfriend Enrique home to for Christmas. She promises him that they have a giant party every year and wants to show him how Americans celebrate Christmas to the max!


What Christmas Story was Nora Krank reading to the children at the hospital?

Nora has ties to the children at hospital and asks Luther if they can make a donation in the beginning of the film!


What happens while the cops are escorting Blair and her fiancé home?

They cops see something sketchy, and decide they must check it out! They end up catching a burglar and take him into custody!


When Nora drops the ham in the shopping center parking lot and the truck runs over it what does she scream?

“You can hear the theme song from "Halloween!” Ironically, Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the movie, Halloween!


When Luther and Nora go tanning what are they wearing?

In fact, the swimsuits the models are wearing in the advertisement for the cruise the Kranks are taking are the same ones Luther and Nora wear when they go tanning in the mall!


Who is the man said to be in charge of the neighborhood?

Luther and Nora don’t want to irritate Vic Frohmeyer. They try to avoid him as much as they can through the entire film!


What does Luther buy from the boy scouts at the end of the movie?

Luther denies buying a tree originally when he and Nora were to skip christmas. In the end once chaos ensues, Luther buys a tree. However, there is only one scraggly option left!


Who do Luther and Nora enlist to help them pull their party together last minute?

The Kranks enlist the help of their neighbors and friends to get everything they need for their giant party. They end up pulling it off too!


What does Luther give to his neighbors Walt and Bev as a Christmas gift?

Luther gives his neighbors the cruise tickets! Since he can no longer go (because of Blair) he does a good deed and gives the tickets to a neighbor who he knows is struggling.


What is Blair’s favorite Christmas dish?

Her mother Nora desperately fights for the ham in the store. When she leaves the store, she drops it and it rolls away. She chases it through the parking lot until a big semi runs it over!


What is the animal Luther agrees to watch for his neighbor?

Luther hates this cat, but agrees to watch it so his neighbors can go on the cruise he gave them tickets too! Seems like he had a change of heart.


Who brings ham to the party at the end of the movie?

Marty is the one who brings the ham but Luther is unfamiliar of who he is. Turns out Marty was the Santa Clause that was passing out umbrellas at the beginning of the movie!


What does daisy, the tan shop employee, tell Luther he looks like?

She tells him he looks like a corpse! However, Luther also notes the couples paleness as he refers to themselves as “a couple of uncooked chicken.”


Who picks Blair up from the airport?

Nora and Luther send two of the Policemen to go get Blair while they stay back in the chaos, attempting to get the party up to normal standards!


Who are the kids selling christmas trees?

The boy scouts sell christmas trees to the whole neighborhood, and this is the first year that Luther refuses! When he tells them he is skipping Christmas, one boy exclaims, “Isn’t that illegal?!”


There is a criminal in the back of the police car outside. Who lets him out?

Spike the boy scout lets the burglar out of the car to come inside and get some food for his “hungry kids.” The burglar made up a lie and starts stealing tons of stuff!


When the burglar escapes from the house, who stops him?

Not the real Santa (shhhh) but Marty, who is dressed as Santa, knocks the burglar out!


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