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Who is the main character?

Phil Miller is the main character although to avoid confusion he is nicknamed "Tandy"


How does the show portray Phil in the beginning?

Phil is the "last man on earth." It shows that he is alone living in Tucson after traveling around.


What is said to have happened to the rest of humanity?

A virus is said to be what wipes out all of humanity.


What year is it in the start of the show?

The year is mentioned to be 2022, 2 years after the virus wipes out humanity.


Where does the show begin to take place?

The show begins profiling Phil in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona.


What is one way Phil tries to cure his loneliness?

He takes a bunch of different sports balls and draws faces on them, making them his “buddies”


Who is the first person to be introduced to Phil?

Carol is the first person that Phil meets, he gains consciousness to her reviving him.


What does Carol insist that she and Phil do for civilization?

Carol wants phil to marry her so she can repopulate the earth with him.


After Marrying Carol, who is the newcomer to the show?

He tries to impress her by shaving her beard, but this makes Carol upset.


What does Phil try to convince Carol to let him do to Melissa?

He wants carol to let him impregnate Melissa, and tells her it is so they can repopulate the earth.


Phil is close to to getting to be with both Carol and Melissa when there is an arrival of a second man. Who?

Todd. Now that there is two men and two women, they each can have a partner.


Carol wants to move in with Phil at his house. How does she do this?

Carol brings a cow upstairs into her bedroom on purpose and it gets stuck. She lies and said it wandered up. Now she has no choice but to move out.


In episode 9, Phil is out shopping when he runs into two more women. What are their names?

He tell Erica and Gail that he is a widower and gets caught by Carol.


Phil gets a nickname by the group when another Phil presents himself. What is it?

The group decide to give Phil the name "Tandy" because he loses the challenge in fighting for it, and Tandy is his middle name, whereas the new Phil Miller doesn't have a middle name.


In the start of the show, Phil makes a billboard sign that says “_________”?

He changes it later to “Moved to Tampa" after wanting to keep female attention on himself.


When did the original Phil Miller meet the second Phil Miller?

The OG phil gets stuck while changing the sign (uh oh) and the new Phil rescues him. The new Phil is more favorable to the rest of the group.


During season 2, who shaves half of Tandy's entire head?

Mike Miller and Phil (tandy) get into lots of pranks, and he ends up shaving Phil's entire half of his head and body.


Name the famous actor that makes an appearance on the show before almost immediately being killed off?

Gail marries Gordon and then has a lot of trouble getting over the death.


The series switches scenes between those on earth and another man who is in _____?

There is an astronaut in space that thinks there is no one living on earth.


The man in space in reality is related to whom?

It is Tandy's brother whom is in Space. His name is Mike Miller. He falls down to Earth, into the ocean.


What kind of animal are Mike Miller's pets that keep him company in Space?

They slowly die off and this makes Mike very sad.


Where is the gang living throughout season 2?

Malibu was a nicer area for them to live in. They live in a mansion on the hill.


In the beginning of Season 2, Carol is trying to convince the gang to do what?

Let Tandy (phil) to welcomed back to the Malibu house because she thinks that Phil is the new and improved version of himself and that he has changed.


When Phil comes back after being said to be dead, how does he make sure the group listen to his apology?

He holds them at gunpoint. He believes they will then have no other choice but to listen. He is trying to apologize but is simultaneously screaming at them like a criminal.


The group decide to let him comeback on the condition that he be punished. What is the punishment?

Being locked up in old school stocks. Everyone ignores him there, they don't bring him water food clothes etc.


The cow comes back in season 2, and what does Melissa use it for?

The making of cheese! The ladies drink wine and cut into the cows bounty.


When Phil escapes from his punishment in the stocks and gets caught. What must he now wear?

The group wishes the collar stopped him from also speaking to them, as he rambles too much.


What event makes the group finally forgive him?

A large fire starts while he is in the punishment area wearing the collar. He must forge through shocks as he tries to put it out.


Todd is being sneaky and we see him slip into a garage in the middle of the night. What's in it??

Bacon! Todd has found a very large stash of bacon and plans on keeping it all to himself.


Melissa slices her finger while trying to open a can. Who volunteers to stitch it up?

“Dr.Gail" stitches Melissa up (even though it's clear she has been drinking heavily)


How does Phil liberate Todd from his addiction to the bacon?

Phil gifts it to the group. Phil Gifts the bacon to the group and wraps a bow around it, then signs Todd's name. (although there are only 3 packages left)


What is the very illogically way that Phil (tandy) gets rid of the garbage (and bacon wrappers)?

He brings it out to sea on a Jet Ski to dump it. It ends up washing to shore where the group finds it (uh oh)


Phil and Carol want to have a baby together but are having difficulties, who is to blame?

Phil is the one whom is infertile, not Carol. However, he doesn't let her know this and lies about it.


The 2nd oncoming Phil has a romantic relationship with Erica. How does the relationship progress?

Erica announces she is pregnant, right after (the new) Phil confesses his love for carol.


In vengeance with Mike shaving half of Tandy's head, how does Tandy seek revenge?

He tries to get him with poison-oak. Tandy keeps trying to sneak poison-oak into Mike's house, but gets caught.


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