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Test your knowledge about the TV show 'Defiance'

How many seasons is 'Defiance' on air?

It premiered on April 15, 2013 and is canceled on October 16, 2015.


The story begins in the year ______?

In 2046, the Earth has been radically transformed, causing changes in topography, the extinction of plant and animal species, and the emergence of new species.


Who lands on Earth in 2013 and is responsible for the changes to the planet?

The Votans consists of eight races with the Castithans being the race held highest in esteem and rank.


When the Ark fleet in orbit mysteriously explodes, it's referred to as what event?

During the Arkfall, destroyed Arks rained down on Earth and accidentally released Votan former technology.


The city of Defiance was once __________?

St. Louis is city developed along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which forms Missouri's border with Illinois.


The series follows _________?

Joshua Nolan was formerly a lieutenant who fought in the Earth Military Coalition as a member of "The Ninth" or "Defiant Few" after whom the Town is named.


Joshua's adopted Irathient daughter is _________?

Irisa is a member of an alien species known as “Irathients”, who is smart, independent and feisty.


Joshua is the ________ of Defiance?

As the town's Lawmaker he has two deputies and a small jail to house prisoners.


Who owns Defiance's mines?

Rafe is Defiance’s richest and most powerful human – the owner of the McCawley gulanite mines. His family has been in this territory for generations.


Rafe's daughter, Christie, falls in love with _________?

Alak Tarr is a Castithan, the town's DJ, and the son of Datak Tarr.


The Castithans are very open _________?

Castithans are liberal with sexuality. They frequent one another and the town's prostitutes.


Who is the Mayor of Defiance?

Amanda is the idealistic Mayor of Defiance who is committed to maintaining peace in a deadly new world.


Amanda's sister, Kenya, runs the _________?

The NeedWant is the town's bar and brothel.


The most common race of alien living on Earth is _____?

Irathients are the most common Votan race living on Earth, hailing from the planet Irath. Other races, including Humans, often view them as feral due to their tribal nature and love of the natural world.


Who plays Joshua Nolan?

Grant can be seen as Lord Montague in the TV series 'Still Star-Crossed' and as Connor Owens on reruns of 'Ugly Betty.'


When Datak goes to prison, who takes over his criminal organization?

Stahma is Datak's wife and is far more cunning and underhanded than he ever was.


Who is Stahma's lover?

Kenya is self-assured and dauntless, she has an unwavering devotion to the town that has inexorably woven her into many of its complicated affairs.


Who kills Kenya?

Stahma poisons and then buries Kenya at the order of her husband Datak.


_______ are a manufactured species?

The Indogenes tend to be slender, bald, with hexagonal-patterned skin of a solid color (most often pure white) who augment their bodies with a variety of cybernetic implants specifically designed for their chosen profession.


The doctor is an Indogene and her name is ________?

Meh appears to have held an important position as a scientist working for the Votan Military.


Who plays Irisa?

Stephanie can be seen as Sophie Hawthorne in 'American Gothic' and as Clara-Alice in 'Killjoys.'


Which of Rafe's three children are the first to die?

Luke leaves to meet with Ben in the woods but is betrayed and killed. Ben kills Luke to help keep his family safe.


Who does Irisa fall in love with?

Tommy is with Irisa until they have a fallout and he falls in love with Berlin.


Who is feared by humans and Votans alike?

Volge stand over eight feet tall and always wear armor, which sustains them on Earth because they cannot breathe oxygen.


How does Quentin McCawley, Rafe's other son, die?

He's shot in the head by Rahm Tak. Rahm is a ruthless and arrogant leader in the Votanis Collective.


What species would raid the Votan races every 76 years?

The Omec are a vampire-like race that preys on other sentient beings. Every 76 years their planet would come into range of the other Votan worlds and the Omec would raid them, collecting the other Votans to be used as slaves, sexual playthings and eventually food.


Who plays Amanda Rosewater?

Julie can be seen as Inspector Abby Dunn in 'Hawaii Five-0 ' and as Holly McCabe in 'Training Day.'


How does Nolan land the job as Defiance's Lawkeeper?

During a fight, the current Lawkeeper Garret, is accidentally shot and killed by one of Rafe's men. Nolan steps into his job.


Rafe's daughter, Christie, marries _______?

Alak is played by Jesse Rath who can be seen as Owen in '19-2' and as Timothy in 'No Tomorrow.'


Who plays Datak Tarr?

Tony can be seen as Connelly in 'Roots' and as Peter Boniface in 'Eat Local.'


Alak watches ________ kill his wife Christie?

Being held by the Votanis Collective, Stahma realized the only way to keep Luke safe was for Stahma to kill her daughter in-law, Alak watched his mother kill his wife.


Who plays Stahma Tarr?

Jaime can be seen playing H.G. Wells in 'Warehouse 13' and as Fiona in 'The Rapture.'


What protects Defiance from outside invaders?

Stasis nets are massive force fields capable of surrounding an entire settlement. They require an extraordinary amount of power to run, which is why most towns (like Defiance) opt to build a single barricade to block a primary choke point into their territory.


Who is involved in this conspiracy to force all the residents of Defiance from the city one way or another?

Nicolette Riordon or Nicky is the former mayor of Defiance and the one who appoints Amanda to the job. Mr. Birch is her co-conspirator.


Who has visions?

Irisa often has visions in her sleep of the past, present, and future. Nolan has always dismissed these as post-traumatic stress disorder, but they prove to be key in foiling a Hellbug attack on Defiance.


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