Is Your Sex Life Rated G, PG, PG-13, or R?

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It is impossible to think about subjects like obscenity without thinking of the Motion Picture Association of America, or MPAA. The MPAA was originally created as a sort of pro-film industry organization with a broad portfolio, but with all the hysteria about how certain material could poison American culture, it voluntarily instituted the Hays Code, which was replaced with the current rating system in the late 1960s. 

The movie rating system, which is both voluntary and actively participated in by all the major studios including Netflix, has dozens of very specific rules that decide how "mature" or "adult" material is, and thus, how it must be treated. The most common ratings, which are what we will deal with here, are G for General Audiences, PG for Parental Guidance Suggested, PG-13 for Parents Strongly Cautioned, and R for Restricted, at which point a parent or guardian is required to be present in case they need to explain the more "adult" material in the film.

There are rules that strictly govern this system, like if you say the F word once, you get a PG-13 rating, but say it twice, or once in reference to the act, and you get an instant R; however, as demonstrated with this very rule, there are exceptions. Where do the steamy scenes that make up your sex life sit? Take this quiz and find out.

How many partners have you had, lifetime?

How often do you have sex (with another person)?

Which of these is the most public place you've had sex?

How often do you take care of things for yourself?

How rough do you like it?

Have you ever has sex at your workplace, during business hours?

How many partners did you have by the time you graduated from college?

Have you ever gone past second base in a car?

What's your safe word?

Have you ever been with someone whose last name you didn't know?

What kind of outfit do you consider the height of sex appeal?

What smell turns you on the most?

How many crushes had you had but then completely gotten over by the time you graduated from high school?

Have you ever cheated?

How often do you find yourself reminiscing about sex you had recently?

What foodstuffs have you incorporated into your playtime?

How many blasphemous acts have you done with a partner or partners?

Have you ever been with someone your parents would not approve of?

Have you ever had sex in someone else's bed (who wasn't your partner)?

Have you ever kissed someone on a plane?

How many of your own taboos have you broken?

How dirty do you like to talk?

Are you a bit of a size "enthusiast"?

How embarrassed would you be if your top fetish was made known to your social peers?

What is the strangest roleplay you've done?

What is the most exotic place you've gone for a romantic weekend?

What body part do you fetishize the most?

What pet name do you have for your partner?

What is a good age to get married?

How embarrassed would you be if naughty photos of you were to leak?

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