Is Your Personality More Army or Air Force?

Teresa McGlothlin

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We already know that you "aim high" and that you are always striving to "be the best you can be." Why else would you be considering a career in the military? But before you go waking up at boot camp, you should know which branch of the service is the best fit for your personality. 

As we march in formation through this quiz, we are going to do our best to figure out how you think and what sort of things you would bring to the military's table. Once we assess your skills and your strengths, we will run your numbers against the things that each branch of the military demands from its new enlistees. Even if you've already made up your mind about the branch you think is right for you, it's always good to know where you stand against military standards. 

While serving in any arm of the service is an honorable thing to do, being in the branch you are naturally most suited to join will help you rise through the ranks even faster than you thought. Answer our questions with your oath to serve and to protect in mind, and we'll let you know if you would be a better soldier or a better airman -- which one will it be?

Would you prefer going to a military band concert or a Civil War reenactment?

Which military issued weapon would you feel most comfortable handling?

How would you rate your sense of self-discipline?

What kind of driver are you in rush hour traffic?

Which first responder job do you admire the most?

Would you have a problem being away from home for long periods of time?

Which branch of the military do you find most admirable?

How would you describe your marksmanship skills?

If you could drive a military vehicle around all day, which one would you choose?

Which military-related film could you watch over and over again?

How well do you think you would do at boot camp?

What type of MRE could you eat every day for a month?

Do you workout at least a few times a week?

How do you rate on the scale of tech savviness?

Are you a better leader or a better team player?

How many pushups could you drop and do?

Which of your personality traits makes you military material?

Have you taken any practice ASVAB tests?

Would you describe yourself as being calm under pressure?

If you were to lead a platoon, what sort of leader would you be?

Which famous veteran do you know the most about?

Which of these life skills is your strongest?

Do you know all the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner?"

How would your current boss describe your work?

How well-prepared are you for a widespread disaster?

Are you a heavy sleeper or are you always on guard?

How do you feel after watching the evening news?

What do you like most about the Marines?

Which country's military base would you like to find yourself stationed in?

Did you graduate at the top of your high school class?

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