Is your home haunted?

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Most people in the world have grown up hearing stories of restless spirits haunting homes. Have you ever heard strange noises in the night? Or, seen weird images in the corner of your eye? If you have, maybe your house is haunted. Take this quiz to find out.

Have you ever seen objects move by their self?

Have you ever seen mist in your house?

Do you hear strange noises you can't explain?

What is the strangest unexplained sound you've heard in your house?

Has anyone died peacefully in your house?

Has anyone ever been murdered in your house?

Do your cats or dog seem to follow something with their eyes when nothing is there.

Do people walk in your house and feel like someone is watching them?

Do your kids have invisible friends that seem very real?

Have you ever heard groans when no one is home?

Do you ever have night terrors?

Do scary movies remind you all too much of living in your home?

Does your home had cold drafts?

Do you have a lot of books about religion in your home?

Is your home located on top of an Indian burial ground?

Have you ever seen dark, unexplainable figures in your house?

Have animals ever refused to enter your home?

Have you ever heard dishes smashing on the kitchen floor, but when you investigate nothing is wrong?

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you while you sleep?

Have you ever seen someone in your house when it should have been empty?

Do you ever dream as if you are in someone else's body?

How old are you?

Have you ever seen dolls in your house wink or smile at night?

If you think your house is haunted what kind of ghost do you think it is?

Has someone ever knocked on your front door, but when answered no one is there?

Have you ever seen anyone staring up at your house in the middle of the night?

What's the strangest thing you've seen in your house.

Has anyone practiced the occult in your home?

When do you most often think your house is haunted?

Do you think your house is haunted?

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