Is Your Brain More Math or English?

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When it comes to your intelligence, you might have heard of the phrases, "left-brained" and "right-brained." These are used to describe how an individual thinks in their everyday life, as well as how they solve complex problems. If you think in a more logical type of way, then you're probably more left-brained. But if creativity is your specialty, then the right-brained path might be more suited for you.

These two parts of the brain can also be narrowed down to various types of school subjects. For example, left-brained people are typically better at math and science. For right-brained people, subjects like English and music might be of interest to them. So today, we're taking a closer look at two of these subjects that you're probably familiar with: English and math. While one subject is certainly not better or worse than other, it's important to understand how your brain thinks. With this type of insight, you can start to make better decisions in life and embark on career paths that you're naturally skilled at. Some of these career paths includes being a mathematician, accountant, English teacher or a screenwriter. For an in-depth understanding of how your brain works, take our intellectual quiz right now!

Which of these board games would you like to play on a Sunday night?

Would you describe your brain as more logical or creative?

Let's say that you're on a long road trip with some friends. What are you going to do to pass the time?

Pick one of these fun movies to watch with some friends!

Would it be more fun to work on a project by yourself or with some friends?

Using our 1-10 scale, how much of your intuition do you use when making decisions?

Which of these types of intelligence matches up with your personality?

When it comes to reading books, would you rather make a beeline for fiction or non-fiction genres?

Which is better: to learn from your own mistakes or from the mistakes of others?

Do you tend to remember a person's face or name more?

Choose one of these musical instruments that you would like to learn how to play!

What would be your role in a live theatrical performance?

Is it better to follow a daily schedule or just go with the flow of life?

Pick one of these fun classes to take to keep your brain sharp!

If you could travel back in time to talk to one of these historical figures, who would you choose?

Would you rather write a 10-page essay or solve 20 puzzles?

How quickly are you able to absorb new types of information?

Are you more of a leader or a follower when it comes to group projects?

Should we use the word "organized" to describe your personality?

Some people are emotionally intelligent, but are you one of those types of people?

Can you decipher what the following phrase means: "Hunger is the best pickle?"

Everyone remembers things in a certain type of way, but what type of memory do you have?

If you were going to write a short story, would a plot idea come to you very quickly?

Do you like to analyze movies after you're finished watching them?

When you're working on a productive task, do you prefer to listen to music or silence?

Which of these personality traits resonates with you the most?

Choose one of these fun hobbies to partake in on a Saturday afternoon!

Uh oh! You've got a big project that's due by tomorrow night! When are you going to start working on this?

What would you use to check what the current time is?

Does learning a new language sound like fun to you?

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