Is "The Lifestyle" Right For You?

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To a lot of people, the term "lifestyle" doesn't mean much more than the simple stuff about how you live your life. Your lifestyle is that of an affluent accountant. Or a grocery clerk. Or a poet! But to some people, the term "the lifestyle" denotes something very different. Essentially, it's the world of swingers and those sorts of open relationships that may include inviting extra people in or engaging in various dominant/submissive relationships. Often "the lifestyle" involves a local scene of like-minded people who may even get together for weekly or monthly gatherings. Some members of "the lifestyle" take this stuff very, very seriously. Some just want to do it for fun, and yet others are fairly new to the whole thing, so they're just testing the waters to see if they like it at all or not. 

If you've ever pondered "the lifestyle," you may not have been entirely sure if it's right for you. There are always going to be aspects that don't appeal to everyone, and then some that do. It may seem too involved or too confusing. After all, this all deals with an aspect of our lives, of society itself, that we're told to keep private all the time. How do you decide? Let us help! Take the quiz and see if "the lifestyle" is right for you.

Can you honestly say you could watch someone you deeply love passionately kiss another person and not be jealous?

How much time would you say you spend thinking about people you'd like to be with, aside from your current partner?

How important is the idea of monogamy to you?

Why do you think people get angry when they find out a partner has had an affair?

Most people won't be honest here. Is it more OK for you to look at people you're attracted to than for your partner to do it?

Is it possible to say you truly trust your partner and still be jealous?

Have you ever had a threesome before?

If your partner was talking to their ex online, how would you feel about that?

If you're out with your partner and someone hits on them, what would you do?

If someone told you they were going to a munch, would you know what that meant?

Do you know what it means to be collared?

Is a one-night stand something to be ashamed of?

Everyone likes the beach, right? How about a nude beach?

How many one-night stands would you say you've had in your life?

How many sexual partners have you had in your life anyway?

We have a bit of a habit of demonizing sexuality in our society. Ever used someone's sexuality to insult them?

How would you feel attending a party at which everyone had to remove their clothes at the door?

How often would you say you watch dirty movies online?

Do you think "50 Shades of Grey" was an accurate portrayal of that kind of relationship?

Do you know what a "unicorn" is?

Do you know what's expected if someone is holding an off-premise get together?

Have you ever watched another couple getting intimate in real life, as opposed to just on video?

In general, are you good at making friends when you meet new people?

If your partner wants to try something new are you going to be open to the idea whatever it is?

Would you ever send your partner a dirty text message while they were at work?

What do you think about bondage?

Do you know what "soft swinging" refers to?

Would you ever consider soft swinging? That is, having sex in a room with another couple but not swapping partners?

How much of an exhibitionist would you say you are?

Is it wrong to pay for sex?

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