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How many films are included in the Indiana Jones movie franchise?

A fifth film is currently being made.

What is the title of the very first Indiana Jones movie?

The film premiered in 1981.

Who directed the Indiana Jones movies?

Spielberg actually met his wife during the shoot of one of these films.

Who created the Indiana Jones film series?

Since The Walt Disney Company now owns Lucasfilm, they now own this series, too.

Who played Indiana Jones?

Harrison Ford was cast in this series due to his popularity in the Star Wars films.

What is Indiana Jones’ main profession?

Indy’s archeological pursuits often lead him to dangerous adventures, to his detriment.

Which group of evil military totalitarian conquerors Indiana Jones always runs into during his earlier adventures?

Since the first and third film in the franchise took place during the time of the World Wars, Indy always encounters Nazis who were key figures during these wars.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Nazis wanted to find what religious artifact?

In the film, it is believed that whoever possesses the Ark will become an eternal leader of the world.

In 1984, the second film in the series premiered. What is its title?

This film is actually a prequel of the first film, story-wise.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is largely set in which country?

The film revolves around Indy’s encounters with the Thuggee cult based in India.

What is the name of Indiana Jones’ child sidekick in The Temple of Doom?

Short Round is played by Ke Huy Quan.

Indiana Jones is trying to retrieve three of five fabled artifacts in Temple of Doom. What kind of artifacts are these?

The Sankara stones are believed to bring fortune and glory to those who possess them.

In which of the Indiana Jones films does the famous mine cart chase sequence take place?

In the film, Indy rescues enslaved children forced to work on mines.

What is the name of Indiana Jones’ love interest in Temple of Doom?

Her character's real name is actually Wilhelmina.

Indy’s Temple of Doom lover Willie works in Shanghai as what?

Indy encounters Willie during a botched encounter with a Chinese crime boss that takes place inside a nightclub.

The Temple of Doom character Willie Scott was played by which actress?

Kate and director Spielberg eventually married after meeting in this film shoot.

What is the title of the third film in the Indiana Jones series?

The film was released in 1989.

Who starred as the young Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade?

He also starred as Harrison Ford’s son in the film The Mosquito Coast.

Who starred as Indiana Jones’ father in The Last Crusade?

Sir Sean Connery was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2000.

In The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones’ father is revealed to be this kind of scholar.

The Last Crusade revolves around Indy’s own crusade to rescue his father after his dad’s botched mission to find the Holy Grail by himself.

Indiana Jones’ character trademark was given some backstory in The Last Crusade. What is this trademark?

In this film, it is shown how young Indiana Jones got the scar from the whip, how he encountered snakes, and how a robber gave him the hat.

In The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones comes face to face with this scary historical figure.

In an ironic scene, Hitler mistakes Indiana Jones as a seeker of his autograph, and the dictator signs his father's diary which the Nazis are actually looking for.

Indiana Jones’ quirky father Henry always carries this item.

In a pivotal scene, Indy Sr. actually uses the umbrella to scare off birds on a beach to fly and disturb a fighter plane pilot hot on the trails of Indy Jr.

In The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones uses the mythology about the Holy Grail to help his dad. What is the relic supposed to do?

Indy finds a Crusade knight guarding the Holy Grail, one who has been kept alive by it for 700 years.

The fourth film in the franchise, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, finds Indiana Jones battling with this kind of enemies.

Indy’s main nemesis in this film is a Soviet Colonel.

Indiana Jones’ main nemesis in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is Soviet Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko. Who portrayed her in the film?

Cate Blanchett won a Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

What is the name of Indiana Jones’ love interest in the first film?

Marion also appeared in the fourth film.

In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy is looking for the crystal skull artifact which is believed to come from this creature.

Indy’s Soviet nemesis believes the crystal skull has psychic powers.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones’ archaeologist nemesis Rene Belloq is from what country?

In the film, this French archaeologist is an avowed Nazi sympathizer.

But what is Indiana Jones’ academic-related profession?

Marshall College, where Indy teaches as an archaeology professor, is a fictional school named after film producer Frank Marshall.

In the fourth film in the series, it is revealed that Indiana Jones has a son. Who portrayed his son?

Indy’s son’s name is Mutt Williams, with his real name being Henry Jones III.

Indiana Jones’ son in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the son of which of Indy’s previous love interests?

In this fourth film, Indy and Marion eventually get married.

Which of the Indiana Jones films garnered the most number of Academy Award nominations?

Raiders of the Lost Ark received 9 Oscars nominations and won 5 of them.

Even though The Temple of Doom is largely set in India, the film’s story actually opens in this other Asian country.

The film opens with Indy’s adventures starting off in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Due partly to its now iconic opening theme, all of the Indiana Jones film garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score, except for this one.

Legendary film composer John Williams created the Indiana Jones theme.

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