If You Were in the NFL, Which Team Would Draft You?

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For all that is said about the game-changing talent that joins the league on draft day, or the wheeling and dealing that is done by clever team executives entrenched in their war rooms, there is another side of the NFL draft that we feel doesn't get enough attention: Draft day fashion.

Yes, we remember the great draft snubs and trades, but we also remember the ties and shirts. Think about LaDainian Tomlinson, drafted fifth overall in 2001 wearing a gray suit and impressively shiny gold shirt and tie. For a more modern example, you can go back to 2016, when the Dallas Cowboys' star running back Ezekiel Elliott was selected while wearing a crop-top shirt with a normal suit, a style he says gives him more comfort. Of course, some players don't even bother with a suit -- just check out the everyman button down and jeans rocked by Drew Bledsoe when he was drafted number one overall by the New England Patriots in 1993.

Fashion choices aren't everything, but as they say, the clothes make the man. If you can tell us about your personality in other ways relating to the game of football, we'll tell you which team is most likely to choose you to be the future of their squad. So throw on your best shimmering tie and embroidered tuxedo blazer -- you're almost ready to run with the big dogs.

The media is an increasingly large part of the game. How would you handle interactions with reporters?

Which of these NFL legends would you most want to learn under?

Teams are usually best known by the region they hail from. Which area of the U.S. did you grow up in?

Besides QB, which of these offensive positions is most important to winning?

Many players give back by donating their time and/or money to charity. Which causes would you support as an NFL athlete?

Every coaching staff has a slightly different style. What kind of head coach would you want to play under?

What's the best way for you to improve your skills on the gridiron?

Some teams grow a reputation for explosive offense, while others try to stifle their foes with powerful defense. Which kind of team do you prefer?

Do you think you would want to play for one team forever, or move around for better opportunities?

Athletes take some spectacular holidays. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Different players are involved in off-the-field issues almost every year. How would you stay out of trouble?

Football players have access to many other celebrities. Which of these famous people would you most want to meet?

There's been a lot of controversy about players skipping team workouts before the season. How do you want your squad to handle off-season activities?

NFL players are fixtures on TV commercials. What kind of ad would you be most likely to star in?

Who would you choose as your agent to represent you during negotiations with teams?

Some NFL owners are more hands-on than others. What kind of club owner would you most want to play under?

Everyone's work ethic and natural skills differ. What would be your attitude about practicing in the NFL?

Football is a tough sport to succeed in. What trait do you think makes the best NFL player?

If you weren't a famous football player, what other career would you want?

Athletes have interests outside of work, like normal people. What kind of hobbies would you pursue when not playing football?

Pro athletes have some seriously nice homes. What kind of house would you want to buy as an NFL player?

It's a Friday night and you are out of town for a road game. What are your evening plans?

Geographically speaking, what kind of city would you most want to live in?

What kind of outfits would you wear to media days and press conferences?

Would you be willing to sacrifice money and/or playing time to allow your team to succeed?

It takes a lot of exercise to stay in NFL shape. What kind of workouts are your favorite?

What would be your biggest weakness as an NFL player?

All good things come to an end. How would you announce your retirement from football?

Do you want to play on an NFL team that has won a lot of championships in the past?

What would be the greatest contribution you could make to an NFL team?

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