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Are you a real wild tiger in the bedroom or a timid and shy mouse? Do you blush when you receive a compliment, or do you demand attention when you walk in the room? From revealing clothes to lifestyle choices, we've got the perfect wild quiz for you, to find out how wild you really are. 

You may like a little hanky-panky now and then, or you may have sultry needs that are hard to fill every single day. Can your partner keep up with your dirty little deeds and keep you satisfied? Is romance your middle name, or would you rather have a little handcuff play? All of these answers may indicate you have a bit of a wild side deep down, maybe hidden from others. It's time to let loose and bring out the roaring tiger with this quiz.

Just as wild animals are born wild, some people have a real wild streak when it comes to love, sex and relationships. There is certainly nothing wrong with a bit of wild and wonderful adventure when it comes to being sexy and having fun with your lover. 

Take this quiz – let's expose your wildest side and see how animalistic your tendencies are when it comes to dating. Are you a certified wild child or a gentle sweet pea when it comes to romance? Have fun, take this quiz, and let's find out. 


All humans have a little bit of a wild side, like our animal relatives. What would be your closest spirit animal?

When out on the town, what is your favorite activity?

You are heading out on a first date. When choosing an outfit, what do you think of first?

You have to tell your date the truth: how many times have you been arrested?

You are on a hot date. What do you do if a car pulls out in front of you?

You just won the lottery, and you have an adventurous partner. What is your dream vacay location?

When trying to impress, which best describes your go-to style?

You just settled down with your dream partner. What style describes your dream house?

In the bedroom, which phrase best describes your ideal night?

What phrase best describes your friendship circle?

How many times did you sneak out of your house?

Everyone seems to be dying their hair wild colors! Of all the non-traditional hair colors, what color would you choose?

Your fairy godmother granted you one wish — If you could turn into any kind of animal for a day, what would you choose?

If you could soar like an eagle, where would you go?

Besides daydreaming, what is your least favorite pastime?

If you could move anywhere in the world and be the boss, what would be your dream job?

When you snuggle your lover and want to go to sleep, what would you like to count?

Who is number one on your speed dial?

In your downtime, when is the most peaceful time of day for you?

You are a master of disguise, but how well do you know yourself?

Let's talk language – which phrase best describes your mantra?

When you were a child, what was your nickname?

You've just broken up with your lover. What is your favorite comfort food to get you through?

Stargazing with your lover is certainly romantic. If you could be a planet, what name would you choose?

If you had a million bucks and your mother advised you to invest, where would you invest it?

If you go out to the hottest dance club in town, what is your dance of choice?

If you were a smoking hot country song, what would the title be?

Who is the​ ultimate sexy superhero that you want to date or be?

If you had soft fur all over your body, what would it look like?

When it comes to relationships, which quote best describes your outlook?

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