How Western are You?

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The Old West was a wild time, one in which a lot of us couldn't have survived. Then again, there is a fraction of us who would have thrived in that environment. What about you?

How do you look in a cowboy hat?

Which television actor is your favorite?

Ever read any Louis L'Amour?

How often do you wear jeans?

Which Clint Eastwood film is your favorite?

Which drink would you drink in a saloon?

What do you think of horses?

If you had to ride something in the Wild West, what would you ride?

What would be your job in the old west?

How comfortable are you with guns?

You and your friend just came across a bear, what do you do?

Who were you when you played cowboys and indians as a kid?

What kind of hamburgers do you like?

Have you ever mucked out a stall?

How often do you go camping?

When you do go camping, where do you sleep?

Have you ever stayed somewhere with no electricity?

Who would you be at a rodeo?

Do snakes scare you?

In what city would you choose to go on a vacation?

Where do you want to live?

Do you own cowboy boots?

How many flannel shirts do you own?

Does it turn you on when someone you are attracted to does physical work?

Have you ever had a manual labor job?

Do you use sunscreen?

How often do you eat meat?

If you could live for free in a one-room apartment in New York City would you?

How is your belt buckle game?

What kind of meat do you like best?

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