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Sure, everybody remembers the famous line, "We don't have to show you no stinking badges!" But how much else do you remember about this classic, starring Humphrey Bogart? Find out now with our quiz!

In which Mexican town does "Treasure" begin?

While not a major tourist destination, Tampico is known for its beautiful architecture. It sits on the northeast coast of Mexico.


When we first meet Fred Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart), what is he doing for a living?

His line is, "Can you stake a fellow American a meal?" When he asks a rich man this question for the third time in a day, the man gets frustrated, give him two pesos, and tells Dobbs never to bother him again.


Where does Dobbs meet Curtin?

Dobbs, at that point a genial, sane guy, offers Curtin a cigarette. They commiserate about how little paying work is to be found in Tampico, with Dobbs saying if he were a native, he'd set up a shoeshine stand and have it made.


What is the name of the flophouse where the two meet Howard, the old prospector?

The Oso Negro is a cheap place where men are handed their bedding over the counter and sleep dorm-style. "Oso Negro" translates to "Black Bear." (Bonus points if you knew "El Pollo del Mar," or "Chicken of the Sea," was the resort in Steve Martin's "L.A. Story."


What kind of work does McCormick have for Dobbs and Curtin?

It's hot, hard work. But it offers $8 a day, which is enough for many men, including Dobbs and Curtin.


After the oil-field work is done, what does McCormick do?

Fortunately, our heroes catch up with McCormick down the line. Well, it's not fortunate for the rich man -- Dobbs and Curtin beat him up and take their wages.


How do the three men fund their gold-prospecting expedition?

The lottery in Tampico isn't a "rich for the rest of your days" lottery -- the winnings are more like what we'd get from scratch-off cards. But the 200 pesos is enough that the three men can set out for the hills.


Which actor, later famous, played the Mexican boy who sells Dobbs a lottery ticket?

Yes, that Robert Blake. His long, successful career in Hollywood was permanently marred by the suspicion that he murdered his second wife, Bonnie Bakley. He was acquitted, but later lost a civil wrongful-death suit.


What two animals does Dobbs say Howard is a hybrid of?

The younger two are surprised that Howard can outpace both of them on the grueling trip up into the mountains. Dobbs calls Howard a "goat" because of the way he climbs, and a "camel" because he needs so little water.


What musical instrument does Howard play?

Howard was played by Walter Huston, the father of director John Huston. He won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the colorful, philosophical role.


What is a "norther"?

The wind kicks up fiercely, and Dobbs in particular complains about the storm. Yet, in classic Hollywood style, no one's hat blows off.


Who is in the mine during the cave-in?

The partial cave-in doesn't seriously injure Dobbs or hold up the mining operation. Its purpose is largely to illustrate what a good guy Curtin is, going in after him. Dobbs, in contrast, is becoming hostile and paranoid.


How much money would satisfy Curtin, according to him?

Again, we see the difference between Dobbs and Curtin. Dobbs wants at least $50,000, probably more.


What does Curtin want to do with his new wealth?

Curtin is nostalgic for his youth, when he worked on a peach harvest in the San Joaquin Valley. Howard wants to run a general store and read books for much of the day, while Dobbs isn't thinking any further than partying after he gets back to civilization.


When Curtin repays Dobbs his share of their initial stake, what does Dobbs do?

Dobbs has just said he'd be within his rights to demand a greater share of the gold, because his lottery win paid most of the expedition's expenses. But then he throws the gold dust away, saying that he was only objecting to Curtin calling him greedy.


How does James Cody learn about the men's prospecting camp?

Curtin went down to town for supplies. Wisely, he lied and told Cody he was a hunter, not a prospector. But Cody saw through that evasion and followed him.


Which is NOT one of James Cody's suggestions that the men do with him?

The men are justifiably angry that Cody has found their claim. Still, he's a pretty cool customer, suggesting outright that they could murder him rather than give up a share of the gold or let him report their claim to the authorities.


After the men decide to kill Cody, what stops them?

Cody seems to have a lot of luck. Just as the men are coming to shoot them, he points out the bandits. From there, the men have to work together to survive.


What do the bandits say they want to trade for Dobbs's rifle?

It's almost certainly a ruse, but Dobbs doesn't fall for it and comes out from behind his rock. Then Howard shoots the watch (mighty fine shooting, btw!) and the gunfight is on.


Who doesn't survive the bandits' attack?

"They got him right in the neck," Dobbs reports. Later, the men read a letter from Cody's wife, in which she expresses hope that he'll come back to her safely. Um, about that ...


What do Howard and Curtin want to do for Cody's widow?

The pair decide to help the widow and Cody's son financially, because Cody saved their lives by warning them about the bandits. Dobbs, true to form, isn't feeling the love.


What does Howard insist they do before leaving camp?

Howard says it's their duty to "close the wounds" they made, and an act of gratitude for the wealth "she" shared. Just a reminder to us modern folks: We didn't invent conservation!


What do the Indian villagers want from Howard?

The Indians appear unexpectedly, smoke tobacco with the three white men, and make their request. Howard explains how the Indians knew where Howard and company were by saying that they always "just know" these kind of things.


What is wrong with the little boy?

Howard's main therapeutic technique here is to raise and lower the boy's arms as if they are pump handles and the boy will spit up any water he's swallowed. The boy doesn't do that, yet he wakes up anyway. Why? It's a mystery to us.


Why is it essential that Howard go back to the Indian village for a time?

The Indians say if Howard doesn't come, the saints will be angry at the villagers for not repaying their debt. The situation leads to a brief armed standoff before Howard gives in.


What happens to Howard's gold dust when he goes to the village?

Not only does the gold go with Dobbs and Curtin, but they are charged with leading his burros, carrying all his gear. This is extra work, as Dobbs complains.


What happens to Curtin after Dobbs shoots him?

Surprisingly, for a guy who hit bandits in motion and from a distance, Dobbs only gives Curtin a flesh wound. This despite shooting at point-blank range.


Who confronts Dobbs at the watering hole?

Dobbs tries to deny being the man from the shootout, earlier, but they recognize and kill him. They might have killed him anyway -- it's kind of in their job description.


What do the bandits do with the gold dust?

It seems unusual that career criminals in gold-mining country can't recognize gold dust. However, that's what the film would have us believe.


When we next see the bandits, what are they doing?

Cody, earlier, explained how the federales deal with captured bandits. They have them dig graves, tell them when to stop, give them a last cigarillo, and shoot them. Frontier justice!


What does Howard do when he finds all the gold dust is gone?

Howard calls the misfortune fate's joke at their expense. After a moment, Curtin laughs with him.


What does Howard intend to do next?

The Indians might even make him their "legislature," as Howard puts it. At any rate, he's set for the rest of his life, and happy with his future.


What does Howard suggest that Curtin do?

Howard says meaningfully that it's the harvest season in the peach fields. The implication is that Curtin will stick around for the harvest, and in time maybe marry the widow Cody. (We love a happy ending!)


A woman plays which major role in the film?

To be fair, this male-centered picture of life in rough mining-and-oil territory was probably pretty true to life. Still, if there's ever a remake , they'll surely write a role for the A-list actresss du jour.


Who did director John Huston originally want to play Dobbs?

It might seem odd that Huston could have been up for Dobbs, then play the much older Howard. But delays in the making of the film -- mostly the intrusion of WWII -- made this switch possible.


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