How Well Read Are You?

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Reading is something you always have enjoyed, and sometimes it seems like you have done a lot of it, but where do you really stack up? How well read are you? Take this quiz and find out!

How many books do you read a month?

What do you call a book of fiction between 20 and 50 thousand words?

Do you think you read more than most people?

Which of these writers is known mostly for short stories, but just wrote his first novel?

How many books do you have lined up waiting to be read?

Which of these authors does not write transgressive fiction?

Do you often wish you had more money to spend on books?

Who wrote "How to Win Friends and Influence People?"

Do you ever blow off social engagements to stay home and read?

What is Beowulf?

Do you ever go to the beach without a book?

Have you ever reread a book more than once?

What book is Denis Johnson best known for?

Who wrote "Catch-22?"

Do you ever run out of room to put your books?

What true crime book released this year centers on the bizarre trial of a New York City police officer?

What book of poetry was Walt Whitman best known for?

Do you ever make obscure references about books that no one understands?

Have you ever picked up a book at the library and then sat down and read the whole thing?

Would you go out with someone that wasn't really into reading?

What is the name of the dog in "The Phantom Tollbooth?"

What name did Samuel Clemens right under?

Do you get happy when someone buys you a book for Christmas?

How long could you spend in a bookstore?

Have you ever stayed up all night reading?

Where does Stephen King live?

Which of these did Edgar Allen Poe write?

How often is the movie better than the book?

Ever want to be a librarian?

Which of these was a book by Raymond Chandler?

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