How Well Do You and Your Significant Other Communicate?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Some couples fight a lot, getting off on the drama, others simmer quietly, yet others talk it out - and often the same folks handle the good stuff the same way. How well are you and your boo communicating?

Do you know when they need to be on their own for a while?

Can you order for each other in restaurants and usually choose something they'll like?

Do you apologize easily to each other?

Do you avoid the tough conversations?

Do you have secret codes to use at parties to signal you're ready to leave and similar things?

Do you have a thousand in-jokes between you?

Can you make them laugh just by reminding them of that time you did that thing and it was hilarious?

Do you know what makes them tick in bed?

Do you laugh together at least once a day?

Do you barely even notice that weird mark on their hip any more?

When they talk in their sleep, do you know what to say to reassure them?

Do you often hold hands when you walk together?

How about walking perfectly in step?

Do you know it's them calling before you check the caller ID?

Do you have a host of nicknames for each other, each one sillier than the last?

Do you have their favorite Netflix show queued up and ready before they walk in the door?

If you're stressed out, are they the first person you talk to?

Do you feel like they can say it all with a hug sometimes?

Is their smile so infectious for you now that it's basically a happy yawn?

Do you know how to tell them their outfit sucks without upsetting them?

Would you give them notes on their screenplay and still be friends after?

If you saw they had left their email open, would you read it?

Do you know their passwords?

Do you trust them with your money?

Do they know which of your relatives you can't stand?

Better yet, do they hang with those relatives at family events, so you don't have to?

Do you two often make a mountain out of a molehill?

Have you had the same fight more than once?

Have you ever asked them to help you with a big goal like losing weight or gaining a new qualification?

If you wrote down five things you love about them, and vice versa, would you guess each other's answers correctly?

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