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You can't deny the power of the hot rod, from the sheer visual excitement of watching it perform, to the culture of the many people who love them. Like just about any other pursuit, the hot rod culture comes with its own unique way of communicating. If you've ever been to a car show (and we're not taking about the one that the major car manufacturers put on every year), then you've probably noticed that there are a few words and phrases that seem... well, different. If you want to fit in, you'd better learn them fast.

People who love hot rods probably don't go around spouting hot rod lingo in their daily lives, but the culture does demand that you know how to speak hot rod. So, if you understand the meaning of words such as "alky," "hot licks," and "mouse," then you might just be able to ace this quiz. We'll give you those ones for free: : alky refers to an alcohol based fuel, hot licks refers to the flames painted on the side of a car, and mouse refers to a small block Chevy engine.

Do you speak hot rod slang? Take this quiz to find out how much of the lingo you can identify.

What is a roll cage reffering to?

Made out of steel tubes, this is necessary on all hot rods that are racing to provide protection for the driver


Your friend tells you he is coming to show you his new roadster. What will he be showing you?

Roadsters are very popular in the hot rod community. These convertibles have seats for a driver and passenger and no side windows, just a front windshield.


What does it mean when hot rod parts are said to be repro?

Repro refers to reproduction parts for hot rods. Sometimes getting original parts for older cars is difficult and reproductions are used instead.


What does RPM stand for?

Know an engine's RPM is crucial, especially on a manual vehicle. Normally a gauge will be able to tell you how fast the engine is running.


In hot rod slang, what is an A-Bone?

The Ford Model A is a favorite of hot rodders. This was the predecessor of the Model T and came in four colors.


In the world of hot rods, what does it mean to dig out?

In hot rodding, if you dig out, you are hitting the accelerator pedal as hard as possible, causing your hot rod to accelerate at the fastest it can


Many hot rods have a NOS system. What is it?

A Nitrous Oxide system installed on a hot rod gives an instant increase in power when deployed. It only lasts for a few seconds, however.


What does a scoop on a hot rod refer to?

A scoop sits on the hot rod's bonnet where it forces air through an intake and into the engine .


Alky refers to what in hot rod slang?

Alky is hot rod slang for fuel used in racing. This is either methyl alcohol or methanol.


If someone spoke to you about baby moons at the local hot rod meet, what would they be talking about?

These small hubcaps only cover the center of the wheel. They are usually made out of chrome.


Boots commonly refer to?

In hot rodding, tires are often called boots.


If a hot rod aficionado mentioned the word hydro, what would they be speaking about?

Hydro refers to an automatic transmission and comes from the '50s term Hydromatic, the name of transmissions on General Motors cars in that decade.


A coupe refers to what when it comes to hot rod vehicles?

A popular form of hot rod, a couple only has a front seat


What does it mean if your hot rod is flamed?

Flame decals are extremely popular. When a hot rod if flamed, it will have these decals placed on the side running from the front of the vehicle to the back


What does it mean to make a Louie in your hot rod?

Making a Louie means you have turned left in your hot rod.


A Resto Rod refers to?

A Resto Rod is a normal looking hot rod but with mostly modern components under the hood.


Your hot rod buddy mentioned a new mouse motor he wants to buy. What is he talking about?

These small block Chevy engines were first manufactured in 1955.


Your friend tells you to sit in the rumble seat of his hot rod. Where should you sit?

This seat is in the back of a hot rod. It folds to take up less space and is usually uncovered.


In the world of hot rods, what is an Anglebox?

The Anglia was designed by Ford UK and over 1,5 million were built between 1939 and 1967. These are popular cars to turn into hot rods in Britain.


What are binders on a hot rod?

Brakes bind right and bring you to a stop. That's why hot rodders call them binders


What does it mean if your hot rod is chopped?

Only hot rods with a hard top can be chopped and the roof lowered for a more aggressive look


What is a drag strip in hot rodding?

A drag strip is a purpose built racetrack for hot rods to race on. It is normally a quarter-mile long.


What does a Hemi refer to in hot rod slang?

A Hemi is a high-performance motor made by Chrysler. It features hemispherical heads and is known for its incredible performance.


Push the loud pedal! What is it?

A loud pedal refers to the accelerator. Press it and the motor gets louder as the car goes faster


If a hot rod is running on rails, what is it?

A slang term to describe when a hot rod is driving and handling perfectly .


A Poncho hot rod is what famous American car brand?

In the world of hot rods, a Poncho is any form of Pontiac. The brand was founded in 1926 and named after an Native American chief.


What is a blower?

Mechanical driven superchargers are popular in the world of hot rods. They do not include turbochargers, however.


Your friend recently bought a grocery getter. What did he purchase?

Hot rods are not just about flying down the quarter-mile. They are for showing off as well and what a great way to do it on a trip to the store!


A B-400 hot rod refers to?

A B-400 refers to a two-door 1932 Ford sedan popular in hot rodding.


A Deuce is one of the most famous hot rods around. What make of car is it?

The 1932 Ford is one of the most sought after bodies to turn into a hot rod.


In the world of hot rods, what is a brain bucket?

In any form of racing, it is important to protect your head. Always wear a helmet.


A rat rod refers to?

Over the past decade, rat rods have become more popular in the world of hot rodding.


What does it mean to make a Roscoe in your hot rod?

Making a Roscoe means you have turned right in your hot rod.


What are the balonies on a hot rod?

There are many hot rod terms for tires, including balonies.


What is a flat head?

A flathead is a Ford V8 engine manufactured between 1932 and 1953 where the valves are located in the cylinder block


A banjo wheel refers to what part of your hot rod?

Banjo wheels are used to describe steering wheels that were on Ford vehicles in 1939.


A beast is?

Are there really ugly hot rods? Apparently so, and they are termed beasts!


Hides refer to what part of the hot rod?

In the world of hot rods, tires have many names. Hides is one.


A Bucket T is based on what vehicle?

A Ford Model T turned into a hot rod is fondly known as a Bucket T


If you had a rag top hot rod, what would it be?

A hot rod convertible is called a rag top


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