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Are you a mutant? When the X-Men film series hit the movie theaters, mutants were taken from comic books to the big screen. How well do you remember the film that started it all? Find out with this quiz!

Who is the first character to speak in the film?

Professor Xavier begins the film by talking about mutations and how cells have evolved. He runs a school for mutants and is in charge of the X-Men.


Where does the first scene in the film take place?

The film begins in Poland during Hitler's Nazi regime. The scene shows families being separated.


Which character is the first to be shown?

The first character revealed in the film is a young Magneto. They show him being forced away from his mother in Nazi Poland. He shows his powers for the first time by crushing a gate.


Who is the first X-Men to be shown in the film?

After the flashback showing Magneto, we are taken to the present day where Marie/Rogue almost kills her boyfriend by kissing him. She then gets scared and flees home.


In what country does Rogue meet Wolverine?

When Marie/Rogue leaves her house in Meridian, Mississippi, she hitchhikes to Alberta, Canada, where she sees Wolverine fighting in a cage.


Who gives Rogue her name?

When Marie introduces herself to Wolverine, she says her name is Rogue. When he asks her what kind of name that is, she counters by asking him about his name. He tells her his real name is Logan.


When Wolverine is being attacked by Sabertooth, who comes to his rescue?

When Magneto sends Sabertooth to hunt down mutants for their cause, Charles intervenes by sending Cyclops and Storm to rescue Wolverine and Rogue.


Who works as a doctor for Professor Xavier?

When Wolverine wakes up, he is being treated and worked on by Jean Grey, a doctor who is also a part of the X-Men.


Which X-Men is enhanced through an experiment?

When Jean Grey begins working on Logan, she discovers that although he was always a mutant, he has been physically changed through an experiment.


What kind of metal is Wolverine's body made up of?

When Wolverine is brought to the School For The Gifted, Jean Grey discovers that his body is made purely of adamantiumt.


What class is Charles teaching when Logan interrupts?

After Wolverine wakes up at the X-Men headquarters, he is being worked on by Jean Grey, before he flees and looks for a way out. He inadvertently finds his way into Professor X's physics class.


Which student has the ability to walk through walls?

When Logan interrupts Professor X's physics class, Kitty Pryde is the last person to leave the classroom. Rather than open the door, she walks straight through it.


Where is Professor Xavier's School For The Gifted located?

When Logan questions where he is, Professor X tells him that he is at his School For The Gifted, located in Westchester, New York.


Who has the ability to produce ice?

After John, who becomes Pyro, creates a ball of fire during class, Bobby puts it out with his mutant abilities. He will become "Ice Man."


Who kidnaps Senator Kelly?

When Senator Kelly goes on an airplane -- supposedly to a location with one of his advisers -- he turns into Mystique, another mutant working for Magneto.


Who does Wolverine inadvertently stab when waking up from a nightmare?

When Rogue tries to wake Wolverine up from his nightmare, he accidentally stabs her with his claws. In order to save her own life, she touches him and borrows his ability to heal.


Who convinces Rogue to leave the School For The Gifted?

After Rogue steals some of Wolverine's energy to heal herself, Mystique comes to the campus as Bobby and convinces her to leave.


What is the name of Professor X's device to find mutants?

When Rogue leaves the school, Professor Xavier goes into Cerebro and uses the machine to find out where she is.


Who helps Xavier create Cerebro?

When Wolverine asks Charles why he can't use Cerebro to located Magneto, Charles mentions that Magneto helped him create it.


For how long was the boy who Rogue kissed in a coma?

When Rogue runs away and Logan finds her on the train, she reveals that the first boy she kissed was in a coma for three weeks.


When Cyclops and Storm go to the train station to find Rogue, who knocks off Scott's glasses?

When Storm and Cyclops head to the train station to look for Rogue, they are thwarted by Sabertooth and Toad. The latter uses his tongue to whip off Scott's goggles so he can't see.


Which mutant is Magneto after?

When Magneto creates a device that can create mutants, he wants to use Rogue and her ability to absorb energy to power the machine.


What city does Magneto target?

After Magneto kidnaps Rogue, he plans to head to Liberty Island to turn all the most powerful world leaders into mutants so they'll stop persecuting them.


Whose real name is Ororo Munroe?

When Professor Xavier introduces Storm at the beginning of the film, he refers to her by her real name, Ororo Munroe.


In what location does Magneto set up shop?

When Magneto goes to Liberty Island, he sets up his experiment in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.


Who does Mystique take cover as at Liberty Island in order to trick Logan?

After taking the form of Logan to trick the the X-Men, Mystique later takes the form of Storm in order to trick him. He quickly figures it out and stabs her with his claws.


Who is responsible for Rogue's hair changing color?

While Rogue is being used to power up the machine, it causes the front of her hair to turn white.


What's the name of the lake to which Professor Xavier sends Logan?

Since Logan doesn't remember his past, Charles promises to help him piece it together. He sends Logan to Alkali Lake where there is an abandoned lab that might have the answers to who he is.


Which character does Mystique replace at the end of the film?

After the death of Senator Kelly, Mystique takes his form in order to say that he is now against the actions against mutants. Storm realizes it's her when her eyes accidentally glow yellow on TV.


What game is Rogue playing with Bobby at the end of the film?

When Logan prepares to leave the school in pursuit of his past, we see Rogue getting along with Bobby, and the duo playing foosball together.


What does Logan give to Rogue when he leaves for Alkali Lake?

When Rogue stops Logan and tells him she doesn't want him to go, he gives her his dog tags with the promise of returning for them.


Who is playing chess with Erik at the end of the film?

When Erik is imprisoned after his attempts in New York, we see Charles has visited him and the pair of old friends are playing chess together.


What is Magneto's prison made up of?

When visits Erik in prison, Magneto mentions that he is enclosed in a plastic-made cell. These precautions seem absolutely necessary!


In what year did "X-Men" come out?

The first installment of the "X-Men" film series premiered in 2000 with a star-studded cast.


Which of these actors did not star in X-Men?

The" X-Men" cast had -- and created -- many stars, including Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, Ian McKellan as Magneto, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Halle Berry as Storm, James Marsden as Cyclops, and Famke Janssen as Jean Grey.


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