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How well do you remember The Waltons? Have a slice of pie, hang back and just imagine sitting down at that large kitchen table to take a bite out of this quiz!

What was the name of the mountain where the Waltons lived?

A perfect name for a perfect show....just makes heading to the country and baking a pie seem like the perfect answer to traffic.


Did any girls on the show wear overalls?

Not every episode, but yes, at times the girls wore overalls.


In what US state was "The Waltons" set?

It's on the East coast and has beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


Do the Waltons have grandparents living in house with them?

Yes, they are key characters of the show. They are respected and admired by the entire family.


What are the grandparents' names?

Esther adores Zeb even though she acts cranky. They have been married a long time, rely on one another, and are best friends.


Who is called "old fool" on the show?

Esther affectionally called Zeb, her husband, this nickname.


Who was the grocery guy?

He ran the grocery store on the show.


Is everyone still alive from the show?

The grandparents (Will Geer and Ellen Corby), John, Sr. (Ralph Waite), the Baldwin sisters, (Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson), Ike Godfrey (Woodrow Parfrey) and others who weren't main characters, such as John Ritter and Henry Fonda .


How many kids were on the show?

There were four boys and three girls. Jim Bob's twin, Joseph, died at birth.


Who were the Baldwin Sisters?

They played sisters on the show who made "Papa's recipe." Their real names are Mary Jackson (Emily) and Helen Kleeb (Mamie).


Which of the following are the main male characters?

Two characters were named John; the dad and the son, John Boy. John boy had three younger brothers.


Which of these accurately list the main female characters?

These are the names of the Waltons' grandma, mom and three daughters


Which male Walton has a mole on his cheek?

John Boy is the main character of the show. He has a mole on his left cheek. He also wears glasses, and is often seen taking them on and off.


Which character's name is Reckless?

The Waltons' dog, Reckless, was a beloved family dog, a golden lab.


Which characters wore aprons more than anyone else on the show?

Olivia/Liv and Esther are often seen in aprons as women in the '30s and '40s often wore while caring for their homes and families.


Which Walton had a regular mustache?

Zeb/Zebulon was the hairiest of the group. He also provided some of the most humor on the show.


What book was the show based upon?

This was a fictional mountain, but based in rural Virginia.


What years was this show supposed to be set in?

The show was made in the 1970's (72-81), but depicted the mid-30s to mid-40s.


At the end of each show, what was shown?

The Walton house was busy during the day and night. Family members saying goodnight at the end of each show was a reminder that despite their hardships, the Waltons were a close-knit family.


What kind of business did the Waltons have?

During the Great Depression, there weren't a lot of ways to make money. The lumber mill was the answer for the Waltons, and the boys helped out as they grew up. John Boy, however, had other aspirations.


Who was Old Blue?

This was John Boy's pet. Granny Ketchum gave it to him.


Did anyone on the show own a car?

John Sr. wasn't the only one who owned a vehicle. His kids eventually drove cars, and the Baldwin sisters also had a vehicle.


Which religion do most of the Walton family practice?

Many Southern families were Baptist. the religion is deep rooted in the South. John Sr. didn't attend church, but Olivia and Esther did.


Did John Boy speak in his own voice as the moderator of the show?

Earl Hammer, Jr. wrote a book about the Waltons, which later became a TV miniseries.


Did grandma have a stroke in real life?

Ellen Corby, the actress who played Esther, was 87 when she passed away in real life.


What war was going on in real life while the Waltons aired?

The Waltons television show was a heart-warming distraction during this harsh time in US history.


What shows were the Waltons up against during the same timeslot?

"Mod Squad" and "Flip Wilson" were very popular. "The Waltons" wasn't expected to succeed.


Did Earl Hamner want to name the show "The Waltons?"

No, he wanted to name it "Spencer Mountain," but the producers wouldn't let him.


Which sister had somewhat of a scandal in real life after posing for a magazine?

Judy Norton-Taylor, the actress who played Mary Ellen on "The Waltons," created a real-life scandal after posing for a 1985 issue of Playboy to shed her pure image from the show.


Was the Waltons' house ever used for other shows?

The Waltons' house was not really in Virginia. It was on a set in Hollywood.


John Boy left his family to pursue what profession?

John Boy is often seen writing. He loved to to write in his diary, and the voice of the show's narrator, Earl Hamner, speaks what John Boy supposedly wrote in his diary.


Did Earl Hamner's dad want to give his wife a house like the one on "The Waltons?"

The name Waltons was supposed to be Spencer, but Earl Hamner had to change it. His real family were also redheads, but much larger boned.


What city and state did the real Waltons (Hamners) live in?

The Hamners lived in Virginia. The show was set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but shot on a movie set in Burbank, California.


Who was Godfrey's wife on the show?

Corabeth was a Walton cousin. She didn't call her husband by his first name, but insead called him Mr. Godfrey.


What actress was in "The Waltons" Christmas pilot movie?

Patricia Neal didn't want to be part of the regular series so, Michael Learned, an unknown actress, played her part as the matriarch of the family


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