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Nothing succeeds like success, as this spin-off of the wildly popular "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" proved! How knowledgeable are you about Angel, the brooding vampire with a soul? Find out now!

In which city was "Angel" set?

Los Angeles is a common location for television shows -- it's familiar to the writing staff, and exterior shots are easy to get. Of course, the show's creator, Joss Whedon, didn't cite those things as the basis for the show's location, but rather the city's noir feel and the play on "City of Angel(s)."


As a human, what nationality was Angel?

Flashbacks show Angel as a hard-drinking, fun-loving young man in his native Ireland. This is in stark contrast to the brooding he does for most of "Angel."


What was the name of the benevolent powers that helped Angel?

This might have been a bit of inside humor on the part of the writing staff. Top studio executives, who can demand changes in casting or storylines, are sometimes referred to as "the powers that be."


What line of work was Cordelia initially pursuing in Los Angeles?

Cordelia aspired to be an actress. Which is odd, as she was never seen as involved with drama activities on "Buffy."


What group is Angel's nemesis for most of the series?

The law firm was named for the three powerful demons behind it: the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart. Angel pushed one of their top clients out of a window to his fiery death (fiery because he was a vampire, and it was sunny out).


What was the slogan of Angel Investigations?

Angel kept his slogan pretty simple. We're not sure potential clients would want to think of themselves as "helpless," but it seems to have drummed up business.


Who played "rogue demon hunter" Wesley Wyndham-Price?

Fun fact: Though Wesley had a brief romantic attachment to Cordelia Chase on "Buffy" and a more serious one with Fred on "Angel," he married "Buffy" star Alyson Hannigan, who guested as Willow Rosenberg on "Angel" as well.


What was Wesley's previous job?

Once watcher to both Buffy and Faith, on the mother series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Wesley decided to become a lone demon hunter in L.A., once Buffy made it clear she wasn't taking orders from the Watcher's Council any more.


Who/what was Pylea?

Pylea was the friendly demon, Lorne's, home dimension. Humans there were referred to as "cows," reflecting their purpose as a food source.


Who became the "Princess of Pylea"?

Cordelia was first made a slave after being drawn into Pylea. But when her precognitive powers were recognized, Cordelia became Pylean royalty.


To what hotel did Angel Investigations move after their offices were destroyed?

The Ambassador Hotel, the site of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, was actually used for some exterior shots of the Hyperion. Long closed, it was razed in 2005.


Who played Winifred Burkle?

Joss Whedon is loyal to actors with whom he enjoys working, and Acker seems to be a particular favorite. When Whedon made a film of Shakespeare's, "Much Ado About Nothing," he cast Acker as Beatrice.


What did Angel learn at the end of Season Two?

When "Angel's" second season was ending, so was "Buffy's" fifth. In that series, Buffy had sacrificed herself for her younger sister, Dawn -- news so big it had to be referenced on the spinoff show.


Who was Connor?

Connor was Angel's son by his ex-lover, Darla. Although the character of Connor was created to give Angel emotional depth, the relationship was anything but smooth, as you'd expect on a show about demonic mayhem.


With which disease did Darla return to Earth?

Darla contracted syphilis as a human, but becoming a vampire arrested the disease (because, technically, she was dead). Becoming human again restarted the disease's progress.


Who "re-sired" Darla?

Juliet Landau's Drusilla was a welcome addition to any "Buffy" or "Spike" episode. In "Angel," she was brought onto the scene to make Darla a vampire again -- and keep her on the side of evil.


What did Gunn do before joining Angel Investigations?

Gunn led a gang of vampire hunters in the Los Angeles ghetto. His main objective, though, was to look out for his younger sister, Alonna.


Who stole the infant Connor from Angel?

Wesley was misled by Angel's enemy, Daniel Holtz. He read a prophecy claiming "The father will kill the son," and was worried for Connor's safety.


Why did Connor's age accelerate so quickly?

This is where Connor's relationship with Angel went wrong. In the hell dimension, a demon raised him to hate and fear Angel, which Connor did when he returned to Earth as a teenager.


What was Caritas?

Caritas was where Wolfram & Hart lawyers and their clients often spent time. It had a "neutral territory" policy, meaning all kinds of creatures were welcome, and no ambushes or aggressions were allowed there.


What color was Lorne's skin?

Lorne had green skin and little horns growing from his forehead. He loved the arts, especially music, so he made Caritas a karaoke bar.


Where did Darla and Drusilla kill a group of Wolfram & Hart lawyers?

The wine cellar was in the home of Holland Manners, one of Wolfram's top operatives. Darla and Drusilla were angry about being used by the law firm to corrupt Angel.


What was the name of the werewolf with a romantic yen for Angel?

Eventually, Nina and Angel consummated their relationship. Angel didn't lose his soul over it; this was the show's belated admission that there's more to true happiness than just good sex.


Which character was imprisoned in a box and sunk in the ocean?

It was Connor who did this, mistakenly believing his father was evil. It had something of a chilling effect on their relationship afterward.


Spike, from "Buffy," came to Los Angeles in what form?

Spike was killed in the final battle at the end of "Buffy," but death is never final on a supernatural show. He even regained a corporeal body, thanks to Wolfram & Hart.


Who killed the treacherous Professor Seidel?

It was due to the professor's machinations that Fred was sucked into Pylea. She wanted to kill him herself, but Gunn intervened, worried about the effect this would have on her soul.


What happened to Angel on the episode "Smile Time"?

"Smile TIme" is a children's show that drains the life force from children who watch it. Angel is "puppetized" when he investigates. The concept is reprised, hilariously, in a comic book featuring Spike and Lorne, who suffer the same (temporary) fate.


Which two characters vied for control of Wolfram & Hart in later seasons?

Lindsey and Lilah were both powerful and corrupt Wolfram & Hart lawyers. However, at times, each of them found themselves allied with Angel Investigations, for varying reasons.


Which of these characters masterminded Illyria's return to Earth?

Knox, the head of the science division at Wolfram & Hart, had a crush on Fred. Sadly, this made her his "ideal host" for Illyria, the demon he worships.


Which character was played by Mercedes McNab?

As the character of Cordelia matured and became more complex, the show needed a shallow comic-relief character. Enter Harmony Kendall, who became a vampire back in Sunnydale, but whose personality hadn't changed much.


Which character was in a coma for a long time?

Cordelia fell into a coma after giving birth to the reincarnation of Jasmine. She woke up (or seemed to) in "You're Welcome," a fifth-season episode that wrapped up her storyline.


Who killed Wolfram & Hart lawyer Lindsey McDonald?

This was the conclusion of Lorne's descent into a morally-conflicted character. He unwillingly told Angel he'd kill Lindsey, but after that would have nothing to do with Team Angel.


Who portrayed Connor?

Though we would have enjoyed seeing Dohring, from "Veronica Mars," take on this role, it was Kartheiser. He went on to play a key role on "Mad Men."


Who played Lorne?

Hallett played the kindly, music-loving Lorne, first known as just "the Host" at his club, Caritas. Hallett died of a heart condition in 2009.


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