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This was a disturbing, nasty, hard-to-watch film ... and yet one that's made many critics' "best" lists! How well do you remember this horror icon? Find out now with our quiz!

Where does "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" take place?

Yup, the title says it all! Which reminds us: While in the present day, "chainsaw" has become one word, in 1974 it was still two words, as reflected in the movie's title. However, it's common to see people spell it "chainsaw" in both referring to the original and the 2003 remake.


Who narrated the film's opening?

Larroquette, later to star on "Night Court," did the honors on both the 1974 and the 2003 films. He sonorously pronounced the film as being about a "an idyllic summer afternoon (that) became a nightmare."


What was the name of the movie's main character and survivor?

Laurie Strode, of course, is the survivor played by Jamie Lee Curtis in "Halloween." Laurie and Sally are two of the most famous "final girls" in all of horror film.


Who played Sally Hardesty?

Marilyn Burns also starred in Hooper's next effort, "Eaten Alive." Marilyn Chambers was famous for modeling on the Ivory Snow detergent box and then going into adult films.


What is the chain-saw-wielding villain of the movie named?

Leatherface was played by Gunnar Hansen in the first film. The actor characterized Leatherface as being under the control of the saner, more competent members of his family, especially his brother, the "Cook."


What kind of skin is Leatherface's mask made of?

This is one of the touches that came directly from Ed Gein's life. Gein made clothing out of skin from stolen bodies, and was reportedly trying to make a whole "woman suit" in order to better identify with his dead mother.


Including Sally, how many teenagers were out driving that day?

The movie's main cast is Sally Hardesty, her brother, Franklin, her friend, Pam, Pam's boyfriend, Kirk, and Sally's boyfriend, Jerry. Only Sally survived.


What differentiates Franklin Hardesty from the other teenagers?

Franklin is definitely not a genius. He was foolish and petulant -- and since he stayed in character between takes, a fellow actor didn't realize Paul Partain was a genuinely nice guy until much later.


What type of business do the young people drive past early on?

One interpretation of "TCM" is that it's a commentary on the morality of meat-eating. Leatherface treats humans the way humans treat cows, and it frankly looks pretty ugly.


Why do the young people go to the cemetery?

One of the deranged Sawyer family members has dug up graves and posed bodies in grotesque ways. At the graveyard, Sally gets out to check to see if her grandfather's was one of them.


"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" was loosely based on whose real-life crimes?

Ed Gein was a troubled man who lived in Wisconsin, who desecrated graves and the bodies he stole from them, and also confessed to murdering two women. Gein's crimes also inspired "Psycho" and "The Silence of the Lambs."


What kind of business does the Sawyer family run?

Some members of Leatherface's family used to work at the nearby slaughterhouse, but by the time of the film's events, they run a gas station. There's also some rather suspicious meat on offer in a barbecue case.


From what kind of book does Pam read?

Because it was the 1970s, one of the young people had to be interested in astrology. They were also required by law to pick up a hitchhiker (who turns out to be part of the murderous family).


For what does the Hitchhiker want to be paid?

The hitchhiker quickly starts to unsettle the kids with his behavior. He takes a picture of Franklin and demands money for it.


What does the Hitchhiker do when the kids won't pay him?

At this point, the kids get fed up and toss him out on the road. The Hitchhiker smears blood on their van, though -- as if putting a curse on them.


Where do the young people go after the gas station?

The "Cook" (Jim Siedow), warns them against going, saying that people who live in the area don't like strangers. This warning (which they ignore) goes with the name of the gas station, "Last Chance Gas." Get it?


What do Kirk and Pam find on the front porch of the neighbor's (Sawyer) house?

Kirk, in the way of all college-age boyfriends everywhere, uses the tooth to freak Pam out. Her anxiety will turn out to be well-deserved.


What is in the birdcage inside the house?

While looking for Kirk, Pam stumbles into a room full of bones and feathers. The finishing touch is the bizarre chicken in a birdcage.


Which character is the first to die?

Kirk's death is surprisingly quick. Just when it seems like the five young people are going to be wandering harmlessly around the Texas countryside for the entire movie, Leatherface appears with a hammer, hits Kirk on the head, and drags him out of sight. The whole thing takes less than 30 seconds.


Which of the characters is found still alive in a freezer?

Though all three of the guys die, you could argue that the girls have it worse in this movie, suffering extended periods of brutality. Pam is first hung from a meat hook, then placed alive in a freezer.


Which of the characters is actually killed by a chainsaw?

Sally and Franklin are still alive at nightfall, and looking for the other three. Leatherface ambushes them with his chainsaw, and Franklin, of course, cannot run.


Who in the family is meant to kill Sally?

The Sawyer family, despite being cannibals, display traditional family values here. They want their grandfather, though old and feeble, to make the kill.


Who directed "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"?

Hooper said he got the idea when walking through a crowded department store; he imagined cutting through the crowd with a chain saw. We're lucky he had an outlet in filmmaking!


How does the Hitchhiker die?

The movie ends on the open road near the Hardesty and Sawyer houses, with both the Hitchhiker and Leatherface chasing Sally. The Hitchhiker forgets an important childhood rule: Look both ways before crossing the street.


How does Leatherface die?

Leatherface doing his crazy, frustrated "chainsaw dance" at the end of the movie, in the first light of dawn, is one of the more famous scenes in all of horror film.


After Franklin is killed, where does Sally first go for help?

Like Kirk and Pam before her, Sally doesn't recognize the evil the house holds. It really would help if the Sayer house had glowing "evil eyes" windows like the house in "The Amityville Horror."


How many old people are in the upstairs bedroom?

The Sawyer family's Grandpa and Grandma are upstairs. They are so old that they look like preserved corpses.


Where does Sally go for help after the Sawyer house?

Bad idea, Sally. The Cook is still there, and promptly ties Sally up to take her back to the house ... for dinner!


With what does the Cook attack Sally?

The cook calms Sally at first, claiming that he'll help her. Of course, he has no intention of doing so.


Who else does the Cook meet up with on the way home?

The Hitchhiker has been out a long time -- he was desecrating graves in the cemetery before dawn, and got thrown out of the kids's van around midday. Fortunately, his older brother gives him a ride home.


How does the Cook die?

The only member of the Sawyer family to die is the Hitchhiker. When a sequel was greenlighted, the script had to provide him an equally crazy twin brother as an indirect way of resurrecting the character.


How does Sally escape Leatherface?

Sally escapes in the back of a pickup. She laughs hysterically in triumph at Leatherface as the truck speeds off.


What rating did Tobe Hooper want to get for "Massacre"?

Hooper actually thought because virtually no blood and gore was shown onscreen, he could get a PG rating. The MPAA originally gave it an X. (The "NC-17" rating didn't exist yet.)


Finish the tagline: "Who will survive and what _________."

This was the movie's famous tagline. It was coupled with an image of Pam on the meat hook.


In what decade was "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" released?

The movie was released in 1974. It was a time of "grindhouse" or "kitchen-sink" horror. Other brutally unsentimental horror offerings included Wes Craven's "The Last House on the Left" and "I Spit on Your Grave."


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