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The creator of 'Weeds' is ______?

Jenji is also the creator of 'Orange is the New Black' on Netflix.


What event forces Nancy to sell pot?

The sudden death of her husband sends this stay-at-home mom into a panic.


What fictional town does the show take place for the first three seasons?

Agrestic Township was a pseudo-gated community in southern California, very close to Los Angeles. However in 2007 it was merged into a new development, called Majestic.


What premium cable channel aired 'Weeds'?

Showtime, started in July 1, 1976, is the flagship service of the Showtime Networks subsidiary of CBS Corporation.


How many seasons did 'Weeds' air?

It ran from August 2005 to September 2012 for a total of 102 episodes.


Nancy's first husband is _______?

Judah designed rollercoasters for a living. He had a heart attack while jogging with his younger son.


Nancy adopts the alias ______ in season two?

Nancy takes on the alias Lacey for her new grow house.


Who is the DEA agent that discovers Nancy's business?

After Nancy finds out Peter is a DEA agent, she tries to break up with him. Peter confesses to already knowing she's a drug dealer.


Nancy marries _______ in Las Vegas?

They marry so that if she ever got caught he would not have to testify against her. Peter eventually is shot in the head and killed.


Nancy's oldest son is _____?

Silas is impetuous and impulsive, and has been sexually active since the beginning of the show.


Nancy's middle son is _______?

Shane is Highly intelligent and poorly socialized. He grows into more of a sociopath every year.


Who is Nancy's youngest son?

Esteban Reyes is Stevie Ray's father.


________ has been jealous of Nancy her whole life?

Jill is Nancy's older estranged sister. Jill is jealous f Nancy always gettkng what Nancy wants and living a life of excitement.


Who provides Nancy with an initial client base?

Doug is Nancy's fun-loving but irresponsible friend who is a heavy weed user.


Who is Nancy's crazy neighbor in Agrestic?

Celia is a self-centered woman who is obsessed with her personal image and alternatively manipulates or ignores those around her that do not fit neatly into that image.


Who slams Doug's penis in a desk drawer?

Dean is a lawyer who is Celia's husband/ex-husband and Doug's best friend. When he finds out that Doug and Celia had an affair he had his revenge with the desk drawer.


Celia is upset when she learns ______ is gay.

Isabelle is Celia's daughter. Isabelle frustrates her mom by living openly gay and her unwillingness to lose weight.


When Nancy first steps into the pot business, who is her supplier and eventual business partner?

Conrad is Nancy's first serious business associate. He has deep feelings for Nancy. When Agrestic burns down, she leaves him behind.


What is the strain of weed that Conrad developed and grows?

This abbreviation is used in colloquial English—instead of the whole phrase. It connotes a sexually attractive female, usually several years older than the person using the term.


Who is Nancy's brother-in-law?

Andy is a child disguised as an adult. After his brother's death, he moves in with Nancy to help with the kids and her business.


Who does Shane murder?

Shane overhears Pilar's overt threat to Nancy against Silas and Shane. Shane decides to be proactive and take out the threat.


Who is Nancy's third husband?

Esteban is the leader of the Tres Seis organized crime cartel, the Mayor of Tijuana Mexico, and the father of her third child, Stevie Ray Reyes.


Nancy provides the _______ information that leads to Esteban's conviction on a long list of criminal charges?

The FBI is the United States's intelligence and security service, which also serves as the nation's prime federal law enforcement agency.


Who plays Nancy Botwin?

Mary-Louise Parker can be seen in 'When We RIse' and in reruns as Amy Gardner in 'The West Wing.'


What does Nancy open in Agrestic as a front for her drug sales?

The bakery is stocked with Costco baked goods Nancy bakes pot-laced brownies in the back.


After her business and home burn down in Agrestic, Nancy moves everyone to ______?

The fictional town is near the Tijuana-San Diego border.


Nancy thinks her maternity store is a front for money laundering, but it's a front for an ___________?

The underground tunnel is for transporting marijuana, other controlled substances, as well as guns and women from Tijuana, Mexico.


Who plays Silas Botwin?

Hunter can be seen as Josh in 'Hand of God' and as Douglas Rhodes in 'Good Girls Revolt.'


Who raises Stevie Ray when Nancy goes to prision?

Jill is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh who can be seen in the revamped 'Twin Peaks.'


Who plays Shane Botwin?

Alexander Gould voiced Nemo in 'Finding Nemo' and as Passenger Carl in 'Finding Dory.'


After Ren Mar, Nancy and her family reside in ______?

Nancy's family stay with Nancy's former high school teacher Mr. Schiff with whom she had a sexual relationship from the age of 14.


Who plays Doug Wilson?

Kevin can be seen as King Adrian in 'Dumb Prince' and Ron Saxby in 'The Soul Man.'


Who plays Andy Botwin?

Justin can be seen as Gideon Reed in 'A.P.B.' and as Joseph Bucher in 'Manhattan.'


Who plays Celia Hodes?

Elizabeth Perkins can be seen as Queen Tuesday in 'Dumb Prince' and as Jane in 'Super Sex.'


The series ends with Nancy and the group sitting around reflecting on their lives and ________?

At the end, the Botwins are running several successful and legal marijuana businesses.


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