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Jim Rockford is a P.I. and an ex-con. How well do you remember his cases, his father, and his Pontiac? Discover interesting facts about one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

The Rockford Files aired originally on what network?

The National Broadcasting Company was started in 1926 as a radio network. They added broadcast television in 1939. Tho logo is a peacock with the rainbow of colors used in the tail.


The show originally aired from 1974 to when?

The show lasted six seasons. The pilot was originally called The Rockford Files but was renamed Backlash of the Hunter after the show went into syndication. The last regular episode, Paradise Cove, aired on January 10, 1980.


Rockford Files was created by Roy Huggins and who else?

Stephan was a writer, producer, novelist, and an occasional actor. He was the founder of Cannell Entertainment and the Cannell Studios. He had a very successful career, despite being dyslexic. He died September 2010.


Rockford is an ex-con turned what?

Rockford is a Private Investigator who has a P.I. license in CA. In California, a person must have experience/education, get fingerprinted, complete an application packet, and pass the P.I. exam. A person can be a P.I. with or without a licensed firearm.


'Rockford Files' takes place in what U.S. state?

California starts at Mexico and works its way up the coast for 900 miles. It's capital is Sacramento. The last census in 2014 has the population at 38.8 million.


In what year was a series reboot attempted, that never got off the ground?

The TV movie, which was supposed to lead to a reboot of the series, got horrible reviews. Dermot Mulroney played Rockford and Alan Tudyk played Sgt. Becker. The reboot got axed.


Who played Jim Rockford in the series?

James Garner started his onscreen career in 1956 with an unnamed credit in Warner Brothers Presents. He had a long career that ended in 2010, with his last credit being the voice of Shazam in DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection. James died in July 2014.


The Rockford Files grabbed the honor of being ranked in what position on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time?

The special aired on ABC in 2002. The creators of the show chose from regularly scheduled TV series, with TV movies and mini-series not eligible. The #1 series of all time, per this list, is Seinfeld.


In a dangerous situation, Jim prefers to do what, rather than use a gun?

Rockford is a fast talker. Spending time in prison helped him learn how to get into and out of trouble by watching what he says. Thankfully, this is a talent that usually serves him well throughout the series.


When Jim needs to use a gun, what kind does he carry?

The Detective Special is carried by plainclothes detectives. It is a short-barreled revolver introduced in 1927. It never sold well and was axed from the product line in 1995.


Jim lives where?

For Season One, his trailer is on the Pacific Coast Highway. Afterward, it's moved to a trailer park. The outside of the trailer always looks rundown and dingy, but the inside is nice and spacious.


Jim never takes a case that is still ________ with the police?

Rockford takes cold cases, missing person investigations, and insurance claims. He doesn't want any problems with the police, which is why he almost never touches an open case. Usually when he does touch an open case he has more problems with the police than he needs. It's a good thing he knows his way around an arrest.


What or who answers Jim's phone?

Jim's outgoing message is, "This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I'll get back to you." Each episode opens with a new message being played, having nothing to do with the episode at hand. Rockford tells his father that he has the answering machine payments down to $17.50/month.


What kind of car does Jim drive?

Starting in 1974, Rockford has a new car each season. Each car has the copper tint for the exterior and interior. Although the car is made to look like an Esprit, as it is a car that Rockford can afford, the car is actually the higher performance Formula model. This way the car will look inexpensive for Rockford but can pull off the stunts that James Garner needs to do.


His car's license plate is what?

In Season One the plate in some early episodes is a different number, 835 OKG. Later they reverse the number to be 853. In Garner's autobiography, he states that OKG is for Oklahoma Garner as he was born in Norman, OK. James had no idea what the numbers stood for or why they changed them around in Season One.


One of the ongoing elements in most of the episodes deals with Jim in his car doing what?

His turn is also known as a moonshiner's turn or a J-turn. It is an evasive turn used by the Secret Service. As the car travels straight in reverse going about 35 mph, the driver releases the gas petal, turns the steering wheel to the hard left, and pulls the parking break. This whips the front end of the car around fast so that it can take off traveling forward.


Jim Rockford's character influenced other TV detectives, most notably which?

Magnum P.I. starred Tom Selleck and aired from 1980 to 1988. Magnum didn't like to use weapons either and perfered to talk himself out of tioght spots. Tom Selleck made a couple of appearances on Rockford as P.I. Lance White.


Who is the one woman who broke Jim's heart and is the most difficult for him to get over?

They were set to be married when she took off. She shows up again three years later and asks for them to meet in their spot. The spot they used to meet is the Los Angeles Zoo. Claire made her first appearance in Season One and was played by Linda Evans.


What cop does Jim call when he needs a favor?

Sgt. Becker is played by Joe Santos. Joe started his onscreen career in 1963 as Onlooker Outside Apples' Apartment in the TV series Naked City. His long career lasted until 2015, with his final appearance as Isaac Sr. in Chronic. Joe died in March 2016.


What drink does Rockford usually order when he goes into a bar?

On the show the drink costs $.90. If he does not order a scotch, he orders a beer. If it is not a beer, he normally forgoes the drink completely.


What is Jim's usual fee for a case?

He has his usual fee. However, when he travels, he adjusts his fees to the local economy. If he has a wealthy client, he has been known to raise his fees.


James Garner did most of his own _________?

James insisted on performing most of his own stunts - especially those that involved car chases and fist fights. In 1979 doctors told him to take time off because of his many knee injuries and back trouble. He was also suffering from an ulcer. Because of his pain, James opted to take some time off. NBC canceled the show mid-season.


Jim's Rockford's dad, Rocky, is retired from what profession?

A truck driver usually drives a semi-truck, dump truck, or box truck. In the U.S., truck drivers cannot drive more than 11 hours in a 14-hour period. Also, drivers are required to have a CDL (Commerical Drivers License) with either an A class or a B class certification.


Who plays Rockford's father, Joseph "Rocky" Rockford?

Noah Beery, Jr., made his first onscreen appearance in 1920 as Andreas Mellaire in The Mutiny of the Elsinore. He had a long onscreen career, lasting through 1986. His last onscreen appearance was as Daryl Wilcox in 1986's Love Boat.


After Season One, Jim's trailer moves into what quiet community?

Paradise Cove is an actual trailer park in Malibu, CA. It boasts million-dollar mobile homes. People pay for the view and the beach, not the mobile homes. It's all about location. Celebrities have trailers there for the view and the security.


How many years did Jim spend in prison?

Rockford served time in California's San Quentin Prison. He was incarcerated due to a wrongful conviction. His cellmate was Angel Martin. Acquaintances from his prison time show up throughout the series.


What crime was Jim convicted of that sent him to prison?

Jim was convicted of armed robbery and then pardoned when new evidence came to light. He had to hire another attorney because there was a problem with his parole. Eventually, everything worked out in JIm's favor.


Where does Rockford hide his gun?

Rockford's cookie jar is the last place other people would look for the gun - or so he thinks. Jim told others that he doesn't eat cookies or sweets of any kind so it is an excellent place to hide his piece. However, he also keeps his Oreos in that cookie jar. The cookie jar is made of tin and is multi-colored.


What is Rockford's phone number?

The number is shown at the beginning of every episode. As a message is played from the answering machine, the camera stops on the phone. The number is clearly visible below the push button numbers.


What is Jim Rockford's full name?

Rockford also goes by "Jim/Jimmy/Jimbo." He only uses his full name for legal documents, such as bank accounts and lawsuits. james Garner is the star of The Rockford Files and is the only man to play the character throughout the original run and TV movies.


How many Rockford TV movies aired after the TV series went off the air?

The TV movies started in 1994, with The Rockford Files: I Still Love L.A. There's one in 1995, four in 1996, and one in 1997. The last one, in 1999, is called The Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads.


Who is Rockford's former cellmate?

Angel's given name is Evelyn. Angel is a con artist who cannot be trusted. No matter how many times he gets Jim into trouble, Rockford remains a loyal friend. Angel is played by Stuart Margolin.


During the series, it is revealed that Rockford earned a Silver Star in what war?

The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953. It started when North Korea invaded South Korea. The audience is told Rockford was with the 24th Infantry Division.


Rita Capkovic is a good friend. When Jim first meets Rita, what is her occupation?

Rita is also a police informant. She gives up prostitution and helps the police in order to become a hair stylist. A potential romance is hinted at in the series. Rita is played by Rita Moreno.


What is Rockford's favorite food?

Jim eats tacos whenever he can. He will even eat them for breakfast! If he's not relaxing and eating tacos, then he likes to fish and eat what he catches.


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