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This shocking 2013 movie introduced us to a world where for one night, all crime -- including murder --is legal. Could you survive 12 hours of total lawlessness? Test your Purge Night survival skills with our quiz!

What year was the first Purge? (Not the film release, the fictitious event).

The events of the film itself take place in 2022.


What is the name of the political group that established the Purge?

They apparently took over after an economic collapse.


Which service is not available during the Purge?

Really, no ambulance service? They don't even want people to get patched up?


Who is exempt from the Purge?

The public-service announcement says that government members with a "ranking of 10" are to be spared.


At what rate is unemployment in 2022?

How one night of violence a year results in near-full unemployment is not explained.


What is the name of the family in "The Purge"?

Writer-director James DeMonaco apparently wanted a plain, middle-American name.


What color are the flowers James Sandin puts out on the front lawn?

Sandin is seen driving home from work with them in the car.


What do the blue flowers symbolize?

The Sandins are go-along-and-get-along types, at first.


What line of work is James Sandin in?

Security systems are a booming business since the passage of the Purge.


What unusual toy does the Sandins' son Charlie have?

For good measure, the baby doll is charred by fire -- we're meant to wonder if the kid's got psychological issues.


What is the name of the Sandins' daughter?

She's the standard too-cool-for-school older sibling, sulking through a family dinner.


What are the hours of the Purge?

James Sandin locks down just minutes before seven.


When Charlie asks his parents why they don't kill anyone on Purge Night, what does James say?

James doesn't have it in himself to criticize the Purge, maybe because he's made so much money off it.


What is the Sandins' neighbor doing in his backyard?

It's an absurd image that Zoey and her boyfriend take as commonplace.


Why does Zoey's boyfriend say he's sneaked back into the house?

Actually, it's possible they have sex, too -- they're offscreen for some time.


Who raises the barrier so that the homeless man can get inside?

Wait -- did the Purgers chase the homeless guy all the way from the inner city? On foot?


What does Zoey's boyfriend do when he comes downstairs?

Sure, after her father's dead, Zoey will undoubtedly accept his marriage proposal. Right?


What's on television as Purge Night entertainment?

Shocking images from these feeds dominate the opening credits.


We never learn the name of the young man at the door. But what is he called in the final credits?

TBH, for a second we thought he might be Draco Malfoy.


What does the Polite Stranger say before demanding the surrender of the homeless man?

Eventually, he gets around to making his threat.


What specifically does the Polite Stranger say he and his friends will do, if the Sandins don't turn over the homeless man?

The Polite Stranger indicates that the security system is no obstacle for him and his millennialist Manson family.


How do the Polite Stranger and his friends know the homeless man is in the Sandins' house?

How the neighbors saw it, if they were having a Purge Party indoors, we really can't say.


Who is taken hostage by the homeless man?

Things would have gone a lot easier if the homeless guy and the Sandins had just introduced themselves and cooperated from the start.


Finish the expression: "Blessed be America, a nation ______."

The Polite Stranger says this shortly before getting shot to death.


How does James Sandin die?

The Polite Stranger and crew got into the house by ripping the security door down, using a truck.


Who, in turn, kills the Polite Stranger?

Zoey is thorough, putting at least five rounds in the guy.


Who enters the house and chases off the rest of the Purgers?

The Sandins' gratitude is going to be short-lived, as the neighbors have come to kill them.


Why do the Sandins' neighbors resent them?

Really, you think you can trust somebody ...


How does the homeless man distract the neighbors?

Who wouldn't be distracted by a half-burnt naked baby doll on wheels?


How does Mary thank the homeless man for saving their lives?

Well, she is in shock after the death of her husband ... but you'd think she'd make some sort of gesture.


What city, according to the closing credits, had the greatest Purge participation?

We wonder how they marked Purge Night in the Amish country.


How many people do we see committing nonviolent/property crimes in the film?

From the beginning, the film was committed to its legalized-murder concept.


For what acclaimed TV series is actress Lena Headey (Mary Sandin) better known?

If the neighbors knew that, they might not have messed with her.


Which actor anchored the two sequels?

Grillo seeks revenge for his son's death in "Anarchy," then turns good guy in "Election Day."


What were the subtitles of the two "Purge" sequels?

It's possible that more sequels are planned, given the series' success.


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