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This spooky period chiller has taken its place among critics' favorite haunted-house films! Everyone remembers the famous "I am your daughter!" scene, but how much else do you recall? Find out now!

Where is The Others set?

Jersey is located off the coast of Normandy (northern France); its relationship to Britain is complex. But English is the main language there, and they use pounds sterling for currency.


What is the name of Nicole Kidman's character?

Grace is a tightly-wound mother of two whose husband is absent. Yet, through all her problems, she maintains an exquisitely-controlled 1940s hairstyle of rolled-and-pinned curls.


What is Grace's nightmare, in the opening scene, about?

Grace wakes up screaming in the opening scene. By the end of the movie, we can guess what featured prominently in her nightmare.


What are the names of Grace's children?

Anne is keenly intelligent and not easily frightened. For this reason, she drives a lot of the action in the film, refusing to back down from her story of "intruders" in the house.


What religion do Grace and her children follow?

Grace is Catholic and tries hard to raise her children as true believers in the faith. They, however, are already starting to question Biblical teachings.


What are the names of the servants who arrive at the front door?

Bertha Mills is the children's new nanny, Mr. Tuttle is the gardener, and Lydia cleans house.


What is unusual about the three servants arriving at the front door?

Grace has already begun introducing the servants to the house and its routines when she finds her advertisement still in the mailbox. She asks Mrs. Mills for an explanation, and Mills says they were simply looking for work and took their chances.


Where is Grace's husband and the children's father?

Tuberculosis does play a role in the plot, but not here. Grace's husband went to the front, in France, and hasn't been heard from again.


The children have a condition that renders them intolerant to what?

The children are photosensitive. Grace explains that exposure to light will make their skin break out in blisters, then cause difficulty breathing and, eventually, even death.


What is Grace's one cardinal rule for the servants?

This keeps the children from accidentally entering a room with light in it. Grace explains that the house is "like a ship." That is, light must be kept out of its interior rooms the way water is kept out of a ship's interior compartments.


How many keys does the house require?

This makes Grace's number-one rule, about closing and locking all doors, fairly tedious to carry out. She entrusts only Mrs. Mills with the spare set of keys.


Grace's "four hells" are the regular hell, purgatory, children's limbo, and what else?

The regular hell is where the "damned go," Nicholas explains, and the bosom of Abraham is for "the just." It's a reference to a place where the righteous dead go to await Judgment Day.


What medical condition does Grace complain of?

In an early scene, Grace tells Mrs. Mills not to let the children "thump away" on the piano. It brings on the headaches, she says.


Which is NOT one of the things Anne doubts about the Bible?

Anne and Nicholas's youthful skepticism is a theme that runs through the movie; they challenge their mother's Bible teachings more than once. However, Mrs. Mills is unconcerned about Anne's beliefs.


What is the name of the little boy Anne sees around the house?

Anne is adamant that Victor is real. Grace, though, thinks she has a wild imagination, and tells Mrs. Mills she disapproves of her daughter's "fantasies."


Whom does Grace think is making noise upstairs and shaking the ceiling?

Grace tells Mrs. Mills to talk to Lydia about moving around more quietly. But when Grace sees the chandelier shaking, she gets quite a turn -- because both Mrs. Mills and Lydia are outside, visible through the window.


Of the four "intruders," which one does Anne see most often?

Anne draws all the figures for her mother and labels each figure with the number of times she's seen them. The old woman rates a 14, whereas Victor, the second-most-frequent, is only a 5.


What kind of pictures are in the book that Grace finds?

The kinds of photos Grace is looking at are commonly called mourning portraits. A death in the family wasn't just an occasion to take a last picture of the deceased; family portraits were taken, too, as everyone was assembled.


What is Tuttle keeping covered, in the yard?

Grace was told the property had a graveyard, but not where it was. The fact that Tuttle keeps it hidden is one of several things that makes the servants look sinister.


Who does Grace go out in the fog seeking?

Grace says that the rooms of the house need to be blessed. She's been convinced that there are "intruders" in the house.


Who does Grace encounter in the fog?

Charles appears in the woods. When Grace asks him where he's been all this time, he says he's been "out in the world" trying to find his way home.


What is Anne wearing during the "I am your daughter" scene?

Anne has begged to be able to wear her dress and veil a little while longer, after trying them on. Her mother relents, only to come back and see -- or think she sees -- the blind old lady staring through the thin veil.


When Charles leaves again, where does he say he is going?

Grace is confused, saying the war is over. But Charles insists the war is not over -- he's just come back to visit his wife and children, but cannot stay.


What causes both children to begin screaming one morning, late in the film?

Grace runs back to the house to help her children. However, when she confronts the servants about taking down the curtains, they're unconcerned and insolent.


When Anne climbs out the bedroom window, where does she say she is going?

Anne goes out to find Charles. Nicholas follows, mostly because he's afraid of being alone.


Whose name is on the tombstone Anne uncovers?

Mills, Tuttle and Lydia all died in a tuberculosis breakout. Tuttle has been keeping their graves covered in order not to scare the house's newer "residents."


How does Grace learn the servants are dead?

All three are in the same photo. In fact, in several of the portraits, children or younger adults are photographed in twos or threes. It's a reminder of the fragility of life back then, when communicable diseases swept through towns and families.


When Grace goes upstairs to talk to the intruders, what are they doing?

It's at this point the audience fully realizes that they're seeing a ghost story from the other side. When Grace pounds the table in anger, the table jumps -- inexplicably, from the living persons' point of view.


How did Grace kill her children?

Grace killed her children, then shot herself with the rifle. When she "woke" to hear the children apparently still alive, she says, she thought God was giving her a second chance.


When Nicholas asks if they're in limbo, what does Grace say?

Anne and Nicholas, from the beginning, question what their mother is teaching them about the Bible. By the end, Grace is questioning what she's been taught, too.


Who directed The Others?

Alejandro Amenabar directed The Others. Fun fact: During the production of The Others, Nicole Kidman was soon to be divorced from Tom Cruise. A short time later, Cruise would star in Vanilla Sky -- a remake of an Amenabar film, Abre Los Ojos.


What year was The Others released?

1990s horror -- or "millennial" horror -- was dominated by teen run-and-screams, especially Wes Craven's Scream and Final Destination. The rich period details of The Others was a refreshing change of pace.


Who played the daughter, Anne?

Mann also had a role in Girl with the Pearl Earring, but she's generally kept a low profile. Her role in The Others was hard to cast -- the filmmakers wanted a child actor with enough backbone to work across from Nicole Kidman's Grace.


What horror subgenre is The Others usually classed in?

Gothic horror often deals with haunted houses and/or troubled families, usually in the countryside. A rare example of urban Gothic horror is Rosemary's Baby.


Which short story is considered an inspiration for The Others?

The Turn of the Screw was a ghost story about a governess and the two children she oversees. It was written by Portrait of a Lady author Henry James.


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