How well do you remember the original True Grit, with John Wayne?

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John Wayne, bad guys, and a determined young girl make this a movie to last through the ages. Take the quiz and discover how well you remember the original True Grit!

When was the original True Grit released?

1969 was a pretty happening year. On January 20th, Richard Nixon was sworn in as the 37th president of the United States. On June 28th the Stonewall riot in New York City signaled the start of the gay rights movement. Finally, on July 20th, Armstrong and Aldrin Jr. took the first walk on the moon.

Why does Mattie's father, Frank Ross, ride to Texas?

Frank Ross says they will breed them for deer hunting. Mattie tells him to buy them cheap. She gives him $200 for the trip.

Where is Fort Smith located?

Fort Smith is on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. It was founded in 1817 as a military post. Although a settlement sprang up around the fort, the Army abandoned Fort Smith in 1824 and moved west to Fort Gibson. The military reestablished itself at Fort Smith during the Indian Removal and the Mexican War.

When Mattie and the ranch hand arrive in Fort Smith to claim her father's body, why is the town crowded?

The town is hanging three men at the courthouse. Events like this were considered social events that brought out entire families for a picnic and fun.

Who is responsible for Frank's death?

Tom Chaney is played by Jeff Corey. He started his onscreen career by playing a thug in I Am the Law in 1938. His last onscreen appearance before his death in 2002 was as Vernon Stanley in The District.

How much does the chicken and dumplings cost Mattie at the boarding house?

Mattie feels that the $.25 she pays for the meal is too much. The dumplings have too much flour and there's not enough chicken. The boarding house owner, Mrs. Floyd, is upset about Mattie's opinion of the food.

Who is the law officer that sits down for dinner at the boarding house?

La Boeuf is a Texas Ranger on the hunt for Chaney. He is condescending to Mattie. She doesn't feel very warm towards him either. By the end of the movie, their relationship isn't as rocky.

Where is Chaney?

The Indian Territory was an evolving land area set by the U.S. government for the relocation of Native Americans, The Indians ceded the land they occupied in exchange for land grants in an area the government set aside from the Lousiana Purchase in connection with Napoleonic France.

Who is the meanest U.S. Marshall?

Mattie likes Rooster because not only is he the meanest U.S. Marshall, but also he has true grit. She is a determined girl who will stop at nothing to get Rooster to work for her. Rooster makes it tough for Mattie to tag along on the hunt.

How much of a reward will Mattie give Rooster when he brings Chaney in?

Mattie tells him that she'll give him the $50 reward once Chaney is brought back to Fort Smith and hung. Rooster raises the fee to $100. Mattie negotiates with the stable owner over the horses her father bought and manages to get enough money to pay Rooster his $100.

What is Chaney's real name?

Chaney's real name is Therin Chilnsford. La Boeuf is looking for him. He saw Mattie's mother just the day before. La Boeuf gives Mattie a picture and she says it's Chaney but without the black mark on his face. He shot and killed a State Senator named Bibbs in Waco, Texas.

What is Rooster's nickname for Mattie?

Baby Sister is an endearing nickname as Rooster looks at her as his baby sister. He treats her harshly, but the nickname shows that he truly does care for her. His tough guy act towards her is only a smoke screen.

Who is Chaney riding with?

Lucky Ned Pepper takes Chaney into the fold as he's the biggest bad guy in Indian Territory. Lucky Ned stays lucky because other bad guys take the bullets meant for him. When Rooster and La Boeuf lie in wait at a cabin for Ned to show up with Chaney, Ned escapes the flying bullets and Chaney is nowhere to be found.

Who plays Mattie Ross?

Kim started her onscreen career in 1963 by playing a teenager in Bye Bye Birdie. She had a variety of parts from the 1960s until 2007. After a seven-year break, she played Stacia Clairborne in Perception.

What is Rooster Cogburn's favorite food that he brings along on the hunt?

Rooster's Corn Dodgers were "balls of hot water cornbread," according to the book's author. In the movie, Mattie complains how much salt is in each one. Rooster says Chen Lee packs enough Corn Dodgers to supply dozens of U.S. Marshalls.

The movie True Grit is based on what book?

True Grit is a novel written by Charles Portis that was first published as a serial in the 1968 Saturday Evening Post. The story is considered by many critics to be one of the great American novels. It was published in book form by Simon & Schuster in 1968.

Rooster wounds whose leg with a bullet?

Moon is played by Dennis Hopper. Dennis had an amazing onscreen career spanning fifty years. He was first cast in the 1954 TV series 'Cavalcade of America.' His last onscreen appearance was as Lucas Renard in 'The Other Side of the Wind. Dennis died in May 2010.

Rooster's family includes who?

Rooster says that the cat, General Price, doesn't belong to him, because no cat belongs to a human. But Rooster depends on the cat. Chen Lee is played by H.W. Gim, who appeared in a variety of movies starting in 1938. He died March 1973.

Rooster Cogburn is played by what actor?

John Wayne started his onscreen career by playing a Yale football player in the 1926 film, Brown of Harvard. His last onscreen role was as J.B. Books in the 1976 film, The Shootist. John Wayne died in June 1979.

Rooster, Mattie, and La Boeuf ride into what town after they take care of Moon and Quincy?

McAlester has a law keeper, an Indian who is a barber and a doctor, plus Mr. & Mrs. McAlester. The travelers drop off the dead to be buried and their horses to be sold. Rooster tries to leave Mattie behind, but she's too smart for him.

Rooster loves to drink what?

Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grains. These grains include corn, barley, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged in wooden casks, usually made of charred white oak.

Who shoots Chaney?

Mattie Ross shoots him down by the river. He gets a busted rib. Chaney attacks Mattie and slaps her to the ground. Chaney grabs her and makes her go with him and Ned Pepper.

What does Ned Pepper want in return for Mattie?

The deal is to give Pepper and crew a six-hour lead before Rooster goes after them. Pepper makes Chaney stay behind with Mattie because he's the one who lost a horse. Pepper tells Chaney not to harm Mattie.

Rooster goes after four men, guns firing, when Ned Pepper calls him what?

Pepper shoots Rooster's horse. Rooster is stuck under the horse as Pepper, who is injured, approaches him. Before Ned can kill Rooster, La Boeuf kills him.

When Mattie shoots Chaney for the second time, the gun's recoil sends her where?

Chaney crawls over to the opening of the pit with snakes. Rooster startles him and shoots Chaney dead. Chaney falls into the pit. A snake is moving towards Mattie and she cannot move because she's stuck and her arm is broken. Rooster kills the snake, but not before it bites Mattie. La Boeuf pulls them both up and then dies.

Who plays La Boeuf?

Glen Campbell graced the music stage as well as onscreen during his years as a performer. His first onscreen performance was as a band member in the 1965 film, Baby the Rain Must Fall. His last onscreen role s an actor was as Jesse Dalton in the 1997 TV series, Players. In 2014 he moved into an Alzheimer's facility.

What nickname did Mattie's family give her?

Mattie is fantastic with money. She is the one who gives her father enough money for his trip. Mattie appears more mature than her mother and she has a head for business. Mattie stands up for herself and knows how to negotiate.

Who is the lawyer that Mattie boasts about to get her way?

J. Noble Daggett is played by John Fiedler. John started his onscreen career by playing Alfie Higgins in the TV series Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Although he played in dozens of onscreen performances, he is more known for playing the voice of Piglet in the Winnie the Pooh films. John died in June 2005.

Why does Mattie pay Rooster an extra $200?

Mattie is bitten by a snake. Rooster pulls her out of the pit. After Blackie the horse collapses, Rooster carries her to the doctor. Had Rooster not been so determined to get her to a doctor, she would have died.

Mattie tells Rooster that she wants him to be buried where?

Mattie tells Rooster that since he has no family, he should be buried with people who care for him. To the right of Mattie's father is where her mother will be buried, with Mattie to the left of her father and Rooster next to her. Rooster and Mattie both agree that it will hopefully be a long time before anyone else is buried in that cemetery.

Who plays Ned Pepper?

Robert has had a long onscreen career, starting with playing an MP in the 1956 film Somebody Up There Likes Me. He played Tom Hagen in the Godfather films. He can currently be seen as Bolton in the film In Dubious Battle.

Why does Chaney kill Frank Ross?

Chaney wants justice for the card games he lost. He thinks that the men in the saloon were cheating him. Frank tries to stop him from going in and using a gun while drunk. Chaney gets away from Frank, shoots him dead, and steals his money.

What does Mattie give Rooster before he takes off?

It's a Colt Dragoon Revolver, a .44 caliber revolver designed by Samuel Colt. Members of the Army's Dragoon Regiments used the gun. The gun was designed to address the problems people faced with the Walker Colt.

The Ross farm is located in what county?

Yell County is in Arkansas. The Ross farm has 480 acres of good bottom land in Yell. The county has two county seats in Dardanelle and Danville, with a county population of approximately 23,000.

The remake of True Grit was released in what year?

In this version Rooster is played by Jeff Bridges and Mattie is played by Hailee Steinfeld. Matt Damon plays LaBoeuf and Josh Brolin plays Tom Chaney. Ned Pepper is played by Barry Pepper.

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