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This entry into the demons-and-possession subgenre was based on the real-life exploits of an NYPD sergeant. How well do you remember this 2013 chiller? Find out now with our quiz!

Where does "Deliver Us From Evil" open?

The movie opens on a nighttime patrol by several U.S. soliders in the Diyala province. They enter a cave, and supernatural mayhem follows.


How many Marines go into the cave?

The men are Jimmy Tratner, Mick Santino, and their leader, Lt. David Griggs. We'll be seeing all of them back in New York, in the "present" day (2013).


Which of the men was the videographer?

Fortunately, the found-footage craze in horror movies is over. But the opening of "Deliver Us from Evil" does use choppy, disorienting video from Tratner's camera to provide the movie with a memorable opening.


What animal do they find in the cave in large numbers?

When the three Marines go into the cave, they find an odd inscription on a wall. Then they're beset by thousands of bats.


What is NYPD Sgt. Sarchie's first name?

Ralph Sarchie is a real guy, a former NYPD sergeant who became a demonologist. The movie is based on his 2001 memoir, "Beware the Night."


Who is Sarchie giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to when we first see him?

The baby is already dead. The EMTs have to persuade Sarchie to cease his rescue-breathing efforts and step back.


Who played Ralph Sarchie?

Mark Wahlberg was the first choice to play the role, but turned it down. Australian Eric Bana got the part instead.


Sarchie has intuitions when a call is going to be interesting or eventful. What does his partner call this?

Butler says that Sarchie has "radar," possibly developed during his service in the Iraq war. Later, Father Mendoza will call it something else.


After the dead-baby call, where are Sarchie and Butler sent?

Sarchie and Butler investigate a domestic disturbance. The Bronx Zoo incident came just after that.


At whose apartment does the wife-beating incident happen?

Sarchie ends up arresting former Marine Tratner. (Note: While Father Mendoza is unconventional, if he were *married*, we'd know the Church was getting shockingly sloppy in overseeing priests!)


Who played Sarchie's partner, Butler?

McHale was the writre/presenter on "The Soup" and still does stand-up comedy. The role of a NYPD officer was definitely casting against type.


What happened at the Bronx Zoo?

Jane Crenna abruptly threw her 2-year-old into a moat surrounding the lions's enclosure. He wasn't killed, but was hurt, and Jane disappeared in the mayhem that followed.


Who else was in the Bronx Zoo that evening?

Santino is a painter who is working in the lions's enclosure. The lions, of course, are shut out of it -- until Sarchie enters, when they perilously re-appear.


Who let the lions into the enclosure with Sarchie?

Not only that, but Santino appears to speak to the lions as he lets him in. He shows no fear of them, and they don't try to hurt him. Hmmm ....


When Sarchie finds Jane, she is repeatedly quoting lyrics by which rock group?

There are several reference to The Doors in "Deliver Us from Evil." It all stems from the movie's central idea -- that the three Marines have opened a door to Hell.


Who is the father of Jane Crenna's son?

Though we've seen Jimmy Tratner and Mick Santino by this point, as well as Griggs's girlfriend, Jane, we haven't seen Griggs since the prologue. (There's a reason for that).


Where does Sarchie meet Father Mendoza?

Though Jane Crenna is about to be taken to a mental hospital, Sarchie and Mendoza meet at the precinct. The priest is there to speak with Jane, whom he believes is not responsible for what she did at the zoo.


What do Sarchie and Butler find in the basement of an apparently haunted home?

Griggs and Santino were painting the basement. This was their line of work since returning from Iraq.


How did Griggs die?

Sarchie says there is no sign that Griggs was forced to do this. Yet Santino apparently watched and did nothing to stop him. Nice!


Why did Jane say she went to the zoo to see Santino?

From this one-word answer, Sarchie infers that Santino had a message for Jane. How he knows she didn't have a message for Santino isn't made clear.


What do Sarchie and Butler find in Griggs's apartment?

The silver figure of Christ from the crucifix is attached to the Doberman's collar, while the cat is ... well, you know. With all of this creepiness afoot, you can be forgiven for not wondering who, if Griggs has been dead for weeks, is feeding the dog?


What was Father Mendoza's vice in his youth?

Father Mendoza was a heroin user. When Sarchie expresses surprise that he drinks, Mendoza says, "I'm NA, not AA."


What does Sarchie hear over his radio and on other electronic devices?

Sarchie hears this while watching the surveillance video of the zoo. Butler, who can't hear anything, reminds him that the video has no sound.


What does Father Mendoza call Sarchie's "radar"?

According to Mendoza, "discernment of spirits" is a gift from God. It allows Sarchie to sense evil; it also causes him to see the disturbing image of a bloody man on the zoo surveillance video, which Butler and Mendoza cannot see.


When does Sarchie go to church?

Sarchie mentions this when Jen and Christina are heading out to church. He says that going on Christmas and Easter "cover(s) it."


What news does Jen have for Sarchie about halfway through the movie?

Jen tells Ralph this just before she and Christina leave for church. Though busy and overworked, he is happy about the news.


How does Butler die?

One version of the script did call for Butler to survive and be in the movie's final scene. But apparently the need for more drama won out.


Finish the line: "As a cop, I always had a ________."

Santino whispers this as he's stalking Sarchie through an apartment building. Santino's demon is predicting the future: Sarchie will say this to Father Mendoza when confessing his sins.


Who was "Marvin"?

Jane Crenna, who is fond of one-word messages, says "Marvin" to Sarchie when he and Mendoza visit her. Sarchie is at first unwilling to tell the story of Marvin's killing to the priest.


Who jumps from a window onto Sarchie's car?

Crenna lands on Sarchie's car in her fatal leap. That's quite a coincidence, but it certainly makes for drama.


Why, near the end, is it so urgent that Santino be exorcised?

Mendoza must drive the demon out of Santino so he can tell Sarchie where Jen and Christina are. We're pretty sure this was one of the things that didn't actually happen in the career of the real Ralph Sarchie.


Which of these is NOT one of Mendoza's six stages of exorcism?

Mendoza's six stages of exorcism are the presence, the pretense, the breakpoint, the voice, the clash and expulsion. These were not invented for the movie; they can be found in literature on demonology.


What is the name of the demon inside Santino?

Azazel is a fallen angel, and Baal and Tiamat were pagan gods in the middle east. In contrast, "Jungler" does not appear to have any history behind it.


The movie ends with which event?

Sarchie does resign from the NYPD. Text on the screen tells us that he "works with Father Mendoza to this day."


Who played Sarchie's wife, Jen?

Olivia Munn got what might have been her big break as a correspondent on "The Daily Show." She went on to a prominent role on Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom."


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