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Orphaned by its studio, which dropped it quietly into about 100 discount theaters back in 2008, this chiller has gone on to become a cult classic! Now, test your "Midnight" memory with our quiz!

Who played the photographer, Leon?

Cooper plays a freelance photographer who mostly shoots crime scenes. He longs to move up to the world of fine art.


Who played the butcher?

Vinnie Jones and Bradley Cooper share a birthday, January 5. Jones is ten years older.


What is the name of Leon's girlfriend?

Maya was portrayed by Leslie Bibb. It's a standard "sexy supportive girlfriend" role, at least until things start to go wrong.


What is the name of Leon and Maya's friend?

Jurgis was played by Roger Bart, who also had a prominent role in "Hostel 2." He came to a similar bad end in that film.


What does Jurgis do for a living?

All we know is that Jurgis seems to be successful. He dresses well and has a number of "art world friends," including gallery owner Susan Hoff.


What does Maya do for a living?

Maya works at a diner. This allows for a steamy after-hours sex scene, in which Leon bends her over the counter. Hey, is that sanitary?


What kind of diet does Leon follow?

Books and movies about the slaughter of humans often have a vegan or vegetarian protagonist. It makes for an ironic contrast.


Who played Otto, the diner cook?

Otto humorously objects to throwing Leon's tofu on the grill next to the meat, but he does it. Though if Leon's really a strict vegan, he shouldn't want his tofu soaking up those juices, either.


What is the butcher's name?

Mahogany's name is on the bag he carries his hammer in. The bag, incidentally, is very nice -- it's what people used to call a "gladstone."


Who played gallery owner Susan Hoff?

Susan is a confident, even predatory, art dealer. A spot in one of her shows could launch Leon's career.


What advice does Susan give Leon about his work?

Leon says his goal is to capture the city like it really is. Susan says he needs to "stay put" in uncomfortable situations and keep shooting.


Who does Leon save Erika, the model, from?

Erika is being menaced on the subway stairs. Leon takes a few photos and then challenges the young men.


Why does Leon encourage the leader of the thugs to climb closer to him on the stairs?

Leon starts shooting the leader, encouraging him to come closer. With this ruse, Leon walks him into direct view of the camera.


What is the design on Mahogany's ring?

Leon snaps a photo of Erika just as she gets on the train. The hand holding the door wears that distinctive ring, which is how Leon connects the butcher to her disappearance.


Why does Mahogany wear a suit to commit his murders?

It's possible that Mahogany wants to look trustworthy. But he's a hulking, silent man with eyebrows the size of caterpillars on steroids -- we'd say that ship has already sailed.


Who plays Randle, part of the trio of victims?

Raimi does a lot of nebbishy-guy roles. Here, it appears that a friend is trying to talk him and his wife into a threesome, but Mahogany quickly puts an end to those plans.


Who played Detective Hadley?

Leon tells Detective Hadley about photographing Erika at the subway station just before she disappeared. But Hadley seems to suspect that Leon is a stalker.


What keeps Leon off the train, the first night he tries to follow Mahogany?

The cop says, "Threat level orange ... I can inspect whatever I want." Whether he's actually protecting Mahogany, we can't be sure.


Who played the "Urban Defender"?

Jackson's green jacket reads, "Urban Defender." But the idea was so closely modeled on the real-life Guardian Angels that some online sources list Jackson's role as "Guardian Angel."


Why does Mahogany nearly lose the fight with the Defender?

It's implied that Mahogany has some kind of medical issue. Certainly, it's not blood and gore that make him sick to his stomach, or he could never do his job in the first place.


Where does Mahogany work (days)?

The Butcher works at Custom Meat Packing, which the audience sees more than once from the outside. Leon eventually follows him there.


What does Leon do right after his chase through the meatpacking plant?

A visit to a meatpacking plant, seeing the raw product, has turned more than one person to vegetarianism! But Leon seems to crave meat -- a sign that his obsession is changing him.


After being knocked out in his first fight with Mahogany, where does Leon wake up?

Leon is hanging upside down from a meat hook, but he's not dead. Instead, strange lines have been carved into his chest.


What does Maya do to distract Leon from his subway murder investigation?

Maya wants him to photograph something he loves. Unfortunately, as he begins shooting, he sees a memory-flash from the murders every time the shutter clicks, and he can't go on.


Who does Mahogany attack and capture in his apartment?

Jurgis has gone with Maya to try to recover Leon's camera. Maya needs to see what Leon photographed down in the subway, to learn if what he's telling her is really true.


What does Maya take from Mahogany's apartment?

The schedules are historical; we see the years 1911 and 1950 on them. But they have real importance to Mahogany: Detective Hadley stresses to Maya that she needs to give them back to avoid charges.


What tips us off that Detective Hadley is part of a cover-up conspiracy?

It's Maya who is in a position to see the pendant. Had Leon been the one to see it, he would have made the connection immediately, having seen Mahogany's ring.


Why does Maya get on the late-night train?

Detective Hadley tells Maya that Jurgis will be on the train. And it's true -- he's still alive and hanging upside down with the other victims.


What does Leon wear for his final fight with Mahogany?

The men at Custom Meat Packing wear regular white aprons. Leon's is a sort of chain mail, which will protect him from "livestock" that fights back.


What does the conductor say to Maya and Leon at the last stop?

The meat is important. After all, Mahogany hasn't been killing people night after night for no reason.


What is the ultimate purpose of the slaughter of humans?

A cabal of New Yorkers -- including Mahogany, the train conductor and Detective Hadley -- are ensuring these creatures are fed so they won't attack the city above. Some critics felt let down by this last-minute supernatural twist.


What is the only word Mahogany says in the whole film?

We've gotten hints that Leon is getting dangerously entangled with the secret subway enterprise. This seems to confirm it.


What body part does the conductor tear from Leon?

The conductor then eats Leon's tongue. It seems he's been keeping company with the flesh-eating reptiles too long.


Who is the new butcher?

Jurgis and Maya both die in the final fight under the city. In the end, Leon wears a suit and a ring, and goes out to the subway carrying the old timetables.


Who wrote the short story on which the film was based?

Barker sharply criticized Lionsgate for its handling of the film, and with good reason. The incoming president of Lionsgate didn't like "Midnight Meat Train" and gave it a limited release on about 100 screens, mostly discount or "dollar" theaters.


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