How well do you remember "The Man Who Knew Too Much"?

By: Susan McDonald
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An American family traveling in exotic Morocco finds itself embroiled in an assassination plot and web of international intrigue, as well as a personal crisis. It's a perfect recipe for an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Do you remember "The Man Who Knew Too Much"?

What is the name of the song Jo sings to Hank?

In their hotel suite, Jo sings Que Sera, Sera to Hank and he sings some verses in response. This becomes an important element later in the film.

In what U.S. city do the McKennas live?

Dr. Ben McKenna, his wife, Jo, and their son, Hank, live in Indianapolis, where he is a doctor. Jo has previously lived in London and New York as a singer and stage performer.

Why does the Arab man on the bus get upset with Hank?

Hank is standing in the aisle of the bus when a sudden movement of the vehicle causes him to stumble and accidentally pull off a woman's veil. Since Muslim women need to have their faces covered, her husband becomes upset and yells at Hank.

When Hank learns that Louis Bernard is French, what does he ask him?

Hank asks Bernard if he eats snails and Bernard replies that he does when he can get them. Hank replies that there are plenty in his family's backyard.

How do the McKenna's get to their hotel in Marrakech?

As they are trying to determine how to get from the bus to their hotel, Hank spots a horse-drawn carriage and wants to ride in it. He calls it a horse-drawn convertible.

Why is Jo suspicious of Louis Bernard?

Jo is immediately suspicious of Bernard because he asks a lot of questions but reveals nothing about himself. Ben is not concerned even though Jo points out that Bernard now knows a great deal about him.

When the McKennas go to a local restaurant, why does the waiter bring a pitcher of water to their table?

Jo and Ben are surprised when the waiter brings them a pitcher of water, but he explains that it is necessary to wash their hands before eating, according to local custom. He then pours the water over their hands and gives them a towel.

Why does Mrs. Drayton stare at Jo?

Before marrying Ben, Jo was a major star of musical theater. She notices Mrs. Drayton staring at her at the hotel and again at the restaurant. Mrs. Drayton finally says she has seen her on the London stage.

What does Ben have trouble with at the restaurant?

Ben finds the local bread very difficult to tear apart and remarks that he hopes it's not that hard to chew. Later he has difficulty tearing off small pieces of chicken using the method that's considered appropriate.

As they are eating dinner, who are the McKennas surprised to see at the restaurant?

The McKennas are very surprised when Bernard enters the restaurant with a woman. Earlier he had invited them to dinner and then backed out, saying he had business to attend to.

What kind of entertainment do the McKennas and the Draytons see at the market?

As they are walking through the market together, Jo surprises Ben with a question. What does she ask him?

Jo and Ben are enjoying a walk by themselves while Hank is with the Draytons, and they are laughing about the various patients whose procedures have paid for various things in their lives. Suddenly Jo surprises Ben by asking when they are going to have another baby, a topic they have not discussed before.

The McKennas have come to Morocco after a trip to Paris. Why were they there?

The McKenna family came to Europe for Ben to attend a medical convention in Paris. After that, they went to Rome and Lisbon, and now have come to Morocco.

What shocking event happens at the market?

After a commotion ensues, Bernard emerges from the crowd, disguised as an Arab, and staggers toward Ben. When he falls, it is revealed that he has been stabbed in the back and he dies in the street.

Who receives an ominous phone call while at the police station?

While at the police station to answer questions about Bernard, Ben is told there is a phone call for him. When he answers, a strange voice warns him not to tell anyone what Bernard said to him or Hank will be harmed.

What disturbing thing do Ben and Jo learn when they return to their hotel?

Ben becomes concerned about Hank when he calls the hotel and can't reach Mrs. Drayton. When they return, they learn that the Draytons have left and apparently have taken Hank with them.

What does Ben give Jo before telling her that Hank has disappeared?

Worried about how she will react when she learns that the Draytons have taken Hank, Ben gives Jo a sedative. It works, because she sleeps for several hours and is calmer when she awakens.

How do the Draytons get out of Morocco with Hank?

While Jo sleeps, Ben learns that the Draytons used a private plane to leave Morocco. This makes it more difficult to track them.

Who is waiting at the airport when the McKennas arrive in London?

When they get off the plane in London, the McKennas are surprised to see that a large group of Jo's fans have come to greet her. They learned she was coming because Ben called some of her friends to arrange a hotel room.

While they are talking with the detectives from Scotland Yard, who calls Jo?

While they are talking with the detectives from Scotland Yard, Jo receives a call from Mrs. Drayton, who lets her speak with Hank for a moment. The detectives try to trace the call, which is coming from a phone booth in London.

When Ben goes to see Ambrose Chappel, why does he think he's being followed?

Ben is understandably nervous when he goes to see a man named Ambrose Chappel, whom he thinks has a connection to Hank's kidnapping. He hears footsteps and turns to see a man coming toward him, but the man turns off in another direction.

What kind of business does Ambrose Chappel run?

Ambrose Chappel is a taxidermist. His shop is a little creepy, filled with stuffed animals and birds of every type imaginable.

Where are the Draytons keeping Hank?

When the McKennas figure out that Ambrose Chapel is a place rather than a person, they go there to look for Hank. Sure enough, he is in a locked room above the chapel, but they are not able to get their hands on him yet.

Who has been designated to carry out the planned assassination?

While they were in Morocco, a strange man came to the McKennas' hotel room and although he claimed to have the wrong room, it was clear that he and Bernard recognized each other. The man turns out to be a paid assassin hired by the Draytons.

What is the plan for carrying out the assassination of the Prime Minister?

Mr. Drayton plays a piece of music for the assassin so he can anticipate the moment the cymbals will crash. The plan is for him to shoot the Prime Minister at that moment so the cymbals will cover the sound of the gunfire.

Where does the concert take place?

A live concert at Royal Albert Hall is the scene of the planned assassination of the Prime Minister. A large concert is taking place there, and the assassin has a perfect view from one of the boxes.

How does Mrs. Drayton spot the McKennas during the church service?

Ben and Jo have taken seats in the back row, trying to be inconspicuous. However, when Mrs. Drayton approaches with the collection plate, she is shocked and horrified to see them sitting there.

Although he is in the chapel, why is Ben unable to get to Hank?

After the congregation leaves, Ben begins to look for his son, but before he can get very far, he is knocked out from behind. By the time he awakens, the Draytons have left with Hank.

Where do the Draytons take Hank?

The Draytons take Hank to the embassy of a foreign nation that is never named. There Mr. Drayton tries to get the money they have been promised for their roles in the assassination.

When Ben is trapped in the chapel, how does he escape?

A crowd gathers in the street when the chapel bells ring loud and long. They are amazed to see Ben climbing up the rope to reach the top of the bell tower, his only means of getting out of the church.

What happens when Jo screams during the concert?

As Jo watched in horror, the assassin pushes his gun through the curtain of his theater box, aiming directly at the Prime Minister. Just before the cymbals crash, Jo screams, startling the gunman, who shoots the ambassador in the arm, causing only a minor injury.

What happens to the assassin?

In the commotion following the shooting, the assassin tries to escape but ends up falling from his box. He does not survive the fall.

Who turns out to be behind the assassination plot?

The ambassador from the unnamed foreign nation is the man behind the attempt on the Prime Minister's life. It is not revealed why he wanted to kill the head of his country.

When Mr. Drayton finds Ben at the embassy, what does he want from him?

Mr. Drayton pulls a gun on Ben and Hank and forces them to walk down the stairs with him. He says he will let them go if they go outdoors with him and let him get into a taxi.

What happens to Mr. Drayton?

As they are going down the steps, Ben takes advantage of an opportunity to push Drayton forward. As he falls down the steps, the gun he is holding in his pocket goes off.

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