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Could you go abroad and instantly become an international sensation? Lizzie did! In the 2003 film, "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," we watch her transform into a pop star! How well do you remember the movie? Find out with this quiz!

Who is the first person shown in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie?"

"The Lizzie McGuire Movie" starts out with Matt setting up a video camera with a tape labeled "Blackmail." He plans to use it so he can record his sister while she's in her room.


What song does Lizzie sing while she gets ready for graduation?

As Lizzie gets ready for her 8th-grade graduation, she gets dressed and sings "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)" by Atomic Kitten. Matt uses this as the first of his blackmail footage.


Where is Lizzie traveling to for two weeks with her classmates?

After graduation, Lizzie and some of her classmates embark on a trip to Rome for two weeks.


Which of Lizzie's classmates is missing at graduation?

At their junior high graduation, Miranda is MIA. Lizzie explains that she's in Mexico City, visiting her family.


What does Kate call Lizzie at graduation?

When Kate comes up to Lizzie, she immediately criticizes her for wearing a powder blue dress she wore to the spring formal. It doesn't help that everyone hears when she calls her an "outfit repeater."


What position did Lizzie have in the student council?

Because Margaret Chan is sick and the VP isn't graduating, Lizzie, as secretary-treasurer, is tasked with giving the speech at graduation.


What TV show did Lizzie's graduation disaster appear on?

Matt was able to capture Lizzie's graduation fiasco on tape and he sent the footage in to "Good Morning America."


Who is the chaperone for the Rome trip?

Ms. Ungermeyer is the chaperone for the students' trip to Rome. Gordo introduces her as their high school principal.


What food is Ethan obsessed with on the trip?

Prior to their trip, Ethan tells Lizzie and Gordo to be excited because they're going to the land of spaghetti. While in Rome, he is obsessed with eating spaghetti.


Who says, "Are those English or Italian numbers?"

When Ms. Ungermeyer tells Ethan he'll be staying in Room 103 with Gordo, he asks her if those are the English or Italian numbers. He was never that bright.


Who was Lizzie supposed to share a room with?

Lizzie was supposed to be rooming with Margaret Chan. However, since Margaret got sick and Miranda was visiting family in Mexico City, she is forced to share a room with Kate at the last minute.


What's the first landmark that Lizzie and her classmates visit on their trip?

The first stop is the Trevi Fountain. After explaining it, Ms. Ungermeyer tells the students that it's no use making a wish. Lizzie decides to make one anyway!


What name did Paolo initially say when he saw Lizzie?

After Lizzie makes her wish, she meets Paolo, who initially calls her "Isabella." He tells her that she looks very similar to a friend of his.


What's Paolo's last name?

When the dreamy stranger introduces himself to Lizzie, he says his name is "Paolo Valisari."


What does Lizzie wish for, as she tosses her coin into the fountain?

After Lizzie encounters Paolo, her animated self tells us she wished for "smooth sailing in high school," but she'll definitely take meeting Paolo instead.


What is the name of Paolo's bodyguard?

When Paolo introduces himself to Lizzie and Gordo, he also introduces his tough bodyguard - Sergei.


What's the name of Matt's best friend?

Matt's best friend, Melina, is definitely down with his blackmailing tactics. After Matt sends the graduation video to news stations, Melina tells him that he needs to change his tactics to extortion.


How old is Paolo?

When Lizzie tells Gordo about Paolo's proposal for her to pose as Isabella, she goes on and on about how amazing he is. During this, she mentions that Paolo is 17.


Which of these Hilary Duff songs is played during the movie?

As Lizzie and Paolo ride around Rome for the second time, "Why Not," by Hilary Duff, is playing in the movie.


When Lizzie says "Goodbye, Lizzie McGuire," who does she say hello to?

After a day of modeling and pampering, Lizzie decides to say goodbye to her life as "Lizzie McGuire" and embraces frolicking around Rome with Paolo as Isabella.


What term of endearment does Paolo call Lizzie?

Throughout the film, Paolo puts the charm on and when he's not calling Lizzie by her name, he calls her Carina, which means "cute."


What fruit does the doctor recommend for Lizzie to eat while she's "sick?"

When Lizzie first says that she's sick, the doctor recommends that she should eat apricots, not because she's sick but because they're in season!


Who takes the fall for Lizzie sneaking out of the hotel?

When Ungermeyer goes upstairs to give Lizzie a few apricots after she's already snuck out, Gordo decides to take the fall for her. He tells her that he's the one who's been sneaking out instead.


When the fashion designer asks Lizzie/Isabella how her hair became blonde, what does Lizzie tell her?

Since Isabella was thought to be vacationing on an island, Lizzie tells the fashion designer that the sun naturally lightened her hair.


What was Lizzie and Kate's room number?

Earlier in the film, Ungermeyer tells Gordo and Ethan that they'll be staying in room 103. Although it isn't mentioned, we see Lizzie and Kate's door with the number 104 on it.


What does Ethan ride around Italy?

Ethan rides his skateboard around Rome. When Ungermeyer questions him, he says that the cobblestones on the streets are messing up his wheels.


Which of these lines does Paolo say to Lizzie, to get her to perform?

In order to convince Lizzie that Paolo has been lying to her, Isabella takes a line out of Paolo's charm book, "You shine with the light from the sun."


What color is Isabella's outfit when she goes on stage?

When Isabella lands in Rome, she is wearing a green outfit. On her way to stop Paolo from embarrassing her and Lizzie, she hits the stage right off of the airplane.


Who convinces Lizzie to continue performing?

After Isabella leaves her on stage, Lizzie's ready to run for the hills, but Gordo convinces her to keep performing.


What is the name of the song that Lizzie sings on stage?

At the end of the film, Lizzie hits the stage to perform "What Dreams Are Made Of." Her classmates and her family get to watch her perform.


Finish the lyrics: "Have you ever wondered what life is about / You could search the world and never figure it out?"

"What Dreams Are Made Of" was a single performed by Hilary Duff and released on "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" soundtrack.


What award show does Lizzie end up performing at?

Lizzie is originally set to present an award with Paolo, but they both hit the stage to perform "What Dreams Are Made Of."


What line does Isabella say to Paolo during his lip-syncing fiasco?

When Isabella surprises Paolo on stage after his true voice is revealed, she demands that he sing to her. This is just the start of the fall of his career (we're assuming).


Who finally gets Kate to eat carbs at the end of the movie?

At the beginning of the film, Kate mentions that she never eats carbs. At the end of the film, Ethan grabs both of them a plate of spaghetti and they share the meal together.


Who does Lizzie share a kiss with at the end of the movie?

Finally! When Lizzie and Gordo sneak away one last time in Rome, Gordo tells Lizzie that she didn't need to be in Rome for all these amazing things to happen to her. She then kisses him before they head back to the party and fireworks go off!


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